2 weeks later

I heard a knock on the door and I rush to open it. I find Emmett on the other side of the door.

"Emmett, what are you doing here?" I ask surprised.

"I couldn't let you guys leave without knowing how I feel about all this. I kept my distance to let things settle, but it's time we talk now." Emmett explained seriously.

I nod and invite him in. "Make yourself, comfortable. I'll give Edward a call, tell him to come home."

After I end the call with Edward, Emmett says, "This is a nice place you've got here." He walks over to the large window looking over the city. "It didn't occur to me that I never visited after you guys moved in here."

I nod, not knowing how to respond. He continues, "I'm sorry about that. I always loved you, but my family kept me away and I foolishly let them. I'm stopping that now."

As Emmett spoke, Edward came in just in time to hear what his brother was saying.

"Don't sweat it, brother. We hold no remorse toward you for any of this." Edward said as he gave his brother a hug.

"I promise you guys that I will be here from now on. I will visit more, be there for you two and the baby." Emmett said sincerely. "My family and my wife won't control me like that anymore."

"Emmett, you are welcome in our lives as long as you want to be in it." I promise happily.

My baby may be missing a large chunk of her family, but as long as they have Emmett then really she won't be missing much.

7 months later

"Bella, what is taking so long?" Edward knocked on the bathroom door yet again.

I finally open the door and let him in. "Babe, something happened while I was showering." I tried to stay as calm as possible.

"Oh god, did you fall? Are you okay? Is the baby ok? Oh god." Edward panicked.

"No, no." I assured him. "My water broke."

I guess that is the best place for a woman's water to break. No clean up, no embarrassment. Easy.

"Oh." Edward said has he rubbed my belly. "Are you in pain?"

I nod, "The contractions have been happening all day, but I've been waiting it out. Now it's time though."

Edward and I grab our stuff and head out to the hospital. We are ready and eager to meet our baby girl.

By the time we got to the hospital and situated in a room, it was time to deliver our baby. Everything moved so quickly, but that's ok. I rather have a fast delivery than stay in labor for countless hours.

"You can do it, baby. We are so close to meet our sweet girl." Edward whispered words of encouragement in my ear.

A final push and we heard the sweet cry we have been waiting 9 months for. As they laid our daughter in my arms, I started to cry. She was beautiful. Bronze hair and green eyes like her daddy, with my lips, face shape and possibly my stature. My little angel was so precious and beautiful.

I look up at Edward and find him crying as he looks down at our baby. "She's so beautiful." He says.

Edward leaned down and kissed our daughter's head and my lips. "I love you two so much."

"We love you too." I respond as we both gazed down at our angel.

11 months since Christmas

Edward and I had been doing great. Our baby girl, Emilia Elizabeth Cullen or Mia for short, was now 5 months old. She looked so much like Edward. Mia is his mini me and I loved it.

She is calm, barely cries, and sleeps most of the night. Our baby is every parent's dream. I love my little bundle.

We had not talked to Edward's family since the disaster of Christmas day. They haven't even contacted us in anyway; it was obvious they don't care. Emmett on the other hand called almost everyday and visited often.

Emmett kept his promise and become a regular part of our lives. Edward loved having his brother around more. Not only did Emmett visit us in the city often, he spoke to Edward over the phone regularly. Edward was so happy, despite the fact that the rest of his family abandoned him.

Emmett was the first to know that I went into labor. He came out the same day to meet his niece and spent a few days with us, before having to return to work. Mia may not have most of Edward's family in her life, but she has her uncle Emmett and he will give her enough love. She won't even realize what she is missing out on. For that, I am relieved.

When we told Emmett we're having baby girl, he was thrilled. He was so happy that he was right after all. I never took Emmett as the type to want a niece; I always thought he would want a nephew. But nope, he was wonderful with his niece. Every time he was in town, he would hold her, feed her, take her on walks, and put her to sleep. It was incredible to watch this big tough guy being so gentle and loving with a little baby.

Although Emmett was here for Mia, I couldn't help but feel a little sad that she probably would never meet the other Cullens. I know they hate me and I can barely stand them, but I would have put all that aside just so Mia could be with them. I don't understand how they didn't feel the same way. How can they ignore the existence of this innocent baby? How can they abandon their son during such a joyous time in his life? I just don't understand.

"Where's Mia?" Emmett asked as he walked in the living room.

"She's asleep." I said quietly.

"Bells you look upset, what's wrong?" Emmett asked sitting next to me.

"I don't know Emmett, I'm just upset that the rest of your family doesn't care about Mia. I mean I know you do and I am so grateful for that, but I wish Mia could know her grandparents, aunts, and uncle." I said sadly.

"Oh Bella, I see where your coming from but would you really let them meet her after all they said on Christmas?" Emmett asked.

"Well before Christmas I would have put all our problems aside in a heartbeat, just so Mia could have her family. But now after what happened, after them not even calling to congratulate Edward, I just don't think I can anymore." I told him honestly. I was realizing now that they don't deserve my forgiveness.

"Well Mia might not have a lot of family, but it's not like she doesn't have any. She has 2 parents who would go to the ends of the earth and back for her, grandparents who adore her, and an uncle who would jump off a cliff for her. The little family she does have loves her and that's all that really matters." He said. It was a heart warming how true it really was. I knew that and I'm grateful for that. I was getting upset for no reason.

"Thank you… for everything." I said as I hugged him.

"By the way Bella, as much as I love having a cute little niece, I would love it if you guys had a little boy." Emmett added, making me laugh.

"Alright Emmet, we'll work on that." I said half joking.

It was 10:00 pm and Edward was already asleep because he had to work long today. I was in bed with Mia in my arms, breastfeeding her. It was very peaceful, but my phone broke the silence. I was startled at first, but I answered before it disturbed Mia and Edward. It was daja vu.

"Hello?" I asked quietly.

"Hello Bella. How are you?" Esme asked. I was shocked that she was calling, but I was also curious as to why she would be calling.

"I'm fine. How can I help you?" I asked.

"I have been thinking lately and I feel bad for what I did last Christmas. I'm sorry." I couldn't believe she actually called to apologize. But then again, she was probably doing it to see her son again.

"Esme I appreciate you apologizing, but I don't think I can ever forgive you for the things you said about my daughter and I. Plus you have said too much to me through the years, so don't think the a simple 'I'm sorry' will fix anything." I said honestly.

It's not that I wanted to be mean or anything, It's just the wounds have been cut too deep to be healed so easily.

There was silence coming from her, so I decided to ask what I have been wandering for so long. "Esme, what is it that I said or did that made you and the rest of the family hate me so much?"

"It's simple Isabella, we have always dreamed of Edward to find a rich gorgeous girl. The kind that when she walked in to the room, people would stop to look at her. But instead he found a middle class girl. Now I'm not saying you're ugly, you're not. But you definitely aren't gorgeous and rich enough for Edward. It's just a huge disappointment." She said nonchalantly.

I was taken aback by the shallow reasoning she presented. I knew my money was an issue for them, but I didn't realize my looks factored into it as well. They are shallower than I realized.

"Well, I'm sorry I don't fit your standards. I didn't realize you guys are shallow enough to want a fake, plastic, snobby woman in your son's life. That kind of woman is sure to make him happy." I said sarcastically. "But face it. Edward married me, we love each other, we have a child together, and we plan on having more. This marriage is not going anywhere." I said angrily.

"That kind of girl is not fake, she is classy." She argued.

"Well Esme, I'm so glad I don't fit your definition of 'classy'." I said.

"It's unfortunate really. It's a shame I even called." Esme said, followed by me hanging up.

On one hand I want to fix the problem, on the other hand I know the wounds were cut to deep to be healed. She's crazy to think a simple sorry would fix things, especially when the sorry is followed by more insults toward me. I have had enough with them, I'm done tolerating them and stressing over them.

2 years later

"Mommy, where daddy?" Mia asked as she clumsily walked over to me.

Unfortunately my baby took after me, she was clumsy. We're hoping she grows out of that with age.

"He's on his way home baby, he will be here soon." I replied. She nodded and ran to her room, tripping on the way. But like the tough cookie she was, she got up and continued to run.

A short 30 minuets later Edward came home and we had dinner while talking about our day. We had just put Mia down to sleep and now I had a few hours to spend with Edward.

"Edward, you haven't played the piano in a while, could you play for me?" I asked softly.

"Of course, love" He said as he stood up and held my hand.

We walked over to the piano, he started playing my lullaby and gradually moved into the song he wrote for us. By the end, I was crying.

"Love, why are you crying?" He asked.

"Ugh, I don't know. It's just the stupid hormones." I said smiling at what I said.

"Hormones? Bella are you pregnant?" He asked with a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

I nodded and said "Yes Edward, I'm pregnant. We're going to have another baby."

He picked me up into a hug and spun us around in a circle. "Bella, I love you so much." He said as he started to kiss my neck.

"I love you too." I replied and he moved his lips from my neck to my lips.


This is the final chapter. I hope you guys have liked this story!