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Jack's eyes flew open and he felt himself being held down by something. Ianto was beside him on the couch, his arms circled tightly around Jack. He shifted slightly, placing his head against Ianto's chest. They stayed like that for hours, sobs and tears issuing from Jack uncontrollably, Ianto doing his best to comfort him. He let his fingers drift towards Jack's face, slowly placing his palm on the wet cheek, keeping him close. After a few hours, the sobs stopped, and Ianto kissed Jack's forehead, hearing the slow breaths issuing from his mouth. Ianto stayed up all night, holding Jack's sleeping form in his arms, dreading the morning when he'd have to let him go.


Ianto felt Jack's hand, pushing against his chest. Jack sat up, hand still resting gently on Ianto's chest. He took a deep breath, remembering what Ianto had shown him last night. He looked at Ianto and he couldn't stop the words flowing from his mouth. "Are you sure you stopped me?" Ianto nodded. "How can you be sure? Maybe it still happens. I'm wrong, Ianto. Maybe there's no way to stop me." Ianto shook his head and entwined his fingers with those resting on his chest.

"Jack, it's done. The Doctor showed me what happened. The cracks were still closing, and we could still see through them. They're closed now. Everything's alright, Jack."

"It's not alright. It's my fault. My fault that he had to bring you back. If I would've controlled myself, remembered you, not betrayed you. I know what it feels like to step through time, alone, no hope of it ever ending. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, and I never…I never…" Jack's eyes were pleading.

"Jack, what's done is done. Dwelling on it won't make it easier." There was a slight harshness in Ianto's voice, and Jack pulled his hand away. For a second Jack wished it could still happen. An eternity without Ianto would be misery, but an eternity knowing Ianto didn't want him anymore, knowing that he was alive and well, living his life without Jack. That, that would be hell.

"I should go." He stood up, turning quickly towards the door.

Panic overtook Ianto. He watched Jack reaching for the handle, not turning back. "Jack, my Jack, don't leave me." Within seconds Jack was standing in front of him and Ianto was breaking down. "Jack, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I assumed we had more than we did. I'm sorry that I thrilled when anyone called us a couple. I know you hate those words, I know it now. I'm sorry that every time you died, and I held you in my arms, I prayed for you to come back. I'm sorry I was so selfish, I should've prayed for what you wanted, not what I needed." The words were pouring quickly from his mouth, tears streaming down his face. "I'm sorry I wanted more from you than you could give. I don't care, Jack. I'll take whatever small part of yourself you can give me, take it and not complain. Owen was right, I was never more than a part-time shag, and I'm okay with that. A blip in time. I'm begging you Jack, if I have to spend eternity living, if that's what this can be called, let me have a few more memories. Break my heart, I'm fine with that. It'll just be another memory of you I can cling to. Please, just don't leave me yet." The choked words stopped coming, and he fell to his knees, hands covering his face as he tried to regain control of himself. All those insecurities had come bubbling to the surface, and he couldn't control them. God, what must Jack think of him.

He felt Jack's arms encircling him, holding him close. He clung to the feeling, glad to receive at least this much. He was an addict. He didn't care how much more it would hurt later, but he needed it now. Needed to feel Jack close to him.

Jack whispered into Ianto's ear, trying to come up with the right words to end Ianto's pain. "Listen to me, Jones, Ianto Jones." Ianto remembered the first night they'd met. That had been how he'd introduced himself. Jones, Ianto Jones. "I'm so sorry." Ianto felt a lump in his throat and swallowed. This was it, then. "I knew that one day I would lose you. I prayed it would be from old age. I prayed I could have every second I could with you in my arms. When people called us a couple, I was lying to myself. I loved every second of it. When I thought you were gone forever, I regretted every second that I'd never told you I loved you. I should've told you every day, I should've made it so obvious that I loved you. I should've made it so you never would've doubted my remembering you in a thousand years. I could never forget you, Jones, Ianto Jones. You're the love of my life. I told you once and I'll tell you again. You will never be a blip in time, not to me. Whenever it was that Owen called you my part-time shag, I wish I would've been there. I would've shown you right then and there that it wasn't true. If I have to spend eternity showing you how much I love you, I will. I want to. Let me show you, give me a chance." He was cut off by Ianto's lips on his. It started out gently, Jack too startled to respond. Startled and thrilled. He pulled Ianto in tighter, closer, placing a hand behind Ianto's head, pulling their faces closer together. Jack tried to control himself, but he couldn't. He let go, kissing those sweet lips back, trying to be gentle, but becoming more and more fierce as the minutes ticked by.

The two men kneeling on the floor in the sparse little apartment became one. All their worries dropped away, leaving nothing but the desire to be close to one another. Jack's hands glided gently over Ianto's trembling body, meeting no resistance. Ianto's arms wrapped even tighter around Jack, pulling him to the floor, never interrupting their kiss.

What happened next could never be put into words. There was no roughness, no rushing. Just pure, amazing, wonderful love. For the first time in his very long life, Jack looked forward to eternity.

The End


Well, there it is! I really hope the ending doesn't disappoint anyone, I wrote it as nicely as I could. Please let me know what you think! This is definitely a CoE fix-it, nothing more, nothing less. I've never written a story with quite so much emotion in it, so please let me know how I did. Thanks so much, and I really hope everyone enjoyed my story. Well, Jack and Ianto's story, cause that's what it is.