Deeper Into Arcadia

Chapter 4

Rated: M (sorry kids)

As they walked back to "their", house, Scully was frantically trying to calm herself down. He had put his hand on her neck. It was completely in character. It wasn't the first time. And it had electrified her. And now they were almost back to "their" house and she realized that she was simply not going to be able to talk herself out of this one. She was going to have to relieve the pressure somehow or she was going to completely blow this case. She couldn't concentrate. She couldn't relax. And, most frustrating of all, her own ministrations this morning had only temporarily solved the problem. There was nothing like...well...dick. She giggled. She hoped he did not see her squirming.

One of the drawbacks to being a doctor was that you KNEW all of the different processes of the body in extreme detail, and while they were happening sometimes your mind ticked them off like a checklist. Which was rather unnerving, yes, but also it focused your attention on those processes, making them more acute in many cases.

This was unfortunately one of those. She KNEW the different stages of arousal as the body readied itself for sexual intercourse. And her mind was dutifully calling attention to every one as it went down its checklist. Accellerated heartbeat (check). Hardened, sensitized nipples (check). Warm flush over breasts (check). Quickened respiration (check). Increased lubrication (check). Engorged, sensitized vulva (check). Vaginal walls receding and deepening to allow full access (check). Inability to sit still and think straight (check). They were almost to the door.


Mulder was concerned about Scully. She hadn't been acting herself since the beginning of this case. On the first day she had darted in the bathroom so suddenly he was worried she was sick. That first night she had acted so nervous—nothing like the cool-headed Scully he knew. This morning he had found her with her head thrown back, breathing heavily, and for a second he wondered if she was masturbating. And now she had wanted to leave the president's house so immediately, so quickly, he was worried she was sick again.

He looked over at her. Something was definitely up. She looked completely spaced out whereas she usually carried herself so strictly. Her cheeks were flushed as if she had been drinking. He knew she hadn't. Once the door to "their" house had closed behind them, he grabbed her shoulders and turned her towards him. She was breathing heavier too, and squirming in an unusual way. He looked at her, and suddenly a realization began to dawn on him. It had been a long time, but he had seen this squirm before. When a woman was aroused, REALLY aroused, the increased blood flow to her sexual organs created a sense of pressure that made her slightly uncomfortable. She was fidgeting to try to relieve that pressure. And fidgeting just wasn't doing it.

He wasn't sure what he should do, or say, if anything. Obviously she knew the invitation was always open, right? She would have asked if she wanted with this problem? He felt his own body begin to respond as he thought of the myriad ways he would like to solve it for her. He had to figure out what to do, and quickly, before he completely embarrassed himself.


Scully felt the tension in the unbroken silence as keenly as she felt the tension down below. She watched and knew that Mulder had realized what was going on. And now, he was trying to figure out how to handle it without offending her. Society had simultaneously dictated that men were to do the asking...but at the same time the asking was potentially unwelcome and offensive. She realized that it was up to her. She had been denying this for six long years. She had tried to convince herself that their jobs would be jeopardized, their friendship destroyed, and myriad other complications. But right now, she realized that she was going to have to take that chance. And she was going to have to make the first move.

She looked down and noticed that he was definitely hard. Before she could talk herself out of it, she reached out and stroked his erection through his jeans, then reached up with the other hand and tugged playfully at his belt. "Please?" She asked, looking up at him.


Mulder thought he was simply going to die right there of a heart attack. She had just reached out and grabbed hold of him, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. He was suddenly fully hard and positively aching for her. "Oh God, Scully." He murmured as he grabbed her and planted a rough, passionate kiss on her. "I've waited forever to hear you ask that." he gasped. "Hell yes."

He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, placing her breasts right under his chin. He groaned and realized that there was no way they were going to make it up to the bedroom. He backed up to the couch and collapsed onto it, Scully straddling him. He reached up a hand to unbutton her blouse, popping off a button in his haste. He buried his face between her breasts and moaned again. This was even better that he had fantasized. And he had had six years to hone that fantasy.


Scully's entire body thrilled as she landed on top of him on the couch. She tilted her hips to press her crotch against his full, very hard erection. Her head was spinning as he licked between her breasts, and her nipples ached for his attentions. With one hand she quickly reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and then undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse. "Here," she gasped, cupping her now bare breasts and pushing them into his face. "Oh my God Mulder this is..." her statement was interrupted by a growl of pleasure from her own throat as he took one of her nipples into his warm mouth and teased it gently with his tongue.

Her hands plunged downward and fiddled desperately with his belt and the button on his slacks. She paused to stroke him. He felt so good. So hard, and...she hadn't big. She wanted him in her now. Right now.

"Let me" he whispered around her nipple. He undid the belt and the zipper. "Hold on" he murmured, and lifted them both up to slide down the pants and his underwear at the same time.

"Oh my God, Mulder." she said it again as she slid off of his lap and onto her knees on the floor. It was his turn to gasp as she took him, hot, hard, and twitching, into her mouth.


It was all he could do not to come immediately into her mouth. This was truly better than any fantasy he could imagine or any experience he had ever had before. The last thing he wanted to do was cut it short. He didn't know how long he could hold off, though. He glanced down at her sucking on him and realized that she was multitasking-she had removed her own pants and was rubbing herself through her panties as she took him deep into her throat.

"Scully." He reached down and put his hands under her arms and pulled up gently, coaxing her to stand up. He took just a moment to admire her in her very plain yet extremely alluring (and extremely wet) underwear, and then he grabbed the waistband and pulled it down. She moaned with anticipation and threw her head back. She stood on the couch straddling him and he was treated to a view of the luscious flower of her womanhood.

He reached up to touch her, but she shook her head. "Later" she said, with a smirk, and then lowered herself onto him, taking him fully into her all at once, moaning with relief as he filled her.


Scully moaned as she felt him slide up into her. This. Was utterly. Amazing. She arched her back, tilting him to reach the spot that science didn't recognize, but every woman in the world did. His head was perfectly angled to stroke it as she moved him in and out of her, and before she knew it she was coming, fast and hard. She leaned toward him and pushed a breast into his mouth again, and he happily teased at her still-hard nipple. She felt another wave of pleasure overtake her with only a few strokes. She wanted only one more thing. To keep going.


He felt the rippling of her muscles as she came around him, and it was the best possible feeling he could imagine. The pressure in his cock had reached an amazing degree and he knew he would not be able to last long. As she tightened rhythmically she stuck her nipple in his mouth, and he felt his balls tighten up hard as his body prepared to let go. He reached his hands around and grabbed her beautiful tight little ass and squeezed her to him, and it pushed him over the edge. The spasms wracked his body as he thrust up into her over and over. He felt the warm gush of liquid mingle with hers and dribble down him. This was an utter symphony of pleasurable sensations-a soft breast in his mouth, a warm pussy contracting around his cock and a perfect little ass clutched in his hands. The spasms lasted longer than he had ever experienced, and soon he felt the final surge right before his body relaxed into a gorgeous buzzing afterglow.


As his body relaxed she relaxed against him, still enjoying the soft little waves of post orgasmic sensation that still waxed and waned within her. She wiggled to feel him better inside of her. He moaned again. Sweat covered both of them but she leaned her head down and placed a kiss on his forehead, and pushed back his damp hair.

"That was utterly amazing." she whispered. Before he could answer she moved down to kiss him deeply.

"Agreed" he managed to reply once she had broken the kiss. "That was...better than anything, ever, in my entire life."

She smiled at him, and her hands were still stroking his hair. Tingles of pleasure shot through him still at her touch. "Mulder." she said, her face suddenly serious. "I love you."

"Scully." he was unable to keep the smile from his face. "I've loved you for six years, and I'm never going to stop."

"I have to confess this assignment has been...difficult for me. It's just that I...well...I might as well say it. It's too close to what I'd really like." She looked at him with a nervous little expression that melted his heart.

"You really want a big featureless house with busybody neighbors?" he asked, injecting his famous sarcasm to try to ease her fears.

"No Mulder. I want to live with you. I want to be your wife. I want to...well...I want to do this. A lot." She grinned.

"Scully, I want those things too." he said seriously, placing a gentle hand on her cheek. "Especially that last one." Now a mischevious grin crossed his face and he ran a finger up her spine, sparking delicious tingles throughout her body.

"Ohmigoodness don't start me off again unless you're ready to handle me." she moaned, arching her back and grinding herself into him. They were still joined. He gave her a maddeningly adorable smirk. She felt him begin to get hard again inside of her.

"That would be my pleasure. However, let's say we take this into the bedroom? Wouldn't want the neighbors watching through the picture window." He motioned her to stand up and then stood up as well. Without warning he grabbed her into his arms and lifted her up easily as though he was carrying her over a nonexistent threshold. He started up the stairs, and she was impressed by how easily he carried her. She leaned her head down to nuzzle his ear. "Scully, why don't you dig out that blue nightgown, and we can do over the last two nights properly?" he muttered.

"I hope you're not expecting the good night's sleep part." She replied, and sunk her teeth playfully into his ear.