The moment Kurt realizes that Blaine is just as weird as his ex-glee club. Kurt POV of Sue/Kurt/Blaine scene in Sexy.

Another One

Kurt and Blaine were in line for their coffee when a hauntingly familiar voice pierced Kurt's ears.

"Well, well if it isn't my sweet porcelain," Sue appeared out of nowhere, wearing one of her numerous tracksuits with an odd fur collared coat over it.

Kurt stiffened immediately, sparing a discreet glance to see if any Cheerios were here to abduct him for a surprise performance in South Dakota. Again."Coach Sylvester. What are you doing here?"

Blaine perked up, putting on that smile he got whenever some of Kurt's pre-Dalton life threw itself in the path of his uniformed safe haven. Kurt sent his crush a worried glance. He was almost positive Blaine couldn't handle the enigma that was Coach Sylvester. Only New Directions members, the occasional Cheerio, and (oddly enough) his dad could go head-to-head with the insanity that went on when Sue was near.

Blaine wasn't just another one of the ND guys. He couldn't let madness roll off his shoulders like Mike did, or be a part of it like Finn, or sit back and laugh at it all like Artie, and he definitely couldn't take advantage of it like Puck.

"Just picking up some coffee." She smiled in a way that made Kurt know something terrible was about to go down, "I like my enema's pipin' hot."

Blaine's brows furrowed momentarily, but obviously the dapper Daltonite passed it off as a slip of the tongue, which Kurt counted as a blessing.

Maybe Sue could keep this 50% normal...

"Actually, boys," Sue continued, oblivious to Blaine's confusion, "I heard this was a Dalton Academy hang out and I come in the spirit of fellowship. As you no doubt heard I've taken over for the coach of Aural Intensity."

"We heard you pushed him down the stairs," Kurt corrected.

"Ohh, you can't prove that" Sue said idly. Blaine's eye brows furrowed again, completely befuddled by Coach Sue.

"This is just sort of how she talks," Kurt explained uncomfortably. If Blaine hadn't thought he was crazy before, he definitely would now.

"So, I happen to have some top secret Intel," Sue smirked smugly and stared off into the distance with a vague look on her face, "Will Schuester has finally realized that his team's Achilles heel is their utter lack of sex appeal. The new directions are getting sexy."

Sue teared open several packets of sugar and poured them into her coffee, before throwing the wrappers in as well. Then, she took all of the spices and other decorative coffee additives and pouring plentiful amounts into her cup. Kurt and Blaine both stared, eyes flicking back and forth from her and the cup. She finished with, "And the key to regionals is out sexing them. And I suspect that the judges are scoring extra for it this year. So, porcelain. Quid pro quo, what do you have for me?"

"I'm sorry coach but you and I are not, uh, in cahoots," Kurt tried to smile apologetically, but was too busy being mortified that she had to do this in front of Blaine.

She made a dissatisfied face, "I probably should've nailed that down before I gave you my top secret Intel," Adjusting her sunglasses and pursing her lips, she glared, "Porcelain, you just made a powerful enema."

Blaine made a face at the second misuse of the word 'enema'.

Kurt looked at Blaine, waiting for his reaction with anticipation.

All he said was, "We gotta hold an emergency meeting."

He felt his eyebrows shoot up in surprise, "Why?"

"Weren't you listening?" Blaine pulled out his phone, looking worried, "The judges at regionals have an eye out for something new, which means...The Warblers gotta do something sexified."

Blaine scrunched up his face in a cute way and walked off to find a table.

Kurt stared after him, then rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

Oh god, not another one.

A/N – so, I was watching season two of the Kurt Hummel show- I mean, glee, and I realized this is the moment I really really truly fell in love with Blaine. It's also the moment I realized he was a long term character. Like, gonna make it to season three long term. Because no one can react like that to Sue Sylvester and be a character they're going to asshole-ize and kick out. Like Jesse. So I've been wanting to write this for a while because this moment just made Klaine for me. Not that NBK didn't make them my OTP automatically (I was one of the first passengers on the Klaine Train XD) this moment just made me think they would be togethurr ferevurr.

PS – if anyone knows any good RORY centered fics? I wanna write about him but I feel like I don't know enough to write his character. After tonight's ep I want Rory/Kurt/Blaine threesome or friendship.

I feel like Kurt and Blaine adopted Rory (since he's the new punching bag) and now they're his two gay dads. Finn tried to adopt him but he's too busy being leader and Rachel's boyfriend (demanding job). Kudos to him for trying, but he's more like an idol than a real friendparent. Like Finn gave Rory the solo (that was a douche bag move, the 'new kid' thing) and he refused, then Blaine told him to go for it and he did. And Kurt rushed to his defense during dodgeball, obviously seeing himself in Rory and not wanting a repeat of what happened to him. And tell me I wasn't the only one who noticed how when Kurt was proposing to eliminate dodgeball from the school, Rory was the first one standing in the crowd, and he cheered loudly.

Also, Finn/Puck/Blaine/Mike sequence during Shelby's class. Hilarious. And their Hot For Teacher song. Uhhhmazing. Blike is totally a friendship now. Loooove Mike. Tike and Klaine should double date.

So (rant finally ends) suggest any good fics about Rory please! Or actually, suggest any fics at all. XD thanks all