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Chapter One/For Real

What had happen in the art room just now was embarrassing. I spilled a bucket of paint on the floor. I'm just so out of it today. I mean, first, slipping off my chair which I had no idea how I did; second, I forgot most of the answers for my test that I studied for last night, and now this?

"My day is not going so–" something hard as metal and cold struck my forehead. I was on the ground on my butt, my head throbbing, and feeling confused and pain, a headache coming in after I looked up. My vision blurred for a second. "S-sorry," I said to the blurry figure.

Once my vision cleared the figure took a form of a person who walked closer to me and right when my vision cleared I noticed that I had ran into Setsuna's locker. He's the one guy here who gets along with everyone even though he barley says anything. With his raven black hair that makes you want to tangle your fingers in it along with his warm amber eyes underneath that just makes you want to melt into his muscled arms, I'm just guessing its the looks that makes him the most popular guy around here. A strong irritation came from the bridge of my nose. With one hand I poked it lightly. "Ow," I managed to squeak without making an expression. It really hurt, its like being hit with a soccer ball on the face again and again. It stung causing me to start tearing up.

Setsuna crouched by my side and said something under his breath. He took my hand away from my nose and looked at it. His face was so close that I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I got goosebumps. He then pulled me up to my feet. "Its just a bruise," he reported to me, letting go of my hand. "But to keep it from swelling why won't you go and put ice on it?"

I touched my nose again, not making any contact with him. My eyes were on my feet then my vision started to blur again, the throbbing from my headache surprised me. It made me lose balanced, but Setsuna caught me just in time before I got into another incident.

His arm so strong held onto my waist, held me steady while his other hand held mine. "How about I take you to the nurse?" he suggested. I nodded faintly then blacked out for a moment.

Kuroda High (°〰〰° ) 5:06 p.m.

Something cold was on my forehead, an ice pack. My eyes opened to the nurse's office. I was surrounded by a curtain to the left side of the bed I was lying on. To my right I saw my school bag lying on a chair. Jeez, at least the headache stopped. Sitting up slowly, the ice pack fell on my thighs. I squished it in my hand as I dangled my legs off the side of the bed, feeling light headed and stiff. The curtains behind me started to move and feet stuck out under it. And then the curtain moved to the side, the school's nurse smiled at me with a bandage in one hand.

"Good. Your awake," she said while walking towards me. "Its been an hour since school was over. You must have hit your head pretty hard."

My head?

"It was nice for your boyfriend to stay with you for half the time you were out cold. He's so handsome."

Boyfriend? A handsome boyfriend? Oh, that's right! Then I remembered. Setsuna helped me here after when I ran into his locker. He waited for me to wake up too? How sweet of him. "He's not my boyfriend," I explained to the nurse. "I hit my nose, too. By the way." Speaking of which, I was about to poke my nose, but the nurse stopped me.

"Don't make it worst than it is, missy." She joked.

I sighed, blowing up my bangs. "This isn't my day at all."

She leaned over to me, laughing softly. Taking the white bandage in her hand and peeling the plastic off. "Clearly. The bruise on your nose had gone very red. Now, Hold still," she said. Then I felt it on the bridge of my nose, it hurt for awhile now that she pulled away. "Can you get home?" Right when she finished her sentence the door opened then closed. "Surprised your still here on campus," she said to the person who walked in.

It was Setsuna. He walked at the feet of my bed, he looked at the nurse then at me, then back at the nurse. He simply replied to the nurse,"I had practice." She nodded her head then left the two of us. "Can you walk?" he was speaking to me know.

For moment, I didn't know what to say. Why was he still here? I thought he would go home right after. I hopped off the bed, still holding on to the bed for support, just in case.

"I think I could managed," I said to him, reaching for my bag.

"I'm still not convinced," he said. "Maybe I should walk you home."

"Uh, sure. That would be nice," I said slowly, I just could not imagine how awkward this walk is going to be.

I followed him on the way out then turned a corner to the parking lot. I looked around with not that much cars left, about five or six were parked. So, we aren't going to walk? He stopped walking, I looked up at him. Did I say that out loud?

Turning around and pausing for a moment, he then smiled. "Yeah. I lied. We're taking my car," he said to me fishing out his keys out of his pocket. "Sorry about that, Feldt."

He said my name. I felt all fuzzy inside when he said it.

Walking up to his expensive looking roadster, he unlocked the car with his keys, opening the door on the passenger seat's side waiting for me to slide in. As I did I sat on the brown leather seat, he closed the door then walked to the driver's side, I started to buckle up. After he buckled himself in, he stuck in his keys, and started up the engine. Trying not to stare, I looked out the window as Setsuna pulled out of the lot. We were soon on the road with other cars behind, some passing, some in front of us. He asked me at one stop light were my house was. It wasn't that far from foot, about ten minutes, but with a car its half the time. My eyes kept wondering since Setsuna said nothing, and I didn't know what to talk about. So, my eyes just looked around what went on outside, then I looked around his car. Its just a two seater car, not that much space, but a lot of speed. I took a peek at the meter, just noticing, how fast we were going. How did Setsuna controlled this thing? The pit of my stomach started to cave in when I thought of all sorts of accidents that we might get in. I was trying to keep my mind occupied to I continued to look around, avoiding the speed meter. My eyes came upon on his ID sitting in one of the cup holders. I took it in my hands, he seemed to notice, but kept his eyes on the road. The little plastic card had small information about him next to his picture in the box. I only got to read a few things until he grasped it out of my hands. I looked at him.

"Don't look at it," he said playfully. "I look like a dork."

"You do not," I retorted.

"Do to."



"Very mature, but I think you looked adorable, Setsuna," I said, saying his name made feel tingly inside.

The car came to a stop to another red light. He rested a hand on the steering wheel, smiling. "Alright, alright," said Setsuna. "An adorable dork with a bad haircut at the time. Tell me where to turn." He then added quickly before the light turned green.

I looked around. "Right at the left." He took the left, exiting the road onto a narrow street that lead up to a little hill. "Just at those little apartments up there," I said, pointing to the building on the top. He pulled the car in front of the buildings steps. His eyes were staring at the river that flowed through the town in front the apartment. "Thanks. For everything. I really owe you." Pulling the handle and letting myself out, taking my school bag with me. I closed the door behind me thinking this was it. The end of my time with Setsuna which might never happen again.

But then I heard the window rolling down, I turned when he called for me. "Wait just a minute," he said. "How about a date?" My heart stopped for a mid second. This question caught me off guard, and I didn't know what to say. Instead, he spoke for me. "Since tomorrow is a Sunday how about you and I go down to Saya Academy? I heard they're holding this festival."

So, this what came out. "Ehh–sure. I also heard t-that there was a, uh, haunted house. Yeah. I love haunted houses," I stammered. God, I sound so lame. "Sure! What time?" I added.

"I guess around one? I'm not sure," said Setsuna. "Give me your number and I'll call you to confirm." Telling him my number, I took my phone out and asked for his. "Cool. See you tomorrow?"

Saving his number to my contacts, I looked up him giving him a nod. With one last smile to his lips he speed off.

Resonance Household (°〰〰° ) 6:57 a.m.

The next morning I woke up thinking of my dream I had last night. Setsuna, the locker, my nose, nurse's room, his car, numbers, the date? Did it really happen? I woke up confused if my mind was playing tricks on me once again. Its just one of those days when you think something happened, but really didn't. But this one, this dream, it wasn't just a dream.

My phone vibrated next to me. Flipping it open to the bright screen that read a text from.. Setsuna.

So, it really did happened. I sat up, reading the text.

'Morning. Does noon sound good?'

'Sounds fine to me.'

'Awesome. I'll pick you up there till then.'

10:31am, the clock read. I had two hours to get into the shower, dress up, and––then it hit me. I was going on a date with Setsuna? The feeling rushed to my head right when I was jumping on my bed, clutching my pillow tightly to my chest, and squealing into it. I felt bubbly inside, like there was air filling up my tummy. Once I had calmed down, I had three more texts from my best friends Christina. Some where questions asking me where was I or why I was not answering her messages. I replied to her by saying that I would tell her tomorrow because I had to get ready.

The steam from the hot bath I took came pouring out of the bathroom when I opened the door. I took a long bath, thinking of what to where, what to do. I was stressed for some odd reason. But why was I? Shaking my head, I shut the door to my room behind me and sat on my bed, just staring at my closet. What to wear? It took me awhile to pick out an outfit till I gave up to a relaxed tunic and some capri jeans due to the hot weather which changed my mind from wearing a full on jacket. I pinned up my hair to a messy side bun for that lazy summer look then checked my phone for the time which read ten minutes before noon. Stopping by the kitchen, I nibbled on somethings before leaving. I ate pieces of chips from the balcony, looking at the sunning view of the town with the sun up and a slight wind rustling my bangs. Right when I finished my last chip, I heard a car honking at me. I looked down to Setsuna leaning on the driver's door who was smiling up at me before asking,"You ready?" I disappeared off the balcony from his sight, grabbing my phone and slipping on some cute flats. I headed out my apartment then out the apartment building door to the driveway where Setsuna stood by his car, looking at me as he held out the passenger seat's door.


That "festival" atmosphere really held me. The warm smell of food were mixed in with the summer air, and laughter from the people who were also enjoying their time at Saya's festival. I heard students from the academy offering freebies and handing out flyers to win all sorts of prizes. Distance screaming people came from one those mini roller-coaster up ahead. There was also carnival games as Setsuna and I walked around looking at what else the festival has to offer.

"Where do you want to go first?" he asked me. But before I could reply he said,"Wait. Didn't yesterday you said you loved haunted houses?"

My eyes widen, I tensed up. I forgot. I really has said that! What should I say now? Tell the boy I really hate scary things, and anything haunted. I just said that because I way nervous and didn't know what I was saying. I guess I was just acting cool. No! There is no way I'm saying that to the most handsome looking guy at school. To my right, I felt the creeps of the haunted house that called my name, I turned to its dark entrance. Swallowing some air, I gave Setsuna a nod.

I must be crazy! I screamed in my head. I was at Setsuna's heel, my arms in front of me. It was cold, and dark, and eerie. This place really seems like a horror movie. But I'm no heroine. I heard steps coming from behind, and stupid as I was, looking behind my shoulder I saw a box? This is really creeping me out. The last time I checked boxes can't move on their own. Bitting my bottom lip, I grabbed Setsuna's sleeve. He didn't jump, in fact he looked completely relaxed, he looked at me then at the box a couple of feet behind us. My grip on his sleeve tighten as we walked towards the box. I trembled, I felt my heart knocking on my ribs. The anxiety build up fast, wishing that something would get me already and I could run out of this house. It was before Setsuna bent over to grab the box, instead, the box itself opened, then in a creepy stand. An ugly sort of Jack-in-a-Box started to speak on its own.

"Hello. Welcome to Ms. Saya's mansion." Its head started to twist then shouted. "Get out of here! Find an exit! And get out!" the room, now in dim lighting, lighted up to three doors. A maze?Setsuna grabbed my hand with his eyes still at the crazy looking Jack. Then it finished. "Before Ms. Saya finds you trespassing in her mansion."

I was so scared that I forgot that my fingers were intertwined with Setsuna's. It was almost hard to think I was still in a haunted house. I gripped his hand.

"Hey, Feldt?" he said. I might have squished his hand to hard, the eerie music that blasted on kind of surprised me.


"Don't let go." Then he lead me through the maze. My eyes were closed throughout the time we were in there. "Where to next?" I heard Setsuna's voice next to me.

Opening my eyes, we were back at the festival. "A-already?" I asked dumbly. He cracked a smile, then let out a warm laugh. "What's funny?"

He put on fist over his mouth, trying not to laugh even harder. "You," he snickered. "Your just too cute, Feldt."

I looked at him, blushing even. Pressing my lips together so he wouldn't see my smile. I didn't know what to say. He gripped my hand––wait.. we're still holding hands? I looked down at my hand in his. It looked like two hearts become one. "Etto," I said. "You want to eat?" I looked up at him while pointing at the sign with my free hand that read: Saya's Maid's Cafe.

He followed my finger, then nodded.

I was hungry from all of the events that happened at the haunted house. I was scared to death. Thankfully, Setsuna didn't see my soul coming out of me. Goodbye, Feldt. I imagined the little sucker floating away up to the sky. A laughed a little to myself.

"What so funny?" said Setsuna, bringing me back. We stood hand-in-hand waiting in a line for the cafe.

"Its nothing," I said with a tiny smile.

He playfully elbowed me in the rib, smiling, too. "Tell me."

My eyes narrowed to my shoes. "No. Its embarrassing to say."

"C'mon. I said tell not say."

"Same thing," I told him. We moved up, almost there.

"Please," he urged taking one step in front of me, then taking my other hand in his. He squeezed them. "Is it a dark secret?" he teased.

Something clicked. For the first time, I felt like the most important thing in the world was standing right in front of me. But, did he feel the same way? I glanced at his face, and found that his eyes were on me, holding my glance. His warm eyes underneath his dark hair held me for moment before he bent his head and kissed me. He held my hands between us, holding them, then intertwining my fingers with his. It was just a short kiss, then one of the Saya students interrupted us while clearing her throat. The moment was gone, I told myself in a sarcastic tone.

"Table for two?" she said, looking irritated from the public display Setsuna and I had just shown. I saw her bright eyes glancing at me.

Setsuna pulled away from me, bright pink filling his cheeks before turning his attention to the waitress. "Yeah. Two?"

It was already sun down once we were finished eating. Bright warm colors of pink, purple, and little blue soared next to the orange streaks that the sun made as it started to set while the festival started to get ready to clean up. Its that late already? I checked my phone for the time, almost eight. Also, Christina was on my missed call list, she texted me six times, and had three voice mails waiting for my hearing. What did she want from me so bad? Did she wanted to copy down some notes or something school related.

"Let's go to the river side," he said to me.

The water, as I looked down to it to see my own reflection, looked absolutely still and calm as if flowed. Setsuna's reflection appeared by mine, smiling. His dark hair being brushed lightly by the breeze. We sat down at the hill, looking out to the river.

"So, Feldt," said Setsuna.

Then I said,"So, Setsuna."

For the first time today, I had nothing to say to him. I felt his eyes on me. I hugged my knees, feeling troubled. The same question from earlier floated in my head, did he feel the same? Well, did he? He showed it, but how would I know if it was real? I mean, he must have done it because we were on a date, but he kissed me. That counts for something, right? My mind raced with all sorts of questions. Questions that I just wanted to ask him. He was right beside me, so I could ask him. But, what if I asked the wrong questions? Maybe I should end the date right now. Frustrated with myself, I let out a loud sigh while pressing my forehead to my knees. I heard Setsuna moving beside me. I wonder if he could feel my frustration. Give me a sign already.

A short pause filled the gap, then I felt him poking my side. I looked up with my chin on my knees, and my eyes looking at the bright moon's reflection at the river. "Yeah?" I said.

Out of nowhere, he asked before picking up a nearby rock. He kept rubbing its flat side while he spoke in the dim darkness. "I know everyone doesn't believe love at first sight, but," he then turned to me. He twirled the flat rock between his fingers. "Do you?"

I tried hard to keep my eyes concentrated at the river. I replied with a little frustration in my voice, he probably did felt how I did in the inside. "Do you?" I echoed him.

He smiled. "C'mon. I asked you first."

"And I asked you second."

"I, uh," he tossed the rock at the river, making ripples on the reflection of the moon as it skipped seven times, ending with a plop noise. "I do." He ducked his head, feeling embarrassed after answering honestly. The he quickly added while lifting his head back up,"Okay. How about you, Feldt. Its just a simple question. Yes or no?" he asked playfully.

I felt special, with him being very moral with me. I just didn't know which answer to pick, my frustration build up. "I," my head then ducked back into my knees. I wish he had never asked that question because, now, I'm fighting back tears. My voice cracked. "I.. I.. I have... no idea."

"W-well," he heard my sniffles. There was a moment of silence, one where you could here me crying in the dark. I felt him move grabbing both of my wrist making me look up at him.


"I believe in love at first sight," said Setsuna. I looked passed his shoulder, not wanting to look at him at the state I was in. Then he shook me gently. "Look at me, and listen, please," he said in a stern tone. "I fell head over heels with this amazing girl who makes me feel like I'm me. I'm in love, Feldt. And, its with you." He finally said. Here I am, crying like a baby, making it hard for him to confess to me. As always, I had nothing to say. I guess, he took the words right out of my mouth before we kissed right under the stars.

To answer that one question that had bugged me all evening.. he does feel the same way.

End of..

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