Pika-chan: Gomenasai! I'm soooooo super sorry but my damn math teacher took my notebook with the rest of the story

Kyo: Wow. You're really stupid.

Pika-chan: Shut up! Kyon-Kyon! It's not my fault I was tired and was half asleep when he took it. I haven't been able to get it back either. Plus me having bad memory doesn't help so I won't be able to update it for a while. Again I'm sorry but I'll try to get it back ASAP.

Ciao for now!

P.S. I'm working on another story as well not sure on the name yet but this is a preview…

*X* Prologue *X*

Hi, my name is Alice Ashiya. I'm 13 years old. I'm currently in 8th grade, but next month I'll be graduating to 9th grade and going to Sakura High. Along with my two best friends, Ryu Usui and Suki Yamamoto. Due to some family issues Ryu is living with me and my family for a while. At first he rejected my offer because my family is so large since I have four older siblings. They're all twins, the eldest are my sisters, Kagami and Kyoko they're both 20 but they're both have their own houses, next are my brothers, Ringo and Kaede, they are now 15 and then there's me. But we have a family secret, we're all direct decendents of the two most powerful magic users ever known (haven't thought of a name yet). So we all have powers. There're based on the elements. Ringo has the power of Darkness. Kaede has the power of Fire. Kagami has Air. And Kyoko has Water. My powers haven't awakened yet so I don't know what they are. And for some unknown reason Suki and Ryu have powers as well; Suki can control Sound, while Ryu has the power of Light. My whole family is good at praticly anything they do but my brothers and siblings have all chosen to play an instrument. Ringo plays the violin, Kaede plays the electric guitar, Kyoko plays the piano, and Kagami plays the flute. I love to sing. Suki has the talent to write great songs and Ryu likes to record her songs I sing. We all have nice lives until something awful happens.

So I might put it up soon.