Metal Gear

Snake was on a mission

To find Anderson and Baker.

When he figured it out

All of them were just big fakers.

The Passwords were not real

And neither were the three keys.

But only one existed

Was the little key that you had to freeze.

Along came Meryl

And Otacon too,

If you gave up with ocelot

Meryl would be through.

Since I was a cheater

I plainly gave up.

In the small cell

Otacon gave me some Ketchup.

When the guard saw me there

With all the ketchup on Snake

He walked over to see

If it was truly a fake,

He walked so slowly

To check if it was true,

But to his suprise he was wrong

Now he was the one that lay in the goo.

When you are at Metal Gear

It is such a big tussle,

That along came a guy

That had a lot of muscle.

His name was Grey fox

And he wanted revenge,

Since you almost killed him

Even thought you were close friends.

He held up Rex

Because of his exoskeleton,

It withstand strengths

By the millions of tons.

He held it just long enough

So you can deliver the final blow,

He risked his life just for you

A onetime major foe.

Otacon to the rescue

Trying to find a car,

He had to find the keys

Or else they wouldn't get very far.

Out you go,

Bruised and all,

You contact colonel

And he says see y'all

He tells you where to get out

You find the snow mobile,

Snake and Otacon ride off

Feeling a friendship the will never feel again