AN: Sorry this isn't an update, and I know I'm not supposed to have author notes for chapters, but I wanted to make sure everyone who read TSITB (The secret in the bones) and was interested in the sequel knew I have begun posting it. The title is "The Change in the Jeffersonian" (TCITJ). All the wonderful reviews from TSITB inspired me to write more and I ended up writing up three whole chapters of it yesterday. So, just so this isn't totally worthless of your time, below is a preview of TCITJ.

The Break in the Bond: Part 1

"I'm late," Sarah muttered.

She waited impatiently as she watched passengers from a recently landed flight crowd around to collect their luggage. She stood on her tiptoes to see over them before finally seeing what she'd been looking for.

"Patience!" she shrieked.

The soon-to-be-famous anthropologist looked in her direction and stopped, allowing her best friend from high school to nearly knock her to the ground.

"Hello to you too, Sarah," Patience said. "Ready to go? My mom just called, they need me at the Jeffersonian."

"Right. It's just so great to have you back!" Sarah squealed, embracing her best friend one more time.