Definition of a Brother

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Thank you: To Sherry for encouraging me to post and to Jess for the rant that inspired this fic. :)

I just needed to squeeze a bro-mo out of that episode, even if Dean is the only one feeling it right now!


It's sitting here, directly across from me, this impersonator in my brother's skin. It wouldn't be so hard if that thing wasn't Sam, but it is. He's all intellect, and drive, and base instinct, but it's still human…I guess.

I have to remind myself at every turn, it might look like Sam, and have his memories, and God help me some of his more annoying OCD issues, but it isn't my brother. This "new Sam" is not the brother I mourned for a year. He's not the one who I had to fight with myself every damn day not to leave Lisa and Ben and go on some foolish crusade to rescue from the cage. He's not the brother I argued with, the one I loved.

This Sam is barely human.

This "new Sam" is, however, all I have to hang onto until I can get my Sam back. Sam's soul will need his body, his memories, and honestly, the sheer grit that this doppelganger has to be whole again. At least he wants his soul back because I honestly don't know what I would have done if he'd said anything else, especially after his confession.

My brother fought back from possession by Lucifer, but he's been stuck in that cage for over a year enduring God knows what. Now maybe Crowley tucked Sammy into some corner where he's only tormented by darkness and solitude, but I'm certainly not counting on a demon to have that kind of compassion. You don't need a body in hell. I didn't go to hell with my body and I felt every second of those decades of torture, thank you very much. Knowing that my real brother is still locked away, relatively safe or definitely not, it makes working with this guy that much harder.

But I'm going to do it, because I don't have a choice, not really. This Sam might trade me for a soda if he wanted one, but now that I'm not bound by a stupid promise that never should have been made, it's time to get my brother out of that cage and back where he belongs.

Here with me.


AN: I'm so sorry. I know it's really short, but I decided to post it regardless. Thanks for reading!