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Snake arrived outside Dumbledore's office to find Bulma already there without knocking him and Bulma entered through the oak front doors that led into Dumbledore's office. They found it empty except for Dumbledore sitting behind his desk reading something that Snake assumed was a letter from Fudge to explain he was making his way to the castle.

"I take it you both heard the news then?" Dumbledore asked looking up to see who had entered his office.

"I just read the newspaper and Bulma informed me Fudge was on his way" Snake said walking forwards and leaning on the nearest cupboard "I'm assuming he's coming to speak with you about me".

"It would appear so according to this letter" Dumbledore said holding up the piece of parchment he was reading. Before anyone could reply there came a knock on the door and Fudge walked in accompanied by Professor Umbridge and to Snake's surprise Tonks.

"I see you're already here then" Fudge said glaring at Snake.

"I had a feeling you'd need me" Snake said.

"The minister doesn't need you" Umbridge said "You should be honored that the minister would consider asking you anything".

"Let's just get down to business" Snake said standing up "You clearly have no ideas on this recent death and you're here to ask me to help out".

"Yes, that's why I'm here" Fudge said looking toward Dumbledore "I need to borrow him for a while".

"This is not my decision to make" Dumbledore said looking toward Snake "I can only give you permission to leave the school if required".

"That won't be necessary professor" Snake said looking toward Bulma as he said this "I have two people on the outside anyway, Bulma if you wouldn't mind helping me get in touch with them from here that'll be a big help".

"I'll see what I can do" Bulma said pulling out her mobile phone "What's their numbers?"

Snake dug into his pocket and pulled out his own phone and handed it to Bulma with Blanks number already highlighted, Bulma moved to one side of the room to make the phone call out of ear shot of everyone.

"I never agreed to anyone else helping" Fudge said glaring at Snake "I hate having you help me in the first place you insolent monkey".

"Insult me if you must Minister but at the end of it all I'll work out what you couldn't" Snake said grinning at the look on Fudge's face "So have you got any information for me to go off since you need my help". Tonks stepped forwards with a file and handed it to Snake as Bulma came back from making the two phone calls she had to and handed Snake back his phone, he took it and placed it back into his pocket and handed the file to Bulma.

"Give me the basics" Snake said looking at Bulma as she opened the file and began to read.

"No forced entry, strange markings on the walls and body" Bulma recited scanning the pages "Rooms were trashed, nothing reported missing".

"Anything else?" Snake asked.

"Not anything you'd find interesting" Bulma said "Hang on, I didn't notice that before, markings on the wall written in blood".

"A ritual" Snake said pacing in front of Dumbledore's desk while the others watched in silence "Are they markings? Symbols? Words? If so what are they saying? What do they mean? Where did they come from? Bulma, any pictures of the markings?"

"Hang on let me check" Bulma said placing the file on Dumbledore's desk "Yes, here". Bulma took out one of the pictures and handed it to Snake who took it looking at it closely, he turned the picture upside down and sideways as if trying to see it from all angles.

"Well?" Fudge asked glaring at Snake his patience wearing thin with every second that ticked by.

"It's easier if you don't talk now minister" Snake said as he handed the picture back to Bulma.

"How dare you speak to the minster that way" Umbridge said "You insolent child you're lucky the minister…"

"Shut up!" Snake yelled making Umbridge jump slightly "If you want my help then will you let me concentrate". As Snake began pacing again his phone rang, pulling it out of his pocket he answered putting it on loud speaker and placing it on the desk.

"You're there then?" Snake asked.

"Yes, we just got here" Came Marcus's voice "The place is a mess".

"Walk me through it all in detail from the front door, the hall, the living room every inch of that house" Snake said standing still and closing his eyes.

"Ok wooden front door, oak flooring" Marcus began "Three doors one leads off to the living room that's at the far end of the hall, another to the stairs and one opposite that leads to another room".

"Anything out of place?" Snake said his eyes still closed picturing the hall in his mind.

"Nothing, the door leading to the room opposite the stairs is in pieces like it was broken down or something" Marcus said "Looking into that room the curtains are closed, the light doesn't seem to work from what I can make out it's empty except for a table that's been thrown onto it's side".

"OK now the living room?" Snake said as he pictured himself walking down the hall.

"As you enter the living room it gets bad" Marcus said "Couches have been ripped to pieces foam littering the floors, looks like claw marks. An animal maybe? Glass coffee table has been smashed glass all over the floor, looking at the walls strange markings, seems like some kind of ritual was performed. Scorch marks on the ceiling and floor near were the markings are".

"Wait" Snake said keeping his eyes closed "That would indicate that there was fire present anything else seem burnt?"

"Blank's checking now" Marcus said they could hear Blank's voice as if from a distance "No nothing else seems to have been affected by the fire but it's odd Snake the marks are centered around the markings".

"That's not possible I a fire everything would be affected" Fudge said Snake didn't open his eyes he just stood there concentrating on the vision in his mind.

"You never said anyone was there" Marcus said.

"Just carry on will you" Snake said "Hurry up I'm losing the image".

"Ok, well these markings seem similar in some way to something I've seen" Marcus said "Blank thinks the claw marks look strange".

"How so?" Snake asked as he saw himself inspecting the blurred image in his mind of an over turned couch.

"Three scratches, they seem to make up the claw" Marcus said "Sounds familiar in some way".

"Scorch marks that affect one area, three scratches that make up the claw and the markings" Snake recited in his head "I think they're connected in some way".

"Well this will interest you" Marcus said "The markings are made of blood, must be the victims. Blank says that the upstairs is untouched, maybe whoever it was found what they wanted".

"They did" Snake said opening his eyes "The room you said was empty, go back there and search t again something was taken from there".

"Going in now" Marcus said "OK it would help if I had an idea of what I was meant to be looking for?"

"Anything that looks odd?" Snake said closing his eyes again "Something that doesn't fit, not obvious though something you'd over look".

"Something like a torn bit of cloth?" Marcus asked "White, seems like silk to me".

"Could you repeat that?" Snake asked his eyes snapped open.

"White, silk cloth in the room that looked empty" Marcus repeated "Why what's it mean?"

"A fang from Gaia killed you're worker, they didn't need to force their way in they used Gaia magic" Snake said speaking to the room at a whole while Marcus listened closely "Whatever was in that room I hope it wasn't important, they have it now and they seem to have a way to transport creatures here others than what I faced last year".

"Who killed him?" Fudge asked stepping forwards looking into Snake's eyes "Who did it?"

"Someone that your people would be safer not going after" Snake said "Those scorch marks are from a vortex, Kuja and Beatrix killed your guy. He's back on earth, they might be in London, they could be here. Minister I'm leaving Black to you and your people I have but one request if you want my help".

"That would be?" Fudge asked confused.

"Stay out of the way of me and my people as we search for Kuja and Beatrix" Snake said "Marcus, find anything you can if anything comes up ring me right away I want to know of it no hesitation. Bulma keep a track on it all for me, Professor I'll be needing to leave the school sometimes but I will let you know I must find Kuja and Beatrix it's important".

"I told you that you had my permission" Dumbledore said "That will not change". Snake nodded and picked up his phone taking it off loud speaker as he left

the room Bulma following file in hand.

"Somehow, Blank and you got here from Gaia I need you to do me a favor" Snake said.

"Anything" Marcus said.

"Stay in London till I call you" Snake said "If nothing happens in the next few months call me and I'll come and get you and Blank and bring you to Hogwarts, we may be going back to Gaia soon. Be ready and stay safe". After saying this Snake hung up his phone and looked to Bulma.

"Sorry sis" Snake said smiling "Doesn't look like I'll be on Earth much longer".

"Don't worry about it" Bulma said "We all knew this day would come, I'm prepared. Just one thing though".

"Go on" Snake said.

"If you do go back and you find a way to do it" Bulma said "Come and get me so I can see it just once".

"Count on it sis" Snake said grinning as they turned into the third floor corridor.

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