To Agamemnon

My husband

I await your return

My eyes turned towards the shore

Joyfully seeking out your ship

On the black waters

Then I turn

To gaze at the man standing by me

And I smile

For I don't love you

No, my husband

I hate and despise you

My precious daughter's life

Wasted by your folly

Her blood cries out to me

Calling for revenge

On her father

Who is also her murderer

I mourn for her in the darkness of night

But in the morning

My heart is filled with black hatred

For you

You who never thinks before killing innocent souls

You who made my life into darkness

I will do the same to you

Take away those whom you love

You gave me no pity

So expect no mercy from me

Damn you to Tartarus


I will make you pay

For everything you're done to me

My plan is ready

My sword is sharpened

Take your time

For Fate will bring you back to me

A smile twists on my lips

As I patiently wait by the window

I have eternity

A lifetime of opportunities

To carry out my plan

I looked back once more at the raging ocean

Mind, Body, Spirit

I was never yours

Come back to me

My enemy