My name is Bella de Nosferatu, I'm eighteen years and I have long black hair that shines blood red when the moonlight hits it. I have soft pale snow white skin and seductive but beautiful and sad blue eyes framed with long black eyelashes, like spiders hanging off my eyes. I'm the most beautiful girl in the whole village but everyone is too horrible to me because i'm a goth to notice. I got my name, Bella, because i'm so beautiful (I look just like Dita Von Teese but much prettier). But everyone is so scared of people who are different and call me nasty names when I go outside with my lace umberlla and vintage funeral dress. I tell them to fuck off but they set there dogs on me. Everyone is so nasty to me because I'm different. I wish there was a way I could leave this horrible poor town, i think as I put on a choker and corset to go into the village. But with a sigh, I no there is not, if only I could meet a prince charming and leave this horrible place.

I go into the village wearing a red silky corset with black lacey bits at my big boobs, a long black skirt, leather knee laced up boots, black elbow gloves, choker and a cruxifix necklace ( I wear that so they can't burn me at the stake for being a witch, witch i am lol). I look really really pretty but no one notices because they are ignorant and fucking peasants. Everyday is the exact same in the village, everyone looks like same and does the same boring stuff. It's so boring. No one ever comes to do gigs here or anything. I make my way through town sadly, while everyone is being mean and calling me "strange" and "odd". I'm going to the book shop to get the most wonderful book, not because I love reading but because the book is that awesome and there's nothing else to do here but chase sheep and milk cows and ipods haven't been invented yet. As I make my way to the bookstore a man steps out in my way. He's rilly handsome and muscley, but in like a mainstream jock way.

'Hey Bella' He said all cockily, flexing his thorbbing huge muscles all arrogantly. I groaned loudly. 'Hey Gaston' I muttered, rolling my tear coloured eyes. I really didn't like him, he was a douche. 'You know what, you're really hot for a freaky goth chick. How about I give you something to suck on which isn't my neck? *wink*' 'Ew! no, you fucking creppy perv! I would never go near some stupid jock like you!' I growled before kicking him in the nuts. He fell down before he started to cry like a girl. I smirked (cuz I'm a sado) and walked into the bookstore. The bookstore was empty (cause all the peasants are too ignorrant to read) so I went over to the shelves to look. I then gasped and screamed with joy. There on the shelf was TWILIGHT ECLIPSE! I grabbed the book and went over to the old store owner. 'omg, How much is this book?'
'That? well since no one else is gonna read it you can have it for free.' 'Really? omg you rock!' I said holding the book to my heart and boobs. I think that old man was in love with me, why else would he give me the book? good thing Twilight was covering my boobs. I don't want fugly old men looking at my boobs. I want my true dark love to do that. I thank the old pervert and leave the store to go home and read Eclipse.

At home my dad is doing some crazy batshit experaments because He's an inventore (like Frankenstein).He doesn't notice me coming home, because he never notices me. He's depressed because my mum killed herself and yells and hits me all the time. He's an alchoholic too, he gets drunk and then builds random things. It's horrible, I wish i was somewhere far far away from him and all the losers in the village. I go into my gothic room which is all black and mysetrious and lay gracefully down on my big black silky bed and read Ecilpse. But as much as I love Twilight, it makes me depressed. Why can't I have a handsome mysterious love? when will i ever get to kiss a hot misunderstood guy? and will i ever leave this horrible poor village?

Author's note: next chapter you find out if Bella will leave the village! ps. is it good? do you like it? tell me please :)