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Chapter One

The tree's whizzed by at a speed unreal to the average human, but then again Sakura wasn't average. She was a shinobi, a medic nin trained in the art of anatomy and healing and at this point of her current mission nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was a normal mission, C ranked, that required her to journey to the cloud village for an exchange in poison antidotes. It was a yearly routine that the village performed every September to keep their medical practice up to date. Little did Sakura know what would happen to her on this seemingly simple mission. And ironically enough she thought that the hard part was over. She was already on her way home, jumping from branch to branch and mulling over details in her head. Well, sort of, she was more sulking about being assigned such a lame mission. 'I'm the Hokage's appreciate. Why do I have to do this?' was a basic summery of her thoughts. It seemed to Sakura as if things always went this way. She got the stupid, petty missions that no one wanted to do, while her friends got the exciting and adventurous tasks everyone longed for. It just wasn't fair. She worked just as hard as they did, why did she always draw the short straw? Four years have passed since Sasuke had left and Sakura still felt like she was relying on him. It was like nothing had changed since he'd left. She was still doing the same C and D ranked missions. Well maybe that wasn't entirely true, she was called on for B ranked mission every time and again but as far as her self-confidence was concerned she was still the weak 12-year-old girl that had been left behind. She was ashamed of herself. Naruto had become so strong, he had achieved such great heights, and yet she was still watching from the background. And then there was Sasuke who was becoming great even while missing nin. Even Sai was better than she was and it seemed like almost everyone had passed up Kakashi except her. It was hard for Sakura but in her heart she knew that her friends had passed her by. They had moved on and become great and she had been left behind. My God! She hadn't even reached adulthood and she had nothing left to live for, it was sad. However though she was weak now, Sakura had never been one to give up. She knew what she had to do. Even if she never made it, She would try to be just as great as they were, and try to achieve the heights that they had achieved. She would try her best to become the strongest and greatest person that she could be. She would work hard and if that wasn't enough she would work harder. Who knows maybe she was destined to be great. She was still a great medic and used for exceptional skills in the healing arts to save thousands of worthy lives. And then there was her super strength, which didn't do anything bad for her reputation. She had even killed an akatsuki member, Sasori of the red sand, just one year ago. 'What am I being all depressed for?' she still had a lot going for her. She could still do it. She could still become worthy of her place as a member of the legendary team seven. Everyone had talent, something that made them special, she just hadn't found hers yet.

Miles away two more figures were weaving through the tree line, headed it in the exact same direction. However unlike Sakura they were male and not exactly pondering their emotional insecurities.

"God dammit Kakuzu, where the hell are we? Do you even know where the hell we are going, seriously?" Hidan bellowed. They been headed north for nearly two days without resting and Hidan was getting frustrated. "We're supposed to be looking for the nine-tails not taking a fucking Sunday scenery walk".

"Shut up. I know where i'm going." Kakuzu replied. Icy and emotionless as always. Hidan really hated Kakuzu, especially the way he order him around. What gave him the right? He wasn't even a worshiper of Jashin, which pretty much dubbed him as worthless.

"Why don't you shut up you stupid fucker. You're the one gettin' us lost" Hidan shot back. As most would have noticed, Hidan was a shameless man. He said whatever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to and didn't care who was listening. Kakuzu was quite the opposite, in exception to his murderous outbreaks, one would consider themselves lucky to even hear his voice at all. Or unlucky, for if Kakuzu did happen to speak to you, death might very well be the consequence.

"Hum" Kakuzu just ignored him, continuing on his way. By now he was used to Hidan's tantrums. It always went the same way. He would get angry, swear a lot, throw some insults, and then quiet. Later he would start yelling again, and the cycle would repeat itself. Kakuzu hoped that the man knew how lucky he was to be immortal or Hidan would have died at his hand a long time ago. Kakuzu didn't want to simply injure him either, because all that would do is give him pleasure and that's the last thing Kakuzu wanted. Plus, he would have to put together the disgruntled pieces. Hidan was of course the most sadistic man Kakuzu had ever known and in his 120 years, and he had know a lot of men. Hidan loved inflicting pain on other almost as much as he loved inflicting pain on himself. He would torture a puppy if he had the time, and even Kakuzu wouldn't to that… Unless the puppy had money.

"What the fuck! Are you ignoring me or is your hearing just going bad, you old piece of shit" That struck a nerve as Hidan obviously intended. But despite the violation of one of his most sensitive topics, Kakuzu did not give into the temptation of pummeling Hidan into the ground. 'Don't do it. That's what he wants you to do'. Then, suddenly, Kakuzu had a brilliant idea.

"Hidan. Why don't we split up. You continue north and i'll move south. That way we'll cover more ground" Kakuzu suggested in the most innocent tone he could muster. He only hoped that the idiot would take the bait.

"Sure. If it gets me the fuck away from you, seriously" Yes! Was all Kakuzu could think.

"We'll meet at the end of the day, three miles east of here. Signal me if you find anything" and before Hidan had a chance to say anything else, he was gone.

"That shit-face"

'Only a few more miles' was all Sakura could think as she moved closer and closer to the gates of Konoha. She had gotten over her mid afternoon depression and was now pressing on towards her destination faster than ever despite being even more exhausted. She longed for the soft cozy bed that she knew was waiting for her at her home in Konoha. Konoha. The name was bittersweet. It was the name of her hometown, her childhood memories, her friends and her family. However it is also triggered a different train of thought, one of grief, disappointment and inadequateness. She loved it and she hated it. She wanted to be there and she wanted to leave. She prayed for its safety, but also its destruction. Nevertheless she knew in her heart that the good would also outweigh the bad and that her loyalty would always lie behind Konoha's fortified gates. It was just the way it was meant to be, besides it's not like she had anywhere to go.

That thought opened up a whole new question. 'If I left, would anyone care? Would they miss me? Would they even notice I was gone?'. Sakura wasn't stupid. She knew that someone would notice her disappearance and that Naruto if anyone would miss her. The real question was would they come after her? Like they did Sasuke. Was she as important as he was? And if she had been the one to leave that fateful night, would she have been worth the effort that had been put towards Sasuke's retrieval throughout the years.

'Stop thinking about that, you're only going to make yourself depressed again' Sakura forced her mind off that degrading topic and instead directed her focus to the magnificent scenery that was the fire country. She had to admit it was a beautiful day. The sky was blue, the tree's were lush, something huge was flying strait towards her.

Wait… back up. What?

But before Sakura could even comprehend what was hurdling towards her at inhuman speed, she collided with object and smashed to the ground. Luckily she on top and avoided any potential injury's. It took her a few more seconds to realize that the object that she had hit was actually not an object at all, but a man. A tall man, with slicked back grey hair and slightly tan skin. 'Do I know him?' He looked familiar.

"What the hell bitch! Watch were you're going, seriously" They just met and what does he just call her? Sakura was pissed. This guy was a dick, she could tell just by looking at him.

Hidan wasn't too happy either. 'Stupid women, nothing' but worthless whore's'. He widened his eyes and focused in on the girl. She was small, with snowy white skin and pink hair. 'Have I seen her before?' The pink hair rung a bell. He then noticed the expression on her face. Shock. He inwardly sighed. It was always the same with women. They would always do one of two things. Run away screaming or beg him to screw them into the ground. The later usually happened when the women didn't recognize him. He would typically indulge the poor female, for while his religion was very strict about some things, sex wasn't one of them. If she was good, he'd sacrifice her afterwards, if not he let her go. He figured she would cause some other guy pain and he couldn't pass up that opportunity. If she was one of the smart girls though, she would run now. Time for him to find out which girl this girl was. Option one or option two.

One… Two… Three…

"Watch where I'm going? You should watch where you're going you imbecile" Well he couldn't say he was expecting that. Did she just… talk back to him.

"What did you ju-" But before he could finish his sentence a look of realization flashed across her face.

"You're Akatsuki!" She yelped. 'There we go' Hidan thought, she must be an option one 'Here comes the screaming', he mused. He was never wrong about these things. Until now. For instead of running away like a frightened deer as he had expected, she lounged at him, and being so unprepared and stunned out of his mind, he was caught off guard.

She punched him in the gut. Hard. Insanely hard. As in, that's way too hard to even be human hard.

"Fuck you" were the next two words out of her mouth, and then she was gone. Lost in a fury of tree limbs and spinning scenery. Then everything went black.

Oh my god she was lucky! She was so lucky. She didn't even know how lucky she was. Sakura had just confronted a Akatsuki member and got away, those two phases didn't belong in the same sentence. The man wasn't a member she had ever seen before, but she knew his face well from the bingo book. Hidan. The voodoo nin. The sadist. The legendary man who inflicted pain on others by inflicting pain on himself. However as crazy as if might seem, Sakura was a tad bit interest, for medical reasons of course. Immortality. The ultimate goal in the medical world and yet no one had managed to achieve it. How had one, simple, misbehaved man manage to accomplish what medics had been failing at for hundreds of years. But now wasn't the time to be thinking about that. Now was the time to be grateful, for Hidan rarely left anyone alive and she had made it out. 'Only one more mile till Konoha' was the next notion in her mind and thank god for that

When Hidan woke up he was not in the world of the living. His was in the next world. The world of his lord. The world of lord Jashin. The space around him was an endless stream of light and dark and a single figure stood before him. The figure looked him in the eyes and Hidan instantly identified the message conveyed. That girl. She was the girl. The girl Jashin had chosen for him. His lifelong search was finally over.

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