It was a cold Winter day in Jasper Park Canada. Kate awoke to a nice refreshing breeze and stretched. She drew in a nice big breath of the crisp morning air. Kate and Humphrey had been living on their own for a few months. After the war, Lilly and Garth had decided to make peace with the packs. When they became mates, Kate and Humphrey had wanted to leave the pack and start their own. So on the first day of Fall, they had left on a train. Kate and Humphrey had been living a good life. After a few months, Kate had found out she was going to have pups and this had made Humphrey ecstatic. Now she was heavily pregnant and almost done with her pregnancy

As soon as Kate was done stretching, she licked Humphrey's ear. "Good morning dear." She said with a smile. He then opened his eyes with a tired look. "Hello Kate." Humphrey said with a yawn. "Want to go to get something to eat?" She said leaving the den. "No thanks, I'll pass." He said stretching. "All right then." Kate said walking over to the prey pile. She then began to eat the tasty fresh meat

On the other side of the park, the rangers were ready to set out and find a suitable wolf pair. As the rangers drove deep into the woods, one of the rangers spotted a golden female wolf. "Hey, look at that!" One of the rangers said pointing to the other ranger with binoculars. "Do you see the size of that one!" The ranger said shoving the binoculars into his eyes. "Yes, I do." The other ranger said with an agitated tone. Suddenly the ranger quickly put his binoculars away and pulled out his gun. "You're not going to tranquilize her, are you?" The other ranger said lowering the gun. "Just a small amount." He said shoving his hand away. "But, what about her mate?" The other ranger said with a worried look. "It doesn't matter, just as long as there's more than one." He said aiming at the female wolf. As the female wolf ate, the ranger quickly pulled the trigger

Kate quickly stopped eating. She could feel a a pinch in her side. Kate then turned around and saw a tranquilizer dart. "Oh no!" She thought with a surprised look. "I must get this out of my leg before it takes effect." Kate then grasped her mouth around the dart and pulled it out, but it was too late. She began to feel the effects slipping into an unconscious state

As soon as the female wolf was asleep, the rangers picked her up and loaded her into the back of the truck. Soon they started the truck and began to drove off. Kate now asleep in the back was now about to start her adventure and make a long journey