I apologize profusely.

I know everyone is probably expecting a sequel, and I did write a few chapters. However, I have no intent on continuing this story. My biggest reason?

I have gone to the dark side. Of Harry Potter.
(I read the books over the summer)

That and whilst I was in Asia, my dad really laid on the pressure of getting a good education etc. (He's expecting me to go to Stanford, John Hopkins, Oxford, or Harvard)

And since I'm starting junior year tomorrow, the pressure is really on for getting good grades. Along with continuing my extra-curricular's.

As for writing, in whole, I have no inspiration for writing on this site, however, I'm starting an actual book that may or may not be finished/published.

Again, I apologize.

Good luck to everyone in the new school year, for those who are taking exams, continuing jobs, finding new jobs, and in life.

PS: If anyone wishes to complain or comment, feel free to PM me or just leave a review. I'll probably reply~