Hello! I'm Chihuahua0, and welcome to The OC-CC Meetup Show! You may call it TOCMUS, but I doubt you would.

So, this fan fiction is dedicated with letting or from various Death Note stories meet up with one of the canon characters from the original series. You will give me one of your characters (or you request a character from my own story, I'll get to that later) in a review using a certain template. I would then write a short story detailing their meeting. Understand?

Good, now here is the template:

OC Name:

Request: (Name a character from Death Note like Light, L, Misa, etc. However, you can also request a character from my own fanfic: Kira Is Justice).

Fanfic of Origin: (Provide a link here)

Basic Bio: (Provide as much information as you like)

Request for story (Optional): (Provide how you want the meeting to unfold. Will it be friendly, violent, lovely-dovely? I'll fill in the blanks)

Comment (Optional): (Say how you love this fanfic! Pleaseā€¦)

Now, I have some rules about this:

1. No Mary Sues! End of story! If you do, she'll be a Martha Stewarts by the end of the chapter!

2. Don't request Yoai. This is T! Lovely-dovely stuff won't go farther than a kiss. Speaking of which, this is piorized lower.

3. Be nice. If it didn't turn out as you thought it would be, you should have wrote it yourself.

Also, every once and awhile, about every fifth chapter, a third character might intrude the story. This is called Intrusion Time. You may request this, but I don't have to oblige. When this happens, either a Death Note character, a Kira Is Justice character, or me will jump in. You may only request a group, to add an element of surprise. If you don't want this happening, say so.

Also, I'll try to update at least one day a week. My schedule may slip, so be nice!

Also, here is the link to my main fanfic, Kira Is Justice. Please leave a review there: .net/s/6128372/1/Kira_is_Justice

Next time: The first pair!