The Silver Millenium

Chapter One: Earth

Princess Beryl sat in front of her vanity getting ready for the day. Her long wavy red hair was piled on top of her head and one of her ladies maids, Crystal, was pinning it into place. Her other ladies maid, Amethyst cleared her throat.

"Your highness, it is almost time for breakfast. King Endymione and Prince Darien are waiting" She said. Beryl nodded and stood up. When she entered the grande dining hall, all the males stood up and she made her way to a spot next to Darien. He smiled and she blushed. She took a seat and the men sat down. Darien's personal guard were also at the table and Zoicite shot her a knowing look, but she glared at him.

"I have some important news" King Endymione announced. "Queen Selenity will be coming tommorow and I want you both to be on your best behavior. Also, Darien, I have invited Princess Kakyuu and her family to come and stay with us for a few days. She is the princess of Kinmoku and I think you two would make a good match" Darien sighed, but he knew that his father had good intentions, so he merely nodded. Endymione constantly tried to set his son up with a princess from one of the many planets in thier solar system and in other solar systems as well. He hoped Kakyuu wouldn't be as boring as some of the other princesses had been. Beryl frowned when she heard Endymione's announcement. Darien and her were meant to be together, so why was he trying to set Darien up with other princesses. Beryl had been adopted by King Endymione when her mother, his cousin, Gaia had passed away. Even though Beryl and Endymione were second cousins, she had fallen for him immediately and honestly believed they were meant to be together. Suddenly the herald entered and blew his horn.

"The royal family of Kinmoku and thier personal guard" He announced.

"Show them in" King Endymione said, standing up and motioning for the others to do the same. The royal family, followed by three young women entered the dining hall. The king had white hair, but the queen and princess had red hair. The princess was very beautiful and so were her guards who were all wearing blue gowns. Beryl felt her heart sink, Darien was sure to fall for the princess.

"Thank you for inviting us" Queen Kaguya said softly, curtseying. King Endymione and Prince Darien bowed back. Darien walked over to Kakyuu.

"It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance" He said softly, kissing her hand. A pink tinge appeared on her cheeks. Beryl clenched her fist.

Later that day, Beryl was taking a stroll in the garden, when she over heard talking and so she hid in a bush. Princess Kakyuu and her three guards, Yaten, Seiya and Taiki came into view.

"What do you think of Darien?" Kakyuu was asking them. She sat down on a nearby bench.

"Yummy!" Yaten said immediately. Taiki frowned and rolled her eyes.

"You say that about every prince we meet" She said. Seiya smirked.

"He's handsome, but it's not important what we think. What do you think, your highness" She asked, tossing her long blue hair over her shoulder. Kakyuu sighed.

"I like him, he's really sweet, but I don't really know him" She said. "Which reminds me, I have to go. He wants to go riding with me" Beryl took off towards the stables, hoping to get there before Kakyuu. When she reached the stable, Darien was with Zoicite and they were saddling up two horses.

"Hello Darien" Beryl said cheerfully. "Would you like to go riding with me?" Zoicite shook his head at her, but she ignored him.

"I was actually going to go riding with Princess Kakyuu, but your welcome to join us" Darien said. Zoicite slapped a hand to his forhead. Princess Kakyuu entered the stable at that moment and the three of them headed out. During the ride, Beryl contantly chatted, not letting Kakyuu get a word in edge wise. this did not go unnoticed by Kakyyu or Darien. Finally Darien met Kakyuu's eyes and jerked his head. She understood. She turned around and rode away, heading back for the castle. Darien ummounted from his horse and turned to face Beryl who was still riding perched on top of her horse. She smiled innocently.

"What was that all about?" Darien snapped, glaring up at her. Beryl's face fell. Darien had never, ever responded to her like that before.

"I don't know what your talking about" Beryl said, playing dumb. Darien frowned.

"I don't know what you're playing at, but Kakyuu is a nice girl and I expect you to be nice to her. So does father" He ran a hand through his hair. "We both are going to find some one someday, Beryl. Please accept that" He remounted his horse and rode off. Beryl clenched her fists.

"You're the only one for me" She said to the empty sky.

When Darien got back to the palace, he found Kakyuu sitting in the garden, looking down. He sat next to her.

"Hey" He said softly. She jumped startled and smiled at him.

"Your sister doesn't like me, does she?" She asked. Darien shrugged.

"Who knows, but that's not the important thing. What's important is that I like you, and I really do want to know more about you. Would you be willing to let me court you?" Darien asked. Kakyuu smiled.

"It would be an honor" She said. He stood up and took her hand.

"Well, lets go tell the folks" He said, grinning. Princess Kakyuu nodded and they made thier back into the palace to announce it to thier families.

(A/N: No this is not a Kakyuu/Darien story, so continue reading and you will see Serenity and Darien get together. I also used Darien's english name, because I could not think of a name for his father, which is why I used Endymione, most of the others that show up will have thier traditional japanese names)