Annie had noticed, along with the rest of the study group present, that Britta had bounced back extremely quickly from the inexplicable funk she had been in the past few days. Which was a relief, given her usual 'buzzkill' vibe had intensified ten fold since she had stumbled around campus that day, the alcohol seeming to seep from every pore for the entirety of class.

Annie and Shirley didn't approve of her drinking when she had class, but remained quiet.

Now, with an aura of victory and what could be labelled smugness that one would usually attribute to Jeff, Britta had, much to Shirley's joy, decided to enlighten her fellow study-buddies as to her amusement, and with a click of a button, replayed what was an extremely lengthy drunk dial from the missing 'father' of the group.

Forty minutes later, and Annie was laughing hysterically with the others at the alcohol-driven, tangential speech (with plenty of legal jargon for good measure) that Jeff had unwittingly placed to Britta in his haze. She had the upper hand for once and Annie was more than pleased for her to have something on him. Girl power, equal rights and the like.

Perhaps Britta was rubbing off on her more than she realised.

And so, she let Britta have this moment for herself, in the spotlight, making everyone laugh. With her this time, as opposed to being the butt of the many, many jokes. Though she did make it so easy sometimes, especially when Annie decided to bring bagels in for them. A crowd favourite.

She needn't mention the rather informative drunk dial she herself received.

This morning.

From Abed.

Nor the implicit BCI within it.

She was sure Shirley wouldn't approve anyway.