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Chapter 1

It was evening when Jean and Logan pulled into the mansion's garage.

"Are you ready for this?" Logan asked as he helped Jean out of the truck.

"Yes. I know it's going to be hard at first, but it has to be done." Jean answered digging deep to find the courage she knew she was going to need to face everyone.

Logan and Jean had left the mansion a little over a year ago to start their relationship without all the hostility that they knew they would face at the mansion. All though she hated hurting Scott, and disappointing the Professor and all her friends, she just felt she owed it to herself to see if there was a future for Logan and herself. She had loved Scott for so long and had settled into the role of helpmate and companion that it felt like the passion that had once been there was all burnt out. When Logan had come to the mansion, the pure physical attraction that they had shared had pulled at Jean's wilder side. She wanted and needed to fill that passion in her life. Logan definitely had the passion and wilder side down, but parts of her had started to doubt that they could ever last in a long term relationship. However part of her had been thrilled when he had pulled into a jewelers on their way back to the mansion. Although his proposal of, "might as well do it all the way," had been far from the romantic proposal, she was still thrilled that he loved her enough to commit himself to her. She knew the Wolverine didn't commit himself to anyone lightly. In all the years she had known him, the only other person he had ever commit himself to in anyway had been Rogue.

Jean tried not to think of the girl, who was a young woman now. Even though Logan had left the mansion with her, and they were now engaged to get married; Jean felt a bit insecure and threatened by Rogue.

Logan had refused Jean's desire to mind link with him, claiming she didn't need to see or experience his nightmares and feral side. That those things he would rather keep from her having to endure. Jean knew that Logan didn't like anyone messing around in his head, because of what the government had done when causing him to lose his memories. So Jean respected Logan's wishes and tried not to let her disappointment show. To a telepathy a mind link with a partner or spouse was one of the most intimate things one could share with the other. It had meant so much to her when Scott had honored her with his trust and opened himself up completely to her. However she had to remind herself that Scott had not suffered the same traumatic experiences Logan had. Plus Logan was a very private person even with the people he trusted. However the only person who knew Logan's mind as well as he did was again Rogue.

It seemed like everything Jean wanted with Logan, Rogue had already gotten it from him first. Jean had even picked up some of Logan's thoughts about Rogue from time to time while they had been away so they could focus on their relationship. Of course she had never gotten anything crude like him having sex with her. But he would worry over her, whether she was happy and healthy. If she was taking care of herself, who she was dating now, if he would need to dismember apart of the guy's anatomy. She had even caught his revulsion at the possible chance that Rogue could fall in love with the pansy boy scout as he called Scott. Jean didn't like that Logan was so concerned about who Rogue was involved with. She had been tempted to assure Logan, that Rogue was not Scott's type. But Logan distracted her, once she had mentioned Rogue's name, by kissing her into silence. It was much later before she even thought of the girl again.

"How about you? Are you ready?" Jean asked glancing at him.

He avoided making eye contact, but he nodded and answered with a gruff, "Yeah. Let's get this over with." As he placed his hand on the small of her back to guide her inside.

They noticed that it was oddly quiet even for a Friday night. There seemed to be an almost eerie silence in the mansion. There were a couple of young teenage boys watching a wrestling match on TV, the volume low, a group of kids playing foosball, and a couple of kids at a table playing a board game in the rec room. Even there the kids seemed to realize the silence and didn't want to break it.

"Hey, where are all the adults?" Logan grunted to one of the kids. Logan was growing uncomfortable, the Wolverine was screaming that something was wrong.

A young red hair boy around the age of fourteen turn to study the adults. "They're downstairs with Miss Rogue. The Professor and Mr. Summers won't let us down there to wait with them. I sure hope she's okay."

Jean sensed Logan's anxiousness and fear jack up at the thought of something happening with Rogue. Jean pushed her suffering insecurities away, reminding herself that Logan had chosen her. Rogue was just a kid sister to him.

"Let's go." Logan order already heading toward the elevator that would take them to the lower levels where the medlab was located. "Jean." Logan called his tone brisk while he waited for her to hurry. He was holding the elevator door open waiting impatiently for her.

The elevator doors hadn't even fully opened with Logan's claw snapped out, and a deep threatening growl escaped the back of his throat. He quickly exited the elevator and headed down the hall, no longer waiting for Jean to catch up with him. Jean could finally make out the girl's scream on pain as she drew closer to the door to the medlab. She figured Logan must have heard her inside the elevator due to his sensitive hearing.

Jean had hurried into the waiting room to see The Professor sitting beside Jubilee and a sandy brownish red hair man with red on black eyes who were sitting on one of the sofas and flinching and cringing when another piercing scream filled the air. Jean noticed the surprise expression on Jubilee's face as Logan came barging into the room, but not stopping at the young man's call to wait that he couldn't go in there. Jean ignored the two younger adults and quickly followed Logan inside.

"What the heck is going on in here?" Logan demanded ready to jump in to defend Marie. Only when he finally realized the scene in front of him, all he could do was stand in shock with his mouth hanging open and eyes wide. His next demand lost in his throat.

Jean came rushing in and stopped beside Logan, to see Rogue on a bed with her feet up in stirrups with Storm and Scott on either side of her helping to support her, and Hank between her legs giving her encouragement and instructions.

"Come on Rogue, you're doing lovely. Just a few more pushes and it will all be over with."

"I can't, I'm so tired." Rogue panted with tears.

"Yes you can Rogue. You're not a quitter, you can do it." Scott told her using his X-men's leader voice.

"Come on Honey, it's almost over with. Just a couple more pushes and you can finally welcome that precious little bundle we've all been eagerly waiting to meet." Storm smiled serenely down at Rogue as she dabbed the sweat from the young woman's forehead.

Rogue temporarily forgot about pushing when the medlab door busted open and Logan rushed in yelling about what was going on.

"Scott." Rogue whispered looking up at him imploringly. She couldn't handling anything else right now.

"I'll handle it." Scott smiled down at her and squeezed her hand. He turned and headed over to the two people he wasn't ready either to see, but he was more concerned about Rogue now. She didn't need anything more on her plate.

"We're kind of busy right now as you can see, please go out and wait with the others." Scott said using his most civil tone he could muster right now.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Jean asked her insecurities overcome with her need to help those in need of medical care.

"Yes, you can take Logan and wait out in the waiting area." Scott said flinching as Rogue screamed again.

Rogue's scream seemed to shock Logan out of his stunned stupor. "Rogue, is she alright?" Logan asked with such concern and worry, that Scott couldn't snap or yell at the feral man to get out, that he wasn't wanted in here.

"Yes, but it's no fun pushing a baby out an opening the size of a grapefruit. I need to get back, please go wait outside." Scott commanded in his leader voice but kept it calm and civil.

Logan actually cringed at the picture Scott had gave him, and looked over at Rogue again seeing Storm supporting her while Rogue clenched her jaw and bared down with all her strength, letting out a painfully whimper at the end.

"Come on Logan, lets go wait outside with the others." Jean said grabbing Logan's arm and tugging him toward the door. Logan caught Rogue's exhausted eye, and she held his gaze for a few moments before she was hit with another contraction.

Logan allowed Jean to pull him out then, still to shocked to realize the Professor was speaking to Jean and himself.

"Logan." The Professor said in Logan's mind.

"What? Stay out of my head Chuck." Logan growled.

"I'm sorry my friend, but you where glaring and growling at the medlab door. Please joins us in sitting while we wait. How have you been?"

"Fine." Logan answered the Professor then turn his glare on the younger man sitting next to Jubilee on the sofa. "Is that your fault?" Logan demanded pointing to the medlab as Rogue cried out causing Logan's claws to snap out.

"Remy like the Rogue, but non man, Remy not responsible. Remy Jubilee's man." Remy said eyeing the obvious upset man with metal razor sharp claws that was glaring at him as if he wanted Remy's head.

"Logan." Jean admonished Logan for his attitude.

"What? I want to know who I need to do a little surgery on." Logan growled then stopped suddenly and tilted his head listening, then sniffing the air.

"Hank has asked me to tell everyone that Rogue has delivered a healthy ten pound baby boy. Scott will be out momentarily." The Professor said with a relieved smile on his face and in his voice.

Jubilee and Remy released a relieved sigh and smiled as well. "When can we see them?" Jubilee asked eager to see her friend.

"In a few minutes, Rogue is quite understandable exhausted and Hank is giving both Rogue and her son a check up."