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Chapter 1

The village was silent. There was a comfortable silence that appeared after Madara died and Orochimaru was defeated by Sasuke, everything was back to normal. Naruto dreams of becoming the Hokage came true after Tsunade decided to retire. But it would be so unlike Naruto if he didn't break the peaceful silence.

"KAZAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs as he chased after little boy who had familiar raven hair styled like a chicken's ass.

The little boy ran so fast, his chuckles never stopping from coming out of his little mouth. The little boy ran and ran until he ran into something or someone with a resounding 'bam!'.

"Gomen, Auntie Hinata!" The little boy apologized, his green eyes widening. He then bowed to apologize. Not too long after, a pair of strong, tan hands caught him and swung him around.

"I caught you, Kazama-chan!" Naruto grinned while his wife, Hinata, only chuckled because of her husband's antics. Sometimes she wonders, who was really the kid? Kazama or Naruto? Just looking at their happy faces could make anyone happy and Hinata was no exception.

Everyday she would pray, pray that Sakura was here, that maybe she would come back. But she knew it was impossible, she also knew that one can still hope.

"Hinata-chan, why are you so pensive? Are you hungry?" Naruto asked worriedly. The man, who was once boy, looked at his wife's face.

"Naruto-kun, I'm just thinking what it would be like to have Sakura-chan with us now." She said as a genuine, but sad smile appeared on her beautiful pale face. Her eyes landed on Kazama. The child resembles his father so much, the only thing he inherited from his mother was her lovely eyes.

"Yeah, me too." answered Naruto. His eyes full of regret and sadness. He looks into Hinata's eyes then hugged the shy girl tightly with Kazama in his arms. He lost all his feeling to his wife.

"I really miss her a lot." He whispered quietly. His voice trembled, if his wife and Kazama weren't there standing beside him, he thinks that the tears would've flown freely by now.

Hearing that, Hinata only nodded. She knew that there wasn't any words to describe how much they missed their pink-haired friend, almost sister and the mother of Haruno Kazama. She held them both tightly, she never dared waste the moment. She won't even dare to imagine that someday, she will lose her family. She won't even dare to imagine that someday, she won't get the chance to feel her husband's kisses and hugs and her child, though Kazama is Sakura's, grow up without her seeing. She let a sigh escape from her mouth and she kissed Kazama's forehead gently.

"Hey, Hinata-chan, when will I get my turn?" Naruto teased and soon enough, he got the soft peck that he requested, on his lips.

Konoha's gate was always full of security. The nins were always keeping an eye on their surroundings. They will easily detect any sudden movements. From afar, a well-toned man with raven hair, walked into Konoha's Gate calmly. His eyes never showed any emotion. He didn't seem to be paying attention, but he was very aware. Never losing his focus.

Soon, he appeared in front of the guard's post. The two nins guard were very surprised when they saw who had come back to their village. Uchiha Sasuke, the missing nin who had killed Orochimaru.

"W-wa-wait, Uchiha!" The guard nin with brown spiky hair stuttered.

Calmly, the Uchiha stopped in his tracks and turned around to face the guard. He didn't say anything and waited for the guard to spill whatever he had on his head.

"We can't let you in freely, we have to report your sudden presence to Hokage. Can you wait and sit in here a minute longer?" The other guard who had red-brownish hair demanded Sasuke to follow his word.

Sasuke just nodded, walked into the post and sat calmly while the brown haired guard could only gulp. Not wasting any more time, the red-brownish haired guard had jumped through the roofs.

Meanwhile, in the Hokage's office, Naruto was enjoying his job so much. His only work was to sign the paperwork's, while Shikamaru set everything perfectly. With a huff, he jumped from his chair when he saw the guard nin head his way.

"Yo, Brownie!" He shouted when the nin had face him.

"Hokage-sama, there is a missing-nin outside the gates." The guard nin said with a bow.

Naruto tsk'ed him and helped him to stand. He didn't like when people bowed on him. He felt so ridiculous with that. And really old too,


He barely had the chance to blink when the guard said, "Uchiha Sasuke. Shall I let him in?"

The Hokage nodded eagerly.

"Of course, let Teme in! I miss him and he surely has a lot to hear about what happened after he left." Naruto said with a big smile. When the guard was out, his smile was faded and changed into a sad smile. He didn't know how he felt at the moment. He was happy to know that his friend, nearly brother, has come back and yet he felt empty inside.

A few seconds later, the door cracked open and a young man appear.

"Dobe." The man greeted.

"Teme." Naruto grinned. It was almost just like old times. Almost.

"Don't called me that." Sasuke snapped half-heartedly.

"But you called me Dobe first!" Naruto accused loudly.

"Hn. Whatever Dobe." Sasuke said quietly.

A big smile appeared in Naruto's face and suddenly he pulled Sasuke into a hug. Sasuke only cringed and looked away, but gave in nonetheless. Naruto's thought of being rejected thrown out the window.

A resounding knocked came soon after the 'man-hug'.

"Come in!" Naruto yelled, straight in Sasuke's ear. They both looked at the door to see who was coming.

Kazama peeked from behind the door.

"Uncle Naruto, I'm bored!" He whined, not realizing that the air in office had become awkward and unsettling.

Sasuke looked uncharacteristically shocked, while Naruto just looked uncertain.


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