The Silver Millenium

Chapter Eight: The Moon is Under Attack

Darien was at the Moon palace when he heard about the Earth declaring war upon the Moon Kingdom.

"Father would never do that" Darien protested. The messenger bowed low before Darien.

"The King is dead" He explained. "I alone escaped Beryl, who has brainwashed everyone into believing that Princess Serenity has bewitched you. Even the generals are on her side" Darien just couldn't believe it.

"I will defend the moon kingdom and my future bride" He declared. Queen Serenity nodded.

"We must have everyone on alert for this attack" She said. "Perhaps the ball should be post poned"

"No" Sailor Mars said. "We do not want to worry the people. We, as guardians of the kingdom, will be ready for any attack" Serenity nodded and turned to her daughter.

"I want you to stay will Darien at all times, okay" She ordered. Serenity nodded.

"Of course mother" She said.

That evening, Darien and Serenity entered the ball room together, as a couple. They wore masks, since it was a masquerade. The ball was going spendidly until the castle advisors, Artemis and Luna rushed into the ball room.

"The castle is under attack!" The shouted. The senshi sprang into action as a huge explosion blasted the palace. They hurried outside and attempted to use a combined attack against Metallia Beryl but unfortunately, it failed.

"She's too strong!" Venus shouted. "I don't think we can defeat her"

"I'll call the outers" Mars cried. "They're stronger than we are"

The Dark Kingdom released an enormous burst of energy which shook everything in the area and caused all Moon Kingdom structures to crumble. The entire Moon Kingdom was devastated by the attack.

Serenity stood out on her balcony, looking over the kingdom, sadness in her eyes. Beryl spotted her and dove in for the kill. Darien threw a rose at Beryl attacking her. She turned her gaze on him and glowered.

"You should have married me Darien" She said. "You still can! Give up Serenity and we can rule as we were always meant to"

"Never!" Darien replied. "You are wicked Beryl. You can't accept the fact that I chose Serenity over you"

Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter fought thier best, until the Earth generals arrived. They could not bear to kill thier lovers, so each of them was defeated by the man she loved. Serenity and Darien saw this and Serenity screamed the names of her senshi. Mercury looked up at her in pain.

Mercury: We were born to love you
Do you understand that now?

All: Because inside of you we will live on

Serenity: Because I shared love with you, I existed
Without you
I can't be myself

Mars: Our lives were devoted to you long ago

Serenity: Don't leave me behind, it's unbearable
I can't live if I'm alone

Jupiter: The approaching time has come
Venus: Destiny is coming to meet us

Mercury: If the only one to live is you
Then we...inside you... With a gasp, Serenity's best friends died. Tears filled the princesses eyes.

"Princess...can you hear me?" Serenity turned to see Pluto, badly wounded, staring at her.

Pluto: Standing still at the edge of time
Endless and solitary, that was my destiny
Because I was able to meet you, I understood love
Even if this universe disappears, love is eternal

Serenity: You who protected me with a strong love
and let me take advantage of it

Everyone, even though from now on
I wanted to love you more
Why? She screamed the last part and fell to her knees.

Beryl seized this opportunity to strike at the moon princess, but Darien stepped in front of her and took the full blast.

"Darien!" Serenity screamed as she held him in her arms.

"I love you" The prince whispered, breathing his last.

"No!" Serenity shrieked. She grabbed Darien's sword and plunged through her heart, her body fell on top of his. Beryl smirked in satisfaction.

Queen Serenity stared at the destruction in horror. She raised the silver crystal wand.

"Moon Healing Escalation" She shouted, the power destroyed the Dark Kingdom. During the battle, everyone on the moon was killed: humans as well as moon citizens.

Queen Serenity used the last of her strength to seal away Metallia and Beryl and send the moon kingdom inhabitants back to Earth to be reincarnated, with the hope that the princess and Senshi could live happily as normal girls. Serenity laid down, breathing hard. Artemis and Luna, the only ones left alive, stared at her sadly. She looked at them.

"the silver crystal can be used for peace if it is used with the energy of a good heart" She informed them. "If it is used with the energy of an evil heart, it could become a terrible weapon" She smiled slightly. "if the Dark Kingdom is revived again, you will need to guide my daughter and senshi, so that Princess Serenity uses the crystal to ensure peace" After this was said, she breathed her last.

Artemis and Luna had no idea when or what time period the girls had been sent, so they sat on the abandoned moon and watched Earth closely, for the day when Serenity would return.