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Chapter 19 (Epilogue)

A year and a half later…

Logan stood holding Marie wrapped in his arms. Her back pressed against his chest, her head resting lazily against his shoulder as they stood back watching the Professor, Hank, Jubes, Remy, and Warren standing around Ro's bed in the medlab. Marie smiled amused as James, who was in Jubilee's arms oohed and proudly announced to everyone that Ro was holding a baby.

Logan chuckled at his son's annoyed growl at the Yellow wonder patting his head as if saying good boy. Logan watched Scooter who was beaming down at his wife and new daughter and couldn't help envying the man. He had gotten to experience Ro's stomach growing bigger with the life of his daughter. He got to experience hearing his little girl's first heartbeat, felt her first movements within Ro's womb, and then getting to experience the birth of his daughter Sara Elaine Summers.

Logan loved James with everything in him, but he longed to have the chance of experiencing the same things with Marie, that Scott had with Ro. Maybe he could feel out the situation, see what Marie thought about having more kids someday.

"Whatcha think Darlin, interested in giving James a little brother or sister one day in the future." Logan growled low against Marie's ear, knowing how it sent shivers through her body when he did it, and now was no different.

Marie smiled pleased, and full of mischief knowing Logan couldn't see her expression.

Logan and Marie had been married now for two months. Marie had been adamant about not letting Logan attach himself to her until she felt she could contribute to their relationship, instead of only being a burden. Logan had tried to reassure her that she was in no way a burden to him or their relationship, but Marie refused to give in.

The Professor realizing that Rogue was reluctant to open up fully to him and Hank about what she had suffered, asked her if she would feel more comfortable talking with someone who she did not see as family. Rogue had feared that by knowing what had happened to her in detail, that the Professor and Hank who also counseled her, would feel somehow responsible for what had happened, or would look on her with pity. Neither option was acceptable to her. So Rogue had been reluctant to share much. At the Professor's and Hank's assurance that they would not feel hard at her wanting to talk to someone who was not close to the situation, Charles called a friend of his who specialized in counseling rape and abused victims.

Ten months of one on one counseling every other day, and six months of couple counseling for both Logan and Rogue twice a week, Rogue felt she was capable to be the wife Logan deserved. She still went to counseling, however now it was only once a month, and she and Logan saw the therapist as a couple only once a month now as well.

The day Rogue whispered in Logan's ear that she wanted to change her name, he had quirked his eyebrow at her funny, "What do you want to call yourself, Darlin?" He asked as he lounged on their bed flipping through the television channels.

"Oh, I don't know, I think Marie Howlett has a nice ring to it, what do you think?" She asked trying to keep the bright playful smile off her face, but failing miserable.

Logan jerked his head in her direction, thinking he couldn't have heard what he thought he had. He was sure that he must be dreaming. Cause he had sworn, he had heard the name Marie Howlett on her lips. The same name he had been dreaming of giving her since he realized he loved her over a year ago.

"Pinch me Marie." He told her seriously.

"What?" Rogue asked frowning totally confused. This hadn't been the reaction she had been expecting to her statement.

"I said pinch me. Cause I must be dreaming. I could have sworn you said you wanted to change your name to Marie Howlett. Which could only mean one thing." Logan growled low tossing the remote he had been holding over his shoulder while a purely feral grin start forming on his lips, and a leer coming into his eyes.

Rogue smiled shrugging her shoulders, "I could pinch you, but I was thinking of something a lot more pleasurable." Rogue purred as she moved closer to him. Her bright playful smile now replaced with a seductive one. "And you weren't dreaming Sugar, I want to be your wife, and I want you to be my husband, and I want to do it as soon as possible. I don't want to wait any longer." She whispered breathless with anticipation, as Logan's lips hovered over hers only separated by a breath.

"Whatever you want Darlin, but let me kiss you first." Logan whispered, then closed the distances between them, making sure she was thoroughly and truly kissed.

After the hour long kissing session, Logan and Rogue announced they were heading to the JP's office to get hitched. At the teams outcry, refusing to allow them to get hitched as Logan so elegantly put it without them, Rogue looked to Logan with imploring eyes, and Logan knew his plan of a quick visit to the JP's office was shot down the tube.

He knew that the Professor and the team had come to be Marie's family. They had been there for her, loving her, and taking care of her, that Logan didn't begrudge her wanting to share this with them. He would always be grateful to them as well for taking care of his Marie. The only exception had been Jean. However after Logan's short, but effective warning, Jean had left the mansion, and had went to stay on Mira Island helping one of the Professor's close friends who was a genetic neurologist. Both Logan and Marie were thankful that Jean was no longer apart of their daily life.

Logan didn't begrudge the team being apart of their special day, however he was still planning on making sure Marie became his wife that very day.

Sensing their want for a quick wedding, only with their closest family and friends, the Professor called a ordained judge to the mansion to perform the ceremony. While the kitchen staff was ordered to cook a special meal to celebrate.

Jubilee, and Ro had dragged Rogue upstairs declaring they only had two hours to get Rogue ready, and they couldn't waste a moment.

Logan grumbled that Rogue looked prefect the way she was, but he could tell by the smile on her face, the joy in her eyes, and the laughter in her voice, that she was enjoying the fussy over her. So he only smirked and told the two women to make sure he had her be back in time for the I do's. While Logan went to get himself and James ready for the special day.

That had been two incredible months ago, now they were standing back enjoying the happy moment of welcoming Ro and Scott's new baby girl into the world.

"Hmm, you really want to go through all the crying, late night feedings, and dirty diapers again?" Rogue asked truly curious.

"I wouldn't mind it. I wouldn't mind a couple more kids actually. I think we should really think about it. I'm sure James would love a little brother or sister of his own to pal around with." Logan answered honestly, along with a hint of hopefulness in his voice that Marie hadn't missed.

"Hmm, well if you really think he'd want one, maybe we could get him one for Christmas." Rogue said making sure to sound casual, but all the while smirking.

"Huh Darlin, Christmas is only a little over seven months away, even if we got started on it right now, there is no way that we could…" Logan stopped with a frown at Marie's giggling.

Suddenly a thought popped in Logan's head, and he couldn't stop the hope that she was trying to tell him they were pregnant. "Darlin, are you trying to tell me something?" He asked in another growl against her ear, making sure she felt it down to her toes.

"I saw Hank this morning, and he confirmed it. With all the excitement with Ro's water breaking, it slipped my mind. By this coming Christmas, James will be a big brother to either a little sister or brother." Marie said a smile evident in her voice.

Logan was sure he was grinning like an idiot, but he didn't care. His large hand slid down to lay over the spot where his son or daughter was growing. He felt like howling for joy, but settled for kissing Marie's neck and whisper. "God Baby, I love you so much."

Marie turned around in Logan's embrace, wrapping her arms around his waist and beaming up at him. "I love you with everything I am." Rogue whispered and covered Logan's lips with hers. Letting the truth of her worth come through her kiss.

"Mommy, Daddy, quit kissing and come see the baby." James hollered across the room, causing everyone to look over at the very happy, but now embarrassed expecting parents. Well Marie was blushing a bright red from embarrassment. Logan however only continued to grin, as he kept a firm grip on his wife, as they joined the others to meet Sara. "I want a baby sister. Mommy please!" James pleaded causing everyone to chuckle.

Marie only smiled at her son, then looked up into the happy expression of her husband, before turning back to answer her son with, "We'll see Sugar, we'll see."

The End