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Chapter 3:

He had followed her in and out of practically a hundred hotels before she finally found a place to settle down. 'Finally, I thought I'd be out here for friggin' ever' Hidan thought, entering the hotel behind her and approaching the front desk.

"Yeah, uh I need the key to that room you just gave that girl" Hidan blurted out, staring blankly at the man as if actually expecting him to hand over the key.

"I'm sorry sir, but I can't do that" The man replied, not scared in the least. 'He has no fucking clue' Hidan mused as he began to fantasize of what a great sacrifice this man would make.

"Why the fuck not?" Hidan shot back, hand unconsciously fiddling his scythe.

"It would be violating policy, do you want me to get sued?" The man retorted, an edge in his voice and an all knowing smirk on his face. 'That's it, this fuckers isn't even worth sacrificing' and with that Hidan whipped his scythe from its comfortable position on his back and slit the man's throat for the whole lobby to see. However there were only three other people in the room, a woman, a an old man and another man, passed out drunk.

"EEEEEEEKKKKKKK" The female in the room to the liberty to scream her lungs out upon witnessing the death and the pasted out man quickly returned to consciousness.

"Hey! What do think you're doing. I'm a ninja you know, put the weapon d-down" The man yelled, obviously still intoxicated.

"Hn. If I didn't have better things to do, I might consider sacrificing you pieces of shit, but that would be an insult to my lord" Hidan pronounced, dodging a blow the so called 'ninja' sent his way and ramming his scythe into the man's back. "That's all you got? Seriously. I thought this would be more fun." He then turned to the old man, who was now clutching the women in an attempt to protect her.

"Stay back! I'm warning you." The man threatened, taking an explosive tag out of his pocket. 'Jeezz, these Suna people are more badass than I thought if old men are carryin' around explosives, shit'

"Sorry Grandpa but that lady of yours is making too much noise, wouldn't want to wake my angel upstairs" Hidan proposed, raising his scythe aggressively. However the man then sprung into action and tossed the explosive full force.

BOOOM! The doorway was blown to bits.

"Well there's no way he could have survived that" The man then reassured the women still wrapped in his embrace.

"Oh Great! Now she's definitely awake. Great job you old dickhead"

"How is that-" But the man was cut off by a blade in his face and soon after his female companion joined him on the floor, slowly bleeding to death.

'Well now that that's over' Hidan rushed up the stairs where he knew his angel would be waiting for him, now very much awake.

"EEEEEEEKKKKKK" Was the alarm in which Sakura awoke to and immediately her ninja senses began to kick in. For a moment she didn't even recognize her surroundings until "oh yah, I remember know. I came to Suna for that stupid ILEY meeting and ended up giving the most powerful man in Suna a vasectomy' But right now that was the least of her worries. Right now she had to find out who had screamed and why?

However she never quite got that far for while in the process of putting on her skirt, an explosion racked the building and knocked her off her feet while a piece of ceiling debris smashed over her head. Now she couldn't even think strait. But even though all he haziness she managed to hear two loud thuds and footsteps hurrying up the stairs. 'Crap' Sakura's minds went into overdrive, thinking of what to do, but when she tried to move her legs they wouldn't budge.

Suddenly the door broke open and a massive, dusty figure made it's way in. At first Sakura couldn't see who the person was, but soon her eyes began to decipher the face. "Oh shit, its him' Indeed it was him. Hidan. Of the Akatsuki, probably back for revenge and at this point in time Sakura began to especially resent the beating she had given his a few days ago. 'He's gonna kill me, oh my god he's gonna kill me' This was it and Sakura knew it. She was going to die here, and she would never see her friends again, much less achieve their greatness. 'Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, Ino….Sasuke, please don't forget about me' She closed her eyes and prepared for the pain to come.

But it didn't

"What's your name?" A deep masculine voice then spoke. 'What?' The voice then repeated itself. "Do you have any idea how fucking far I had to come to find you, now tell me your name dammit!"

Sakura didn't know what to do. So she answered. "Sakura" She spoke quietly with the little strength she had left and then the world faded to darkness.

"Sakura huh? It suits you" Were the next words out of Hidan's mouth before he noticed that his little angel was now out cold on the cheap laminate flooring. "Holy Crap!" He screamed, now shaking her violently. "Wake the hell up you stupid bitch!" But unfortunately the Suna shinobi had been alerted of suspicious activity in the area (aka and explosion because that was all that could get them out of the club on this crazy party night), and were now closing in on Hidan from every corner.

'Shit. Where the hell did they come from' but now was not the time for thinking and before another thought could pass through his head, he had already killed three shinobi and was sprinting in the direction of the gate, Sakura heaved over his shoulder. He ran for a few minutes before reaching the outer walls of the city and was confronted with one lone shinobi.

"I cannot allow you to leave the village, now release Haruno Sakura of leaf and stand down" The ninja ordered, wielding a kunai in an attack position.

"And what if I don't dipshit?"

"Suna and Konoha will not stop until you are found" was his automatic reply.

"Oh, sounds interesting, cat and mouse huh?" The ninja then attacked, but of course

considering his opponent was Hidan, he was dead before initiating a single blow. Hidan then dropped his carcass on the ground and sped out the gates, leaving the world Sakura knew all behind.

'Fuck Yes!' He had done it. He had really done it. He had found her and now she was his. All his. The pretty little angle hauled over his shoulder was all his. "Fuck you Kakuzu" He yelled to no one in particular, just happy that he had beat the odds and actually found her. For even with all his determination, even he had been a bit doubtful in his search. But screw doubt cause he did it, and he was no fucking Dora the explorer either! Now all he had to do was find out where to take her.

'Maybe making such a scene wasn't such a good idea, oh whatever' It didn't matter anyway, so what if both Suna and Konoha would be after him, it didn't matter, all he had to do was go somewhere where neither of those villages were welcome. Like…Like…mist, or waterfall, or lightning, or rain. There were plenty of places he could go. Plenty of places where he could make her happy. Because that was all he wanted, for her to be happy.

That had to be by far the strangest thing to ever run through Hidan's head. All his life he had only been worried about himself, and Jashin of course. It had always been about causing pain to others and serving his lord like the best possible disciple he could be. However now that he had found his women things would have to be different. She would be the only person in the world in which he would never cause pain. He would protect her with his life and do anything to make her happy, she was his, it was his responsibility.

However making her happy probably wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. First they'd have to get the authorities off their trail and then find a place to settle down. At this point he would normally need to find a job, but lucky for him he was already working in the Akatsuki and was receiving that annual salary. Then they could love each other, have lots of babies and live happily ever after. But in his mystic world of deluded thought Hidan seemed to be ignoring one very important factor. Sakura, and how she would feel about his little plan. ' Whatev's, it's not like she has a choice anyway' was how he solved that problem. Turning his attention back in front of him he soon noticed that they were nearing the outskirts of Rain. 'Perfect'.

Rain would be the perfect place to take her. Not only were Suna and Konoha not allowed but the entire country was run by the Akatsuki, and seeing that he was a member, he would most definitely get the royal treatment.


A foot to the face then interrupted Hidan's train of thought. "What the-" Another foot followed. Finally, after stumbling backward in an attempt to regain his balance, Hidan recognized his attacker.

"Fuck you Kakuzu! What the hell was that for?"

"Your late, idiot" Was his instant reply.

"Late for what stitch face?"

"The annual meeting"

'Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good thing I showed up in Rain' The annual meeting was a meeting of the Akatsuki, that happened only once a year. It was a time when the members of the Akatsuki got together to talk about what progress they'd made in the their search for the nine tailed beasts. Lucky for Hidan he was in rain because absence was not taken lightly and he had completely forgotten.

It was then when Kakuzu noticed something about Hidan was off. What was it? His hair looked normal, slick as usually. His clothing looked normal, no shirt as always. But then there was the girl hanging over his shoulder. Yep… considering the girl didn't seem to be dead, that was off.

"Hidan. What's that you have?" He inquired, pointing to the blob of red and pink now currently in Hidan's arms.

"It's my women dipshit and if you touch her I'll kill you"

Woah woah woah! Back up a little, was Hidan actually protecting someone. The man had to be going crazy because in all the years he had known him (which was quite a few) he had never done anything but harm anybody.

"So this is the women you were talking about" Kakuzu questioned while Hidan shifted the girl's position so that she was now laying bridal style in his arms. Kakuzu looked her up and down. She was small, very small, and young, very young. When he had thought about Hidan with any women, he had pictured her big and ugly but this girl….this little girl…was kinda…cute. Woah! Back up again, Kakuzu was a fearless missing nin and member of the infamous Akatsuki, he didn't think anything was cute. But despite his denial he could help but feel a bit of feeling towards the girl. Poor thing, she would have to put up with Hidan for the rest of her life, because Kakuzu knew that the bastard would never let her go. But who knows how things would turn out, maybe she'd run when she got the chance and make it back to Konoha, even Hidan would have a hard time reaching her there.

"Are you just gonna stand there daydreamin' all day or are we actually gonna fucking move"

Oh that poor, poor girl.

When Sakura awoke she immediately realized that she did not know where she was. Shabby curtains, cheesy tile floor, and a rickety old bed were what she found and though she remembered falling asleep in a complete dump, this wasn't particularly the complete dump she remembered falling asleep in. That was when it all hit her.

That man. Hidan. He had found her.

Then she had passed out and now who knows where she was. Using her superior sense of ninja logic she deduced that if that man had gotten a hold of her, she would be dead. So someone must have found her, and she was probably still in Suna, waiting for that stupid celebration to be over so she could go home. However, a light, pattering sound on the window pane soon proved her wrong.

'Is that…rain?' Ok so maybe her logic wasn't that superior, because if she was still in Suna then rain was out of the question. So slowly, Sakura got up from bed and examined the outside world. Almost instantly she recognized her surroundings. 'Oh my god. I'm in rain' She had never been to rain so she couldn't be for sure, but from what she could see she was pretty sure she was right. Industrial buildings and a gloomy atmosphere, this was definitely rain.

She then took the next moment to notice the state she was in. First off, she was completely and totally exhausted. Her clothes were a mess, she was covered in mud and her hair was one giant knot. Plus the shower was running. Wait a second…the shower was running? She whipped around and towards what she assumed to be the bathroom door before deducing that yes, the shower was in fact running. However unfortunately for Sakura, not a minute after this realization, the shower turned off and the footsteps could be heard behind the door.

'Crap' Sakura panicked, leaping back onto the bed and feigning sleep.

Slowly, Sakura could hear the door opening and someone walk out from behind it. She was frozen. She had every right to be, not only was she in a different country, but she was in country ruled by the Akatsuki. Who knew who could be behind that door? It could be an axe murderer, or a serial killer, or worse, the leader of the Akatsuki himself. Ok, Sakura needed to calm down. Now was not the time for panicking.

The bed then sank with the weight of another. 'Now is the time for panicking!'

A hand reached out and gently touched her face. 'Oh my god, oh my god' Sakura's inner was going crazy. Then, all of a sudden, Sakura felt something softly brush her lips.

'Am I being kissed?' Sakura then decided it would be a good idea to open her eyes, and when she did, she was met with a pair of violet orbs peering right into her own.

"What the Hell?" She screamed, smacking him hard in the face. It was this guy again, couldn't he leave her alone.

"What do you mean 'What the Hell', I'm the one who's been hit three times today. What is it, fucking hit Hidan day or something, seriously" Hidan bellowed while in the process of falling off the bed.

"It's you!" Sakura shouted once more, pointing an accusing finger and staring wide and incredulously.

"Yeah, it's me babe, you like what you see" He replied slyly, standing up to reveal an shirtless and extremely well toned chest. Sakura blushed against her will. She might be mean sometimes but she wasn't a liar, so she couldn't say she'd had much experience with men. However at the moment a more prominent thought was on her mind.

"Why haven't you killed me yet" She blurted out, hand over her mouth as soon as she realized what she had said. 'Great, if he was going to let me go he certainly won't do it now' she hypothetically smacked her overly large forehead. But another question then popped into her mind. "And why did kiss me?" She continued, at this point she figuring that she couldn't make things any worse.

"Hey, is that any way to greet me?" Hidan responded, ignoring her questions completely and lunging towards her in an attempt to achieve her embrace. She would have none of it and within a millisecond, she was on her feet, fists up, ready to fight.

"Tell me what you want with me now! Or…or…I'll kill you" Sakura stuttered. She knew it was a bluff since she neither had the power nor skill to defeat an immortal, but she still hoped it would work.

"Jeez, you're so fucking uptight, seriously. I'm not gonna kill you kay, that would defeat my purpose. So stop being such a bitch" He rolled his eyes and approached her incautiously.

"Then what do you want with me? Tell m-"

"Would you stop yellin', you're gonna wake the fucking neighbors if you do that in our house. Besides we're not even to base yet so you can cut your friggin' panic attack" He shot back. "If you wanna know why I toke you, it's cause Jashin told me too. That's why."

"Who's Jashin?" Sakura asked, finally lowering her fists. It seemed like she was safe for now, because if he was going to kill her, wouldn't he have done it already?

Sakura didn't receive an answer. Just a stare. A dumb, unbelieving stare. "Who's Jashin did you say? Did you just ask me who Jashin was?"

Sakura was a tad scared to answer. "Um…yes"

"Jashin is only the most cruel, evil, horribly wonderful god in the world. He was the one who chose you for me. How can you not know who he is dammit?" Hidan yelled at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately for Hidan though, this only managed to scare her and soon her tough facade had been dropped and she began to shrink before his eyes.

'How could she not know Jashin?' was the thought raging through Hidan's mind at the present but soon his attention was drawn towards the kunoichi now pressed into the corner, in a attempt to escape him. He must of scared her and on the inside he felt something he had never felt before, remorse. It was a strange feeling remorse, like a slithering snake wrapping its way around his body and stealing away his breath. Normally Hidan would enjoy the pain it was causing him, but this wasn't any kind of pain he'd ever dealt with before. He was used to physical pain and this pain was definitely not physical, he even looked down on himself to check. This pain was from the inside, and even though it was Hidan's first time experiencing the feeling, he already knew that he did like it and that he would do anything to keeping in from engulfing him again.

'Is this your sign to me Jashin' He thought. 'Is this what happens when she's not happy' And slowly he heard his answer 'Yes'. He then reverted his awareness back towards his little angel. He racked his mind, looking for the words to say, the things to do. What did they always do in those cheesy love novels? Maybe that would work. So considering that was all he could come up with he went with it.

"Come now, into my arms and I will take you to the fucking land of happiness" Well he had to add his own little flare to it. Then, slowly and cautiously she began to move towards him. 'Yes! It's working!'

SMACK! She darted into the bathroom.

"Ah Come on! Again with the fuckin' hitting"

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