This is my First Sonic story. If you are an Antoine Hater, then don't read, yet. Later on it'll live up to the title. This is some good old fashioned set up.

The rating is in anticipation of upcoming chapters.

He held the paper in one hand, and spoke in a strong, powerful voice. "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" A pause, he struggled with the words. "Se shells she sells by the she sore, zut." His English was almost there, but Antoine still struggled with some parts.

The paper was cast aside, and he resumed his waiting, always the waiting. The house seemed smaller without his amour around. He chuckled to himself; whether he liked it or not, French was a beautiful language.

Minutes seemed like hours; Antoine checked his watch. He had no idea when Bunnie and Sonic would return from Sand Blast city, but he had nothing better to do.

Je pense que...

Damn, he stopped himself. Think in the language, learn the language.

I think I'll go out for a while.

He stood in front of the mirror, he still looked good. His uniform was beginning to fit him too well. No matter, he could just get Rosie to fix that. With one final look over, Antoine went for the door.

I wonder where I'll go?

He swung the door open, and he barely stopped from running into a small beaver that was standing on his porch, finger hovering over the doorbell. He was definitely surprised. "Qu'est-ce que c'-" He shook his head "What is it?"

I hope Bunnie returned.

"Antoine D'Coolette?" The beaver asked, either ignoring or failing to notice the large nameplate over the door.

"That is me…" Ant noticed the uniform. He hoped this wasn't…

"Military Summons, King Max wishes to see you." A small envelope was revealed bearing the royal seal.


He reached for the summons, and was immediately told "Now."


"You have to go NOW" The rodent stressed the last word. Ant got the message, and was quickly on his way.

"Thanks" He said in passing.

A military summons, I hope Max has simply called me over to inform me of some… petit matter.

The castle was as intimidating as ever. The guards stopped him, asked for his papers. He obliged. The long hallway to the throne room was… decorated, to say the least. Precious metals adorned the walls and the ceiling was coated in jewels. The frivolity both awed and disgusted him, his time with l'homme de commun, and he felt differently about the royal family. He was still loyal to the death, but he had just seen the other side too. Antoine was lead to a door, a 30 foot tall door that was just as ornate as the whole castle. He was given a brief speech about addressing his majesty, he ignored it, he's done this enough times. The doors swung open , and a band was playing, but could not be seen.

The fanfare was never this grand. This is ridiculous.

"Hello your maje-"

Before a single step was taken, guards descended upon Ant, and before he could react he was smothered. His head was sticking out of the pile, and he saw the king looming over him. Max's mouth moved, but Ant didn't hear anything. Max leaned in close and yelled.

"PASSWORD!" The king was practically in his face.


"Pineapple!" The muffled sound was the best that Ant could produce when at the bottom of a dog pile; well, to be correct it was a gorilla pile, but you get what I mean. The king motioned, and the guards were off of him, and back in the shadows. "Mais, Qu'est-ce que tu fais?" He quickly reprimanded himself. "Excuse me, your majesty" He began dusting himself off.

"You can't be too careful, Antoine. Especially not after the recent, events."

Oui, but you can be too paranoid.

The king was referring to the attempted reforms of Amadeus Prower. He tried to fix the system, but the king was in no mood to play around. Luckily, Mr. Prower accepted defeat and a demotion before the events went public. He was sent around the world to guard some sorry outpost. His wife accompanied him, and Tails was left behind with the Freedom Fighters. As a D'Coolette, Antoine HAD to support the king, even at the cost of alienating himself. He had no choice.

"I've called you here for a reason, Antoine" The king motioned him over. "I have just received two reports from Sand Blast City…" Antoine perked up.

Aha! Bunnie must be on her way home!

"One from Sonic, and one from the Sand Blasters." He went over to a small desk and picked up two papers, he held one out in front of him. This report was radioed in mere hours ago. "Sand Blast City is doing fine; there is a D.E.L presence, but not enough to cause major problems. There was some fighting, and in the process a major oil refinery was destroyed. We are on the way back, see ya." He shuffled his papers.

Ok, sounds good, it's not a very long journey, they should be here by tomorrow. Antoine felt at ease.

"The other report is interesting. The sand blasters claim that, and I quote "The D.E.L presence is substantial, the loss of the oil refinery is an opening for a strike that we cannot pass up. We request a dispatch of troops to help us."" Max cleared his throat and continued reading "We understand that defeating Eggman himself is a large goal, but the defeat of the local D.E.L and the seizure of the oil supplies would contribute largely to that goal." Max looked up.

Oh, well then. He wouldn't call me here just to tell me that…

"Considering the situation, and the recent change in… management, we require a new general."

"That is true, your majesty"

I don't believe it!

"I need someone with experience to be the new General. Someone who knows what they are doing. And I believe you know where I'm going with this."

Antoine shuddered with anticipation, and despite recent events his love of country was swelling within him. But that soon passed.

"Antoine D'Coolette, I need you…" King max reached in his cloak for something. He pulled out a document. "…To serve your kingdom as Prince Elias' chief officer for his desert campaign."

I don't believe it...

There ya go. Right in the gut. Tried to think of a better ending, but this is good for now. Antoine is going to be praying like moments like these before this story is up.