The next morning was cold and the freezing air stung Kate's light brown eyes as she peered through the cave opening. She curiously looked around for Slash and found him sitting on the peak of the rocky crag. Kate brushed herself off and sleepily padded over to Slash sitting herself down by him. She drew in a sharp cold deep breath and sighed slightly shivering. Kate sniffed the air and felt a tiny snowflake touch the tip of her wet black nose and smiled. "Winter sure is coming fast, huh Slash?" She giggled watching as snowflakes fell gracefully from the cloudy sky. Slash flattened his ears in fear and sighed looking at Kate. "You need to leave the mountains, it's not safe up here during a snow storm." He spoke sternly with a slight growl. Kate looked at Slash knowing he was right, but how would she make it in time? Staring down into the far forest below Slash flicked his tail returning his gaze to Kate's worried eyes. "You must travel on the path, it will take you down to a park reserve far below the mountains." Slash barked peering down into the forest below. "You must make it there by sunrise; it should be lightly snowing, but not very heavy." He sighed staring up at the dark grey clouds. "You may eat first, and then I will have to send you on your way." Slash said rising to his paws as he grabbed a piece of fresh elk meat. "Are you sure I can make it?" Kate worridly whimpered feeling a gust of cold air stir her pelt. "I'm sure of it, as long as you make it there by early sunrise." Slash said comfortingly touching his nose with hers. Smiling Kate wolfed down the chunk of meat, slowly licking the last pieces of meat off her snout. Kate padded over to the crag and stared down almost touching the ground with her belly. "So I guess this is goodbye.." She whispered sadly. "For now, we'll someday meet again." The musky gray wolf smiled nuzzling Kate's soft golden fur. There was a long pause before Kate began to walk away. "Goodbye Slash, may we see each other again!" She howled on a freezing wind as she began to run off smiling over her shoulder

The sky began to grow dark as a few twinkling stars appeared from behind the thick clouds. Kate had been walking for about half an hour. Snow lightly covered her fur as she padded down the cold black stone path. Her brown eyes kept weary of her surroundings. She made sure no animal or human was around. Wriggling her cold black nose; she carefully kept watch on the moon hoping for the sky to clear up. Her paw pads crunched the new fallen snow as she briskly walked on hoping to reach the end of the path by the end of the night. But something stirred in Kate. She knew something wasn't right by the pups moving vigorously inside of her. The weather seemed to get colder by the hour and Kate could tell from a north wind that the storm would be here earlier than she thought. Soon the sky was filled with clouds and snow began to heavily pour from the nigth sky. The wind holwed blowing hard and ruffling Kate's thick fur and she quickly looked around for shelter. Panicking; Kate looked desperatly for a den but couldn't see any empty borrows. She began to dig in the already deepened snow trying to create a spot for her and her pups. Digging a small spot, Kate hesitantly lay on the ground covering her tender swollen belly. She wrapped her tail around curling up trying to keep her unborn pups warm. How could the storm already be here? Kate thought to herself fearfully worrying for the defenseless lives that lay deep inside her. What if my pups die from the cold? What if Slash knows about the storm and is looking for me out here? Kate wondered worried and frightened. Morning will be here soon, I got to focus on the pups. Kate determinly thought to herself starting to fall asleep as snow covered her golden pelt. Her mind continued to wander, but soon she felt the warm comfortable feelings of sleep and she fell into a deep slumber

Far across the forest into the valley, Humphrey stumbles trying to stand on his own paws. By now the wolf's once majestic gray pelt is thin and pale; his bright blue eyes dull and lifless as the smell of death covers his once healthy body. For days now, Humphrey had searched many states looking for his dear mate. Ill with severe pneumonia, he still walked on in hopes Kate was alright. Humphrey's breathing was heavy and shallow and he could barely take the harsh elements of the weather. He had been kicked out of many territories and had not found anything to eat in days. Humphrey was very thin and his paws shaked with every step. The lone wolf knew he wouldn't make it and could feel his paws giving way under him. Humphrey looked up into the sky with glazed over eyes. He smiled as tears poured from his eyes. "I-I'm so sorry Kate..." Humphrey whispered in a raspy voice as he began to let death take over. He had truely wanted to see their pups, but he knew in his heart that he would never see Kate or his family ever again. Tears stream from Humphrey's eyes as he began to fall asleep thinking about Kate. Humphrey didn't want to fight anymore; and knew each breath he took would probably be his last as he fell into a quiet rest breathing calmly, letting go of all the pain he felt