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"Alice!" I called out to my sister, shaking her. "Mary Alice!"

"Sorry, what?" she replied dazed.

"You mustn't do that anymore, remember what Mother said?" her eyes widened and filled with tears of fright as she recalled what our mother had said.

"I can't help it Bella. I know that Mother wants to send me away but I just can't stop it!" she started crying, "Please, do not tell anyone," she begged with her hands clasped together.

"Of course not Alice, I would never tell a soul even if you hadn't asked me. You're my twin. I don't want you to go away," I replied truthfully, "what did you see this time?"

"I'm not actually sure," she looked down and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "I'm only seeing flickers. There's a blond man who has piercing red eyes. That's really the only thing I can make out of it, but its making me anxious" she looked back up at me, concerned. She sniffed delicately before putting on a brave smile.

"I'm sure we can handle it though," she said as she held her chin high. "After all, we are special!" she commented, wagging her eyebrows, trying to break the tension between us. I laughed at her antics as we linked arms and started the walk back home from the park.

I let her lead me and started to think. We were twins, incredibly petite twins at that, who has had weird powers and abnormal things happen to us. We were just sixteen and already people were starting to notice strange things about us. I could hear the whispers as we stepped onto the street by the marketplace. Some said we were crazy, others say we hallucinated. Others, and the worst by far, said we were witches. Although the time for accusation of witches, and vampires and other mythical creatures were long over, people still spread the rumours. Alice, my twin, had visions of the future sometimes. I had perfect control of my mind. When we were together, however, our bizarre powers would swell. We don't know which of us controls what would happen, but we usually had a hunch. Once, while Alice and I had been in the park with our little sister, Cynthia, two boys, corrupted by their mother's constant insults of us, started to throw rocks and sticks at Alice and me. Not more than ten seconds later, some sort of shield formed around us, and nothing could touch us. Not even our Cynthia, who had ran over, alarmed. Alice thought it was I who could make the shield but I'm not positive. Cynthia questioned us about what happened when we got home and we had no choice but to tell her. To this day, she is the only one that knows of our 'powers.'

"Bella!" Alice had pulled me into an alley and whisper shouted at me.

"What is it?" I pulled out of my reverie and looked over at her, startled.

"Snap out of it!" she scolded, "there are enough rumours of us going about and Mother and Papa would not be happy to learn that there are new ones."

"I do apologize, Alice," with that, we dashed home. We did not want to suffer the wrath of Mother if we aren't presentable in time for dinner.

We walked through the front door and Alice headed straight for the stairs. I was about to follow her when Papa called out from the kitchen. I slowly paced toward the kitchen at the back of the house. Mother was preparing dinner with Cynthia, and Papa was sitting at dinner table, with a pipe in his mouth, reading the newspaper. It was dated September 10th, 1917. Our birthday was coming up in three days. We would be sixteen.

"Yes, Papa?" I looked at him questioningly. He looked up and smiled, his eyes bright with mischief.

"You've received a letter from a man by the name of Edward Masen," Papa smirked at me and I flushed bright red.

"Thank you," I replied, still embarrassed, "I shall take this up to Alice's and my room and prepare for dinner." I walked carefully up the stairs, and down the hall. Our room was the furthest down the hall, across from Cynthia's room.

"Alice!" I called out, excited. She looked up from putting her long, black hair up in a half-ponytail. I showed her the letter and she dropped her ribbon and beamed.

"Open it!" she commanded, "Edward hasn't sent a letter in a while!" I tore the letter open and started to read as Alice did too over my shoulder. It read:

Dearest Isabella,

I am deeply sorry for being unable to write to you. The Spanish Influenza has arrived in Chicago, and my family's plan to visit Mississippi over the Christmas holidays has been terminated indefinitely in fear of spreading it. Although it has only been two months since we've seen each other, it feels as if it were years. I really do hope we get to see each other at least once more before the year ends. My family and I are well and have not been affected by the influenza. I hope that you and your sisters, Alice and little Cynthia, are well. I miss you profoundly, and love you with all my heart.

With love,

Edward Masen Jr.

"He loves you with all his heart!" Alice exclaimed. I reread the letter as a feeling of dread washed over me. What if he caught the influenza? I felt tears well up in my eyes and threatened to fall. I felt arms surround me.

"Oh Bella, don't worry, everything will be fine," Alice soothed me, taking in my reaction.

"How do you know Alice?" I had intended for my voice to sound strong but it sounded frail.

"I don't," very helpful, sister, I thought sarcastically, but held my tongue. "But you have to trust fate," she continued, "What is supposed to be, will happen. No matter what. I can promise you that," she said. There was no hint that she doubted what she had said.

"Girls! Be sure to be ready for supper in five minutes!" Mother called from downstairs.

Alice and I scrambled to get ready, changing out of our dirty petticoats and putting our hair up. I looked into the mirror while Alice was combing my hair. We looked the same, for the most part, and people could get us confused. We had the same length of hair, though hers was just a couple shades darker than mine, we had the same eyes, though the colour of mine were a couple shades darker than hers. We had the same nose and facial structures, and the same petite frame. Although somehow, she managed to pull it off better than me.

"All done!" she cheered. I got up from the vanity and we headed down together.

We sat at the table, with Papa at the head of the table, Mother at the opposite end, Alice across from me, by Papa, and Cynthia next to Alice. Mother had cooked a simple meal with corn, baked beans, asparagus, and a small chicken. We recited a quick grace and waited for Papa and Mother to finish taking what they wanted.

About ten minutes into our meal, Papa decided to break the silence.

"So girls, what did you do today?" he asked.

"We just walked around the park," Alice replied.

"You two should act more like your sister. She's three years younger than the both of you and yet she has a lot more to give. She knows her way around the house and how to care for a family. She will be marry well, while you two would be lucky to find a suitor," she criticized.

"Enough!" Papa cut Mother off, "And I highly doubt that either of them would have a hard time finding a suitor. After all, Bella already has the charming Edward Masen in Chicago after her. He is from a respectable family and I believe that they will get married one day," Papa explained while I turned red with embarrassment. Cynthia giggled and Alice smiled brightly.

After that, conversation at our table dwindled and came to a silence. Alice and I finished at the same time and placed our dishes in the sink.

"Your history tutor will be over tomorrow!" Mother reminded us as we walked out of the kitchen.

"Thank you for reminding us, Mother," I replied and headed up the stairs behind Alice.

I sat on my bed and looked around. Alice's bed was next to mine, separated by a small bedside table. Next to my bed were two writing tables. One for me and one for Alice. On the far side of the room, by Alice's bed, was the walk-in closet we shared. Right outside the door of the closet, was our vanity. Alice grabbed our American history books and dropped them on my bed beside me. We were studying the Civil War.

"EEEEEPPPPPP!" Alice squealed, obviously in a better mood than she had been all day. I looked over to her book.

"Its Major Jasper Whitlock!" she read, "It says he entered the Confederate army at the age of seventeen and was promoted quickly through the ranks. He went missing, though, when he was nineteen, while evacuating a city. It says he may have been captured because he was a brave soldier and would not have run," she showed me the picture of him on a majestic brown horse. "We would have been perfect for each other," she sighed.

"Alice, stop fawning over a dead man and get to studying," I told her.

"All right, but I can't help but marvel at what could have been," she started to look somewhat distant and I snapped my fingers in front of her.

"Sister dear, he would have courted you, went to war, and you would have became a widow before you were married," I explained. She glared at me before looking back down at her book. After a while, we got ready for bed and went to bed, and whilst awaiting sleep to overcome me, I couldn't help but notice that while I would dream of Edward, Alice would probably dream of Major Whitlock.

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