Severus made his way through Lestrange Manor. He walked into Bella's study and found her there with Rodophus.

"Well, it's about time. What happened with the werewolf?" Bella asked. Severus had told her about the letter he received right before he left.

"Are the boys still in my lab?" Severus asked.

Bella nodded. "I just checked on them a few minutes ago. They finished the one they were working on and have moved onto a PolyJuice potion. What is going on?"

Severus sighed. "The Dark Lord has stepped up his plan to get to our son. The Grangers were killed last night."

Both Rodophus' and Bella's mouths dropped open. "What?" Rodophus asked.

"The Order thinks that the Dark Lord has decided to get to Harry by killing his friends. It's only by a stroke of luck that Miss Granger was here instead of at home. She surely would've been killed had she been there," Severus said.

"In which case, Harry would've been caused even further turmoil. He's trying to draw him out," Bella said through gritted teeth. She was unbelievably pissed right now. That halfblooded bastard was causing her son more pain at every turn. She really just wanted to end this bastard's pathetic existence.

"We may have that problem anyway. Finding out that the Grangers were killed is going to wreck Harry. He's going to be racked with even more guilt upon hearing this. And that's just him. Miss Granger is going to be devastated by the news of her parents' demise," Severus said.

Bella nodded. She felt for the Granger girl as well. Most of the time she wouldn't care less about a mudblood or her family, but this young girl had dropped everything to help her son through a terrible time. Bella was grateful to her for that, and after the way she'd helped Harry, she'd almost been willing to say she liked her. So, yes, she felt bad for the girl.

"I'm going to get Harry. I think we should tell him before the Granger girl," Rodophus said.

Severus and Bella both nodded their agreement and watched him leave the room.

"I told Lupin that Miss Granger could stay here. Under the circumstances, I think it's for the best," Severus said.

Bella nodded. She agreed with that. She certainly wasn't going to kick the girl out to get killed, especially after what she had done for Harry. "What about Harry's other friends? What's happening with them?"

"They're staying at Hogwarts. Longbottom's not happy with that outcome, but he finally agreed," Severus said.

"Hogwarts will only keep them safe for so long. The Dark Lord will be able to get in if he really wants to," Bella said. Hogwarts was well protected from most, but the Dark Lord wasn't most people. He would get in with some work.

Just then, Rodophus came back into the room with Harry. "What's going on? Was everything alright with Remus?" Harry asked.

Bella motioned to the chair in front of her desk. "Sit down."

Too worried to do anything else, Harry did as he was told. "What's wrong?"

Severus took a deep breath as he prepared to tell his son the devastating news. "There was a situation last night and the Order was called.

"Who was it?" Harry asked. It wasn't hard for him to figure out the gist of what had happened. Voldemort had attacked and someone was killed. The only question was who. Every one of his friends popped into his head. Neville, the twins, Luna, and even the rest of the Weasleys. Despite the fact that they'd turned their backs on him, he still cared about them and didn't want to see them dead.

"The Grangers were attacked last night. They didn't survive," Severus said quietly.

"No!" Harry screamed before jumping up from his chair bolting for the door.

Rodophus acted quickly and grabbed his stepson before he even made it to the door. He wrapped his arms around the young boy and brought him against his chest.

Harry immediately struggled to get free. "Let go of me! I have to see Hermione!"

"You need to calm down first, son," Rodophus said as he continued to hold him firmly in his arms.

Harry continued to try to get loose to no avail.

Bella stood up and walked over to her husband and son. She grabbed ahold of her son's arm. "Look at me."

Harry struggled for another minute or so before giving up and looking at his mother. "I know what you're thinking and you need to stop."

"It's my fault," Harry said devastated. Hermione's parents were killed because of him. They were attacked as a way of getting to him.

"No! There is only one person responsible for what happened last night and that is the Dark Lord. Well, him and those that actually carried out the attack. You are in no way to blame for what happened," Bella said.

"But they did it to get to me. They did it because they couldn't get to me personally," Harry said.

"Then it's my fault, isn't it?" Bella asked.

"What?" Harry asked in disbelief. His mother wasn't making any sense. How could any of this be her fault?

"You didn't want to be here. I forced you to stay in order to protect you. So your logic suggests that this is my fault. Is that correct?" Bella asked.

"No," Harry said. No matter what he might blame his mother for, The Grangers' death wasn't one of them.

"Then it's not yours either," Bella said simply.

Severus walked over to all of them. "Harry, what's happened to the Grangers' is terrible, and it's only natural for you to feel bad, but it's not your fault. The only ones to blame are those who committed the act. And right now, Miss Granger needs you to be there for her. You can't drown in guilt right now."

Harry sighed and turned slightly to Rodophus. "Let go please. I'm alright." Well, he wasn't really alright, but he was calmer and he needed to get to Hermione and tell her what was going on.

Rodophus reluctantly released his grip on the young man.

Harry took a deep breath and started for the door.

"Harry," Bella called just as he reached the door.

Harry turned to her.

"Promise me that you'll not do anything stupid over this," Bella said.

Harry looked away and stayed silent.

"Promise me, Harry. The last thing anyone needs is for you to try to leave here and get yourself killed. That's certainly not going to help Miss Granger. Promise me," Bella said firmly.

Harry sighed and looked at his mother. "I promise," he said before walking out the door.