Name: Displacement (referring to Karofsky's tendency to do exactly that, I suppose. Or perhaps trying to displace the kiss, hur hur.)

Pairing: Kurtofsky (Kurt/Karofsky) A note about this: first off, I am a Kurtofsky shipper. But I do not condone a relationship between these two either at the time (and alternate universe) in which this is set, or in the show until Karofsky has stopped the bullying, apologised, and Kurt has forgiven him. In this story, the genre 'romance' is a bit misleading; given the circumstances, this is not a love-story (if you want one of those, I'm sure I'll write that in the future), this is not going to end all fluffily, this is 'sex,' not romance. Ahem, yeah, that's it.

Rating: M, duh.

Warnings: Seriously, M. I'm not kidding. Even if this is tamer than some of my stuff, it's pretty much PWP. If you're offended by sex, alcohol and dub-con (not quite non-con but it's ambiguous,) this isn't the place for you. And there's no happy ending here, I'll say it again. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: If I were Ryan Murphy, Kurt would have gotten laid by now. If I were FOX, Firefly would be still be going.

Prompt: After the locker room kiss scene, they are both at some jock/cheerio party. Kurt is tipsy. Karofsky can't stop thinking about how kissing Kurt felt, so he gets Kurt completely drunk and hooks up with him - you decide how far they go. Kurt doesn't necessarily LIKE Karofsky yet, but he enjoys the hooking up/sex.

Notes: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2 OF GLEE: written just after 'Never Been Kissed.'

Kurt should know that it's a terrible idea to accept drinks from Karofsky, but he does it anyway. He's already buzzed, and not just from the alcohol; he's here, with the cool kids, at some sort of house party that losers just don't get invited to. But he's a Cheerio, and that warrants him an invitation, so, against his best interests (and because Brittany asked him and it's so hard to say no to someone so naïve,) here he is.

And so is Karofsky. He must have seen him standing awkwardly in the corner, being a complete wallflower. Brittany and Santana disappeared a while ago into one of the bedrooms, Finn's currently losing to Puck at some computer game Kurt doesn't recognize, and everyone else he knows even a little bit is just there somewhere, but lost in the crowd, so Kurt's alone, which probably isn't good when he's drunk this much of whatever was in those cups Santana was giving him earlier.

So when Karofsky turned up at his side with another drink, the tipsy Kurt barely considers turning it down. Not that it's spiked or anything, (he wouldn't put it past Karofsky, but even he wouldn't risk it with all the glee members that were somehow here,) but it's alcohol and he's had enough. But Karofsky is holding out the drink and pushing it into his hands, and Kurt feels warm and happy and even though he doesn't really like Karofsky, or rather, really doesn't like Karofsky, he likes the warm feeling. So now he's drinking, innocent of the look Karofsky's giving him and not even thinking about the kiss-that-he's-trying-to-forget.

Karofsky, however, is thinking about it. In fact, he can't stop thinking about it. Every time he tries to think about something else, it tugs at the back of his mind. And it doesn't help that Hummel is always there, so fucking hard to ignore because of his stupid fucking clothes and his stupid, beautiful fucking lips. The lips that he can almost taste every time he closes his eyes, and the way they felt, so soft and obviously well cared for. All he can think of is Hummel, and that fucking, fucking kiss.

He's not going to let it go. Two years he's watched Hummel, not understanding the twinge he felt when he saw the teen, not understanding why his heart would beat a little faster every time he walked past him in the halls,or why he'd suddenly start thinking about him in class, or at home, or in the shower, or in bed. It didn't make sense to him, it didn't even compute for so fucking long what it meant.

When he realized, he hated himself. He hated himself and he hated Hummel and he hated himself for hating Hummel. He didn't know what to do, what he could do because being gay wasn't even an option for him. He's Dave Karofsky, he's a jock, one of the in-crowd, and he's everything that Hummel isn't.

Before he realized what it meant and what he was, he'd hunted Hummel with the pack, but now he's a lone predator, and he knows that this made it different. It was all good and well when Azimio is around and they're putting the losers in their place together, but when it's just Dave it seems so much more personal. He tries not to think the word 'intimate' because that's how it feels, and that's not how it's supposed to be. He's trying to hurt Hummel, to let him know that he's wrong, but the really shitty thing is that the more he hurts him, the more he wants him. And that's even more wrong.

But nothing is as wrong as the fact that he's trying to get Kurt drunk, hoping that the kid will be uninhibited enough to let him kiss him again. It is, by far, the most shitty thing he's ever done, and there are probably laws against it, but Karofsky's past caring now, and it's all Hummel's fault anyway.

Speaking of him, he's now swaying slightly too much to the music, and Karofsky thinks he must be pissed out of his head because he seems to be giggling to himself.

"Hummel, you're smashed." It comes out more slurred than he intended, but he thinks he's at least sober enough to know what he's doing. "Let's get you out of here before you puke." Kurt wants to protest that he's not even close to puking, but somehow the words won't form, and instead he lets Karofsky lead him upstairs, which doesn't really make sense, but then nothing really does right now.

And then they really are alone. Dave turns on the lights of his own bedroom, not that Kurt actually knows this is his house, and that part of the reason he even invited the Cheerios is because he knew there might be a sliver of a chance of Kurt turning up. But a sliver just wasn't enough, so he'd subtly (or at least as subtle as was possible for him) told Brittany, the only one dumb enough not to get it, to invite him. He hadn't even expected it to work, but he couldn't help but note the way his stomach twisted with joy when the fashionista walked through his front door, naïve to whose party it was.

The smaller boy hasn't seemed to notice that they're alone either, or where they are or what it means, so Dave just lets himself stare at him for a few minutes before shoving a glass of something very alcoholic that he grabbed on the way up into Kurt's hands.

They sit and drink, and even though Dave's had more than a few beers and a couple of mixes that he doesn't even recognize, he's not quite out of it yet. Kurt's just getting worse and worse, the alcohol in his system had before only just beginning to take effect. Now it's hitting him, and he feels dizzy and – hey, Karofsky's staring again.

In fact, Karofsky's staring a lot harder now, and they're closer together. Kurt is aware of very little but he knows that their legs are touching and that's probably a bad thing because after the kiss-that-he's-trying-to-forget, any physical intimacy reminds him very much of that locker room. He's trying to put it to the back of his mind because dwelling on it cannot be good for either of them.

But suddenly, Karofsky makes it very difficult to forget about, since he's kissing him again, with no less vigor than before. This time his hand is in Kurt's hair and he's wrapped his arm around Kurt's neck. This time, it's not one kiss but many, hot and quick, as if trying to make up for a hundred times he missed out. This time he doesn't seem violent but passionate, pained, desperate.

And this time, Kurt doesn't pull away.

It's not because he's drunk, he tries to tell himself, but that's half a lie. He doesn't like Karofsky; he's not his type, he thinks, but that's a lie too. Sure, Dave's not even a little perfect, he's a bully and he's cruel and his wardrobe needs some serious therapy. But he's well built and he has a strong jaw and it's no secret that Kurt has a thing for jocks.

And he's here, he's now, and he wants him, and Kurt doesn't want, doesn't need any more than that at the moment.

So he kisses him back, and it's all tongue and lips with just a hint of teeth. Dave is kissing him maybe even too hard but it feels so, so good to be wanted like this, to have someone holding him this tightly. Their bodies are pressing together and Kurt can feel how hard Dave is (for some reason, his brain makes a mental note that Karofsky is definitely, definitely not straight) and he's just as turned on; his whole body is hot and he just can't stop himself from mashing his hips against Dave's. Dave has stopped kissing his lips now, and, cupping his face gingerly, is kissing his jaw, his neck, his collarbone, as if he's trying to taste Kurt's body. He can't help but moan as Dave starts almost gnawing on his neck, frantic and fiery. Dave takes this as an invitation to slip his hand up Kurt's shirt, and Kurt can't even bring himself to think that Karofsky's probably stretching the fabric as his fingers caress the skin beneath.

He's never even thought of touching his own nipples before, so when Dave starts circling them with his fingers, he can feel his breath getting harder and harder, until Dave tweaks one sharply and Kurt feels his whole body convulse with pleasure, accompanied by a noise he didn't even know he could make.

"So fucking beautiful when you moan like that…" Karofsky gasps out, massaging the nipples again and making Kurt go crazy, shuddering and letting out that noise again.

"Stop…no…" For a second, Karofsky panics that Kurt's crying rape and, as morally wrong as this probably is, he doesn't want to do anything illegal. Even more than that, he doesn't actually want to hurt Kurt, so he pauses. "Going to…ahhh, I'm going to…" But Karofsky suddenly knows what he meant, so he kisses Kurt even deeper than before, and, while still using a hand to rub his nipple, swiftly gropes his dick through his insanely skinny jeans. He tries not to think about the fact that it's a guy's junk he's so hungrily grappling, or that the nipple he's squeezing doesn't have a 32D attached, but he knows and it's making him even hotter. With a choke of desperation, and maybe a little self-loathing, he bites down on Kurt's lip, and squeezes his dick even harder.

The effect is instantaneous and so arousing Dave has to seriously stop himself from following. Kurt's eyes flutter as his whole body convulses, his lips parting to let out a soft groan, and Dave can feel his cock jumping through the fabric. Then, after shuddering a last time, he pulls away from Karofsky, eyes suddenly wide with horror and face darkening.

"I…oh my god…" but Dave cuts him off with another messy kiss and undoes Kurt's flies which earn him a little squeak of surprise. He wraps his hand around Kurt's dick as much as possible with those stupid jeans on and starts pumping him again, amused when it almost immediately stiffens back into arousal. Clearly Hummel hasn't been getting any, if his refractory period is almost non-existent. Hell, he doesn't even know if he's doing this right, I mean, is he just supposed to do it like he does to himself? Kurt groans beneath him, and Dave steals a look at his eyes, glazed with either alcohol or lust, he can't tell, but he must be doing something right.

But, fuck, this is so utterly wrong, he thinks, as he pulls his dick out of his own jeans and starts jerking the two together. He has to literally peel Kurt's jeans off first, but he doesn't pull them all the way down. He can feel the soprano's heartbeat through his dick, and it's something he never thought would make him so aroused.

He's never let himself find out in detail how guys have sex, so, as much as he desperately wants to fuck Hummel right now, he knows he's going to have to hold back. I mean, what if he actually broke Hummel? He has, however, had blowjobs by plenty of dumb cheerios (who didn't understand the reason why he always kept his eyes closed when they blew him,) so they couldn't be that difficult, right? However, when he maneuvers himself into a position he never ever thought he'd be in with another guy, leaving the boy facing his cock, he doesn't expect Kurt to suck him off – heck, he half expects him to bite the fucking thing, but he's pleasantly surprised. Kurt must be pretty out of it, and Dave briefly wonders whether he even knows who he's wrapping his pretty little mouth around. He feels a little twinge of regret that he can't see the younger boy's face right now, but it's worth it because – as much as he hates to admit it – he wants to know what it's like to suck dick, to feel another guy filling his mouth. It's gay as a fucking picnic, but really, what part of this isn't?

Karofsky's obviously never given a blowjob before, but they're both pretty sloppy, and he's guessing it's both of their first times, so he just takes Hummel's dick in his mouth and tries to mimic what the cheerleaders used to do to him. Apparently it's working, because Kurt's moaning into his cock now, which feels fucking fantastic. He always knew those beautiful pouty lips would serve a higher purpose.

He's getting close, and it feels like Hummel – ever the virgin – is almost ready to shoot again. So he sucks harder, taking Kurt further into his mouth than he thought that he could ever take a dick (not that he had really thought about, except in passing fantasies and jerking off). He lets his hand wonder up too, to gently brush the boy's balls, as weird as the idea feels to him. He feels Kurt's prick actually twitch in his mouth, and panics for a second because he knows the boy is going to cum in his mouth if he doesn't do something, and he isn't sure how he's supposed to deal with that, like, swallow it, or spit it out?

But then that problem just seems to pale into insignificance as Kurt moans around him, sending vibrations through him. Dave can't believe how good Kurt is, considering it's his first time. Either the kid is naturally talented or he's been doing lots of Internet research. Sure, he's not doing it perfectly, and if Dave came like this he'd probably choke the poor guy, but it feels like heaven. He's literally at his limit now, and he's moaning around Hummel's cock too, which finally brings the younger boy over the edge. Pulling back slightly, he cums with a loud, dick-muffled yell, spilling his load into Karofsky's mouth, and for some reason, it's this that makes him see white, his body shuddering with spiking pleasure as he tries to swallow and moan at the same time. Kurt is swallowing his cum too, but some of it is dripping down his chin as Dave's dick twitches again in orgasm and sends another ribbon of the sticky substance onto his face.

They're both gasping for breath, and Dave twists himself back over to the pillow side of the bed, wiping some of Kurt's cum off his own face. He tries not to think about how he just sucked another guy off, willingly, and why it made him so hot. He doesn't even want to think about what's going to happen tomorrow when Hummel comprehends what went on tonight. He realizes that the other boy has passed out beside him, and briefly hopes that no one walks into his room tonight as he lets himself drift off to sleep.

At least now he's got the damn kiss out of his head.