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"Alfred? What do you mean, 'you're sorry'?" Arthur asked nervously as he moved closer to Alfred. Before he could respond, Yao moved over and smiled up at the American.

"Is this the man you were talking about aru?" The Chinese man asked.

"Yes sir. Do you think it would work? You can make this work right?" Alfred asked.

"Jones, you just led the investigation to capture two of the three members of the Bad Touch Trio aru. I think you could ask to meet the Queen right now and people would say yes. Of course we'll work something out for this man here aru." Yao said with a smile.

"Thank you boss! This means a lot to me! I promise-"

"Will someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on here?" Arthur yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone around them stopped and Alfred turned back to look at him. Arthur's face was filled with emotion. It had anger, confusion, and most of all, pain on his features. It was an odd expression to see on the Brits face.

"Arthur, I should probably start from the beginning."

"You're damn right you better start from the beginning! What the hell has happened here? You told us you were getting us hidden from Ivan!" Arthur yelled at the American.

"And I am! Just listen ok? You see I'm actually a detective. You know, a police officer. My assignment was to get to this area and then find the members of the Bad Touch Trio and bring them into custody. I had a few leads on people who knew them or were involved with them in some way and in those leads, was your name. I got to see you, and well, I had to do my job Arthur. But don't worry! Since it'll go into the records that you helped me with capturing them, you'll be fine! In fact, I've talked with my boss and he's going to put you into witness protection! So it's just like I said, you'll be out of this life forever and if you keep helping us, we could even bring down Ivan! And if you agree to testify against him when we get him then there's no way anyone could ever hurt you ever again! Isn't this perfect? You can escape this life Arthur! We can be together!" Alfred said as he moved closer to pull the smaller man into a hug. Right before Alfred could even touch him however, Arthur shoved him back.

"Y-You used me? Is that the only reason you even... w-with me? D-Didn't you stop to think about how after the incident that got me into this mess how I had been worried about the next time I did that with someone? Well? Did you? No of course you didn't! You just had to keep playing your stupid little hero game and let me believe that you would actually care about me! Why was I so stupid to even think that? Well you know what? I don't need you! I am fine on my own! I can get my freedom back without you! So stay away from me! I-I thought I really loved you! I thought that you actually loved me! I hate you! Alfred I hate you so much!" Arthur yelled at the top of his lungs before he ran out of the building.

"Wait! Arthur don't go!" Alfred called out as he ran after him. He managed to get a few blocks away before Alfred finally caught up with him. He grabbed a hold of Arthur's arm and held onto him as he struggled.

"Let go of me you git! You bloody git! I hate you! I hate you so much! Let go of me!" Arthur cried out as he fought against Alfred's hold.

"Arthur please! I never meant to hurt you. I really do love you. I've never loved anyone the way I love you! Don't run Arthur. Please don't. I don't know what I would do if I lost you." Alfred said softly. His voice pleaded with Arthur to listen but he kept on struggling.

"No! Fuck you Alfred! I should have known! You're just like all those men I'm forced to perform for! You only have me around because you want me as some kind of play toy! You know, I had never actually slept with any of the men who came and watched me! They bought me things, offered me small fortunes, but I never accepted anything they offered and refused to get into bed with them! And yet, somehow you get by all my defenses and get me to sleep with you! How was it that the person who got me to sleep with them hurt me more than any of those other men who wanted me? I should have known this would happen! You hardly have told me anything about yourself! You only give me little bits of your past and what your life is like! You know, I just realized that I don't even know your last name! That man with the ponytail said it though. Jones right? Well Alfred Jones, if that is your real name, I want you out of my life forever! If you want me to testify or help you with anything else ever again you're going to need to arrest me to do it! So stay away! Stay away from me forever!" Arthur screamed as he managed to tear himself out of Alfred's grasp and sprint as fast as he could down the street and away from Alfred. All Alfred could do was watch as Arthur ran. After all, everything he said had at least a little bit of truth behind it. Yet to hear that Arthur hated him for it, it killed Alfred to hear those words. He had done this situation to take the Bad Touch Trio in as the best way to not hurt Arthur when it happened. Yet, clearly no matter what he would have tried, the result was meant to be the same. Arthur hated him now. What else could he do?

"Alfred!" A voice called out behind him as Yao ran up to him.

"Did he get away aru?" Yao asked. All Alfred could do was give a nod in response. Yao let out a sigh as he patted Alfred's back.

"Don't worry. If you want, I'll send a patrol car out to pick him up aru." Yao offered.

"No, don't do it. He won't help us now anyway. Sorry but, if there's nothing else I need to do now, can one of these cars give me a lift back over to my place? I think my brother and I have been without each other for too long already." Alfred said with a sad smile. The sound of his own voice surprised him a bit. It sounded so weak and vulnerable. Yao nodded and the two of them walked back to where there were a few cars left. Yao instructed one of his men to take Alfred back home and the man did so. He didn't speak the entire ride.

When he finally got back home, he let out a sigh before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his old familiar house key to unlock the door. He quietly slipped inside and turned on the lights.

"I'm home Mattie..." Alfred said quietly. He knew his brother must have been asleep already. He wasn't in the mood to be loud and tell his twin everything that had happened anyway. He went quietly up the stairs and into his room. He dumped the bag he had taken with him when he went undercover on the floor and dug through his drawers until he found some fresh pajamas. He got changed, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and then got under the covers of his own bed for the first time in weeks.

As he tried to fall asleep, all Alfred could think of were Arthur's words and the expression on his face when he had yelled at him. It truly had broken Alfred's heart to hear Arthur shout all those words at him. Suddenly, he didn't feel like the strong cop he had been trained as. He felt weak and alone. He knew how childish it was but he could help how much he wanted to curl up with someone to help take away the loneliness. Silently, Alfred got out from under his covers and grabbed the pillow off his bed. He walked out of his room and down the hall to where his brother's room was. As he opened the door, he heard the slow relaxed breathing of his brother. Alfred closed his eyes and remembered how when they were very young how he used to sneak into his brother's room when there was a storm. Or when it was right after their parents had died and the idea of ghosts had scared Alfred very badly. Whenever there was something wrong with him or even when Matthew was upset, Alfred always seemed to grab his pillow and sleep beside his brother. And tonight, he wanted to have that feeling of security once more. He walked in and very slowly; he got under the covers and curled up beside his twin. Matthew had always been a light sleeper, so Alfred knew that this action had immediately woken his brother up. Once he was comfortable, Alfred felt his twin's arm hug him close.

"I've missed you." Matthew said quietly. Alfred nodded in response.

"Same here Mattie." Alfred said as he tried his best not to cry.

"... Do you want to wait until morning to talk about whatever is bother you or do you want to talk now?" Matthew asked. Alfred hugged his brother back and took in the scent of maple that always seemed to surround the younger twin. It was comforting to know just how well Matthew knew Alfred to know when something was bothering him.

"D-Do you mind if we talk about it now? Or if you're too tired we could wait until morning." Alfred said. Matthew only hugged him tighter.

"I'll listen now if it would help you." Matthew said. Alfred nodded and looked up at the ceiling. For a moment at least, Alfred knew he wouldn't have to be a hero and could just let his brother carry that weight. Only a moment though. The two of them stayed up until the sun started to rise.

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