'Should I tell Sasuke the truth, Sakura? What would you do?'

Ever since Sasuke had come back to the village, it was all she could even think about. Should she tell Sasuke that Kazama was his son? Was it even her place? Hinata didn't know if Sakura had purposely kept Sasuke in the dark about Kazama or not. She did not want to go against her good friends wishes if that were the case, yet she believed that Sasuke deserved the truth. They both did. Kazama and Sasuke need to move on with their lives. Hinata loved her pink haired friend's son as if he were her own. And while Naruto was a great father figure to the boy, she knew Kazama needed his real father.

Since Naruto was the Hokage they were expected to have an heir. They didn't though, so they had tried to adopt Kazama. However as Hinata was not only the Hokage's wife but Head of the Hyuga clan, she was also expected to produce an heir, a Hyuga heir. She would not be allowed to bring in a child from the Uchiha clan into the noble Hyuga household. The elders wouldn't hear of it. Hinata wasn't one to get angry often, but this pissed her off. She wanted to break the rules. Damn the clans. Damn them all, she wanted to be Kazama's mother. However she deflated when Sasuke showed up. Now, not only did she have to think of what was best for Kazama's future but Sasuke's as well. Sasuke was family too; he was Naruto's brother, even if not by blood. After Sakura's death he was the only one Naruto had left.

Hinata sighed. Her internal battle was not solving anything. She needed to straighten out her thoughts. She needed to talk with someone, someone who Sakura trusted. Someone who knew Sakura best.

"Shizune!" Hinata heard the familiar voice. Just the woman she needed to talk to.


In a flash she was making her way down the hospital's hallway to the former Hokage, the woman who had been like a mother to Sakura.

"Tsunade-sama." She greeted with a bow.

"Ah how are you Uzumaki-san?"

Hinata blushed, she was still getting used to being called by her husband's family name. She straitened looking at the busty blond woman who was still as young looking as ever.

"I'm well thank you, that is to say…"

"I know, how about we go talk in another room? After I examine you of course." The blond interrupted.

"Y-you know?" Hinata asked

Tsunade only nodded, smiling at her.

"Of course my dear, I know about your condition and Kazama's as well." Tsunade said leading the young woman down the hall.

Ichiraku hadn't change. That was one of the few things that Sasuke recognize. Everything, from the design to the furniture to the memories of team seven's visits, existed in that ramen café. It was topped with a warm and nostalgic feeling.

They choose to sit at the table near the window. In the past they usually sat at the bar however Kazama couldn't reach the top of it even with the help of the tall barstool.

Within a moment after sitting down Naruto was ordering his usual, negi-miso and cashew. Sasuke ordered karaage-chicken and Kazama ordered plain ramen of the kid's menu. Their orders came quickly, the steam rising off the top.

"Itadakimasu" they said in unison.


Sasuke looked down as Kazama accidentally dropped one of his chopsticks. The little boy ducked under the table to retrieve it, brushing it off he went to use it again. Naruto said nothing, continuing to slurp his ramen. Sasuke tried to ignore his disgust and grabbed the boys hand to keep him from dipping the filthy chopstick back into the noodles.

"Don't, it's dirty. Just go get a new one."

Instead of answering him Kazama slid off his chair and hurried off to get a clean chopstick. Sasuke sighed and followed the kid at a distance. He knew for a fact that Kazama was too short to reach counter where they kept extra utensils and napkins.

'Why is it so high?' he mentally complained as he jumped and jumped.

Kazama stretched as far as he could but still could not reach it. He looked around. There was no waiter in sight. That was good by his thinking. He hated having to be helped for such a simple thing. He was a big kid after all. Suddenly a waiter saw his endeavors and began to make his way over to the little boy. Kazama panicked. No he could do it he didn't need help. He jumped higher, faster. Then when the waiter was just a few feet away Kazama was suddenly a lot taller.

He took a new chopstick quickly and turned his head to see who was holding him up. He was surprised to see Sasuke. He patted Kazama's head but kept the boy in his embrace.

"I'm sorry no one was here to help you son get some chopsticks." The waiter said with a bow to the two of them.

The waiter thought they were father and son? Neither one had anything to say to that.

"It's alright." Sasuke answered finally.

"Your son greatly resembles you Sir." the waiter smiled, they looked so alike, besides the eyes.

Sasuke and Kazama, were once again trapped in an uncomfortable silence, again not knowing what to say. Avoiding eye contact, Kazama hugged Sasuke's neck, and buried his face in Sasuke's hair, his back to the waiter. Sasuke nodded to the waiter.

"If you excuse us, he's a bit shy." with that, he left and carried the boy back to their table.

Naruto looked at Sasuke's retreating back and turned when she called out softly to him.


Naruto stood pulling her into an embrace with a light kiss. Hinata sat in the seat next to him asking about Sasuke and Kazama's whereabouts.

"New chopsticks I guess, Kazama dropped his on the floor. Teme went with him."

"Naruto, shall we?"

Naruto nodded knowing what she was getting at. He knew Hinata wanted to discuss the matter soon. He felt that Sasuke needed to know as soon as possible.

"I talked with Tsunade this morning, she agrees with us. She said Kazama would be showing his Sharingan soon."

With a big smile, Naruto said that he understood. He told her about finding Sasuke at the memorial stone, the invisible tears on his face, and although they were very transparent, Naruto knew Sasuke too well for him to hide it. He also mentioned Sasuke's growing curiosity about Kazama.

Naruto smacked himself in the head "Oh I almost forgot, how did your appointment at the hospital go? You're not sick are you? NOOO- you don't have an incureable disease do you? Do you? Don't leave me alone Hinata!" He continued his rant oblivious to his wife trying to hold back her laughter.

Hinata had been about to tell him the surprise but how was she supposed to tell Naruto when he was being like this?

"I'm pregnant, Naruto." She said interrupting his rant.

Naruto jumped, hugged her tightly, and shouted to the whole room that he was going to be a dad.

The rest of the afternoon meal went smoothly.

Sasuke, whether he heard from Naruto's shout or from when he came back to the table and got an excited proclamation from Naruto, knew that the couple was expecting. They were starting a family.

Kazama was very excited to hear he was getting a cousin, sharing in his aunt and uncle's joyous news. Yet soon the little boy became drowsy and fell asleep in Sasuke's arms. His breathing became slow and steady. He snuggled further into Sasuke's lap before murmuring in his sleep.


"We should get going Naruto, Uchiha-san, it's almost dark outside and it's passed Kazama's bedtime." Hinata announced.

"Hn," was Sasuke's famous answer. His eyes moved to Naruto, giving him a sharp questioning look.

"You know Teme, we will tell you as soon as we get home, ne?"

With that they left the cafe, and head to the Uzumaki home.