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(Sonny and Chad's POVs)

It's not like I was afraid.

CDC has no fear.

I just never really thought about it.

It was just a simple point in a relationship… who cares if we skipped over it?

At this point, I just wanted everyone off our backs about it.

I just wanted Sonny to be happy.

"Why'd you run off?"

I wanted her to be happy… with me.

"I can't take it anymore. If I never hear 'Channy' again, it'll be too soon."

I was done. Done with all the pressure people were putting on us. The pressure we were putting on ourselves.

"I know. I can't believe I'm actually sick of hearing the sound of my own name… well, half of my name."

Humor. It was the only way I could cope at that moment.

"It's a lot of pressure. Maybe that's what's wrong with us."

I couldn't take looking into those deep blue eyes and seeing all of the hurt.

"Maybe. So… what should we do?"

I couldn't take looking into those deep brown eyes and seeing all of the hurt.

"I don't know. Maybe we should just go back to being friends?"

I gulped as I felt the hot tears sting my eyes. I wouldn't cry; not in front of Chad.

"I mean, it was a lot less complicated."

But the complications are what made things fun. Interesting. Exciting.

"Yeah. Should we?"

I looked straight at him, knowing fully well that I was pushing away the one guy who actually loved me for me.

"Maybe we should."

I looked straight at her, knowing fully well that I was pushing away the one girl who actually loved me for me.

"Wow… feel that?"

Honestly, I could only feel numbness. Like my heart just split in half.

"No, what?"

My whole body was numb. Is this what heartbreak felt like?

"Exactly. There's no pressure."

I smiled, masking my true feelings, something that I had stopped doing 7 months ago.

"Yeah, you're right. It's like a big weight was lifted."

I smiled back at her. How I hated fame at the moment.

"Uh I think you would call that a table."

I giggled as we sat in silence.

"It was so heavy."

I thought of something else to say. Anything. Just before we say goodbye to the best 7 months of our lives.

"Okay then, I should probably go get ready for the show."

I was nowhere near ready as I stood up.

"Okay then, m'buddy."

my girlfriend. Never again.

"See ya… buddy."

my boyfriend. Never again.

"Uh, friends can still hug, right?"

Savor the last sweet moments we have together.

"Yeah! I hug the Randoms all the time!"

Not the way I love hugging you.

Then it happened.





All the things a kiss could be, should be, and would be.


It was all I could say.

"Yeah… wow."

It was all I could say.

"You don't do that with the others, do you?"

My heart was whole once more, and beating faster than I thought possible.

"Nope, sure don't. You know what? I think from being Channy, we lost track of Sonny and Chad."

My heart slowly reassembled, and I was feeling as though a missing piece of me has finally been found.

"Channy may not have a spark, but Sonny and Chad sure do."

It was a spark that could never be put out.

It was an astounding feeling.





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