A drabble to make me feel better about whumping Kurt so much in my other fic


Kurt read and re-read his text conversations that he'd had with Blaine over and over in the corner of the room at Glee. He knew there was a goofy smile on his face, and he plugged in his iPod and played Teenage Dream for the hundredth time that week.

"Kurt!" Brittany yanked his head phones out of his ear, "Guys he's not deaf."

"Teenage Dreams?" Mercedes asked, listening to the blaring music, "You hate Katy Perry."

Kurt was exempt from explaining, however, when Mr. Schuester entered the room with new music and his normal cheery smile on his face.

"Hey guys, I know how much you all love pop music-" A few people cheered, "So I got some Katy Perry-" More cheers, "Here's the basics, we still have to figure out solos."

Rachel ranted about how she connected with Katy Perry and should get the part, and Kurt couldn't help but laugh when he saw the music in his hands.

Teenage Dreams

"Something wrong Kurt?" Schue asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kurt held out his arm to give the music back, "The guys sent me to spy on The Warblers. They sing this song. There's no way we could be better than them at it."

Everyone protested loudly.

"Wait!" Will Schue shouted and everyone quieted, "You went to spy on Dalton?"

Kurt flicked his hair, "The boys so obviously didn't want my help with the mash up, and Puck told me to go spy. So I did."

"Dude, I didn't think you'd actually do it," Puck said.

"This spying thing has got to stop."

"Whatever," Kurt said, "Anyway, they caught me really easily. Apparently I'm not made to be a spy, just a singer."

"And...you don't have a black eye?" Puck snorted. "We would've beat them up if they'd been spying. Told you they were a gay school."

Kurt glared, "They're not a gay school. They're an all boys school, with a zero-harassment policy. Unlike here the principal actually does something about homophobic harassment. And, no, they didn't beat me up. They bought me a latte and talked to me.

"One of them helped me stand up to Karofsky after he..." Kurt frowned, "Well, after something happened."

"What happened with Dave?" Finn asked.

Kurt licked his lips, "It's something that he did to me, that, though I would like to report it, is not my place to say. All I can say is he needs serious psychological help and should see Ms. Pillsbury immediately. And he should stay away from me. Forever."

"You know you can always come to me with that stuff, too?" Mercedes asked, slightly offended.

Kurt nodded, "Course I do. But you would've murdered him or something. Anyway...the whole point is Blaine and his guys sing Teenage Dreams and we have no hope of beating them ever. With that song at least."

"Wait, I'm lost," Mr. Schuester said, "Who's Blaine?"

"He's the one that called me out on being a spy." Kurt explained, "And bought me a latte. His friends didn't beat me up because they thought my terrible spying was endearing."

"They thought you were a deer?" Brittany asked clueless, and was ignored.

"And he sings Teenage Dreams?"

"Better than we ever could," Kurt confirmed.

Someone knocked on the door, before stepping in suavely, "Talking about me?"

"Blaine!" Kurt said, eyes lighting up. Santana and Britt sat up a little straighter too, eying the rich looking boy in the door.

"Whoa," Quinn muttered to them, loud enough for most to hear except Kurt, Blaine, and Schue who were by the door, "Ultra hot young James Bond, much?"

Finn scowled as they all giggled, including Rachel.

Puck stood, flexing his muscles, "What are you doing here? Spying?"

"Hey, man," Blaine held up his hands, "I bought your guy a latte when you sent him to spy on us. And he actually saw me sing. Least you can do is let me walk through the halls peacefully. Speaking of which," He turned to Kurt, "I just ran into Karofsky. Does he always shove you into the wall? Because he just did that and I swear, I'm gonna have a huge bruise tomorrow."

"Yeah, he does that every time he walks by me. Or I walk by him," Kurt paused, "Which is a lot."

"I feel so bad for that guy," Blaine said.

Puck snorted again, "You feel bad for him because he beats up Kurt everyday?"

"He's obviously very confused," He and Kurt shared a look.

Finn stood, "What is this secret thing Karofsky did?"

"I shouldn't say..." Blaine looked at Mr. Schuester, "You should probably send him to a guidance counselor, if he doesn't try to get professional help soon."

"Help for what?"

No one answered, and after a short silence Santana said, "Hey, Dalton guy, you, me, and Britt tonight? At Sticks?"

Blaine laughed awkwardly as she put on her sexy face.

"No thank you, ladies," He declined politely. "You're not really my type."

Kurt giggled at something no one else got.

"Anyway, I'm here to pick up Kurt," Blaine said, "Sorry for kidnapping him from your practice, but I'm only in town for a few hours...my friends Wes and David and their girlfriends are waiting for us at that Cafe on Johnson Street."

Mr. Schue raised an eyebrow. He was the first to get it.

"Are you sure about Breadsticks?" Santana asked, "We could dress your type."

Brittany nodded, "Totally."

Blaine laughed smoothly, "No, I don't think you could. It was nice to meet you, though. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other."

"Why is that?" Rachel challenged.

Blaine looked at Kurt, who rolled his eyes, exasperated, "You guys are so dumb."

"Excuse me?" Rachel asked, hands on hips.

Kurt looked at Blaine, who leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips before tugging his arm and pulling him along, "I really did enjoy meeting you all. We'll have to get to know each other better at another time."

Kurt smiled and wiggled his fingers at their shocked faces before interlocking his fingers with Blaine's and leaving the room with a broad smile.

There was a long silence.

Brittany finally spoke up, "Do you think that was Kurt's boyfriend?"