To Odysseus

My husband

I await your return

My eyes turned toward the sea

My heart searches for your

White sailed ship

Oh Poseidon,

God of the raging seas

Keep my husband safe

On the blue waters

Every day

My heart surges with hope

At the sunlight

At the idea of a new day

With you

I look beside me

Expecting to see your sleeping form

Then I remember

You are at war

Far from me

Across a million seas

Across a thousand plains

My heart sinks

Despair, hopelessness

For you are not here

Not beside me

Your arms not around me

Your voice not whispering in my ear

I long for you

My heart cries out for you

But you cannot listen

For your mind

Is filled with battle cries

Sounds of death

The crazed feeling of war

Of blood and fighting

I keep your memory close by me

But you have put me aside

And instead

Took up your spear

Do you think of me still?

Every night

Do you look at the stars

And remember our nights together?

I miss you

I can't describe how deeply

My feelings are for you

My love for you is

Certain as the sunrise

Wide as the Styx

If only I can say as much

About your return

How can I be sure you remember me

And keep me by your side

Even in the heat of war?

Mind, body, spirit,

I am yours forever

Come back to me

My husband, my beloved