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Progenies in the Lab: Part 1

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, world-renowned forensic anthropologist and best-selling author, stood back as FBI agents opened the trunk of the car. She pulled back the sides of the blue tarp, revealing the body of yet another victim.

"Is it murder?" Her partner, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth asked.

"Seeing as you found the body in the trunk of a car, I would say it is a possibility," She took a step back, removing her gloves. "There is too much skin for me, Booth. I don't know why you called me here instead of Cam. Have the remains sent to the Jeffersonian. I'll call you with the ID." Booth opened his mouth but Brennan went on. "I have bodies in limbo to examine. I'll be at the lab."

Without another word she walked away, returning to her car. Then she drove away.

Four hours later, the victim's body was laid out on the examination table on the platform of the Jeffersonian. The entire team was gathered around. Dr. Jack Hodgins was scraping the skin and nails for particulates, while Brennan's current assistant Daisy Wick was staring at the remains.

"Ms. Wick," Brennan said. "Once Hodgins is done, you need to clean the bones so I can proceed with my examination."

The young woman nodded enthusiastically. Brennan returned to her office, soon followed by Angela.

"Where's Booth?" Angela asked.

"Why would I know?" Brennan replied.

"Doesn't he usually take you to the crime scenes?"

"He was with Hannah. I told him I would drive myself so he could have more time with her."

Angela nodded, sensing the jealousy in her best friend's voice. "That was…nice of you."

"What do you want, Angela?"

"Bren, sweetie, you're jealous of Hannah."

"It's irrational for me to feel jealousy towards a stranger. Anyway, Hannah is still in Afghanistan."

At that moment, Booth entered the office, followed by a young woman with blonde hair, carrying a suitcase on her shoulder.

"Hey, Bones, Angela," he said.

Both women replied, then turned their attention to the stranger.

"Bones, Angela, this is Hannah, my girlfriend." He smiled proudly. "Hannah, this is Angela Montenegro, and my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan."