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Said doctor barely graced the call with a pause, glancing behind him before continuing his trek down the hall at the same steady pace. It wasn't anyone he was currently hiding from which meant he didn't have to exert extensive effort. The footsteps pursuing him quickened and fell into step beside the limping man, his usual weary expression in place.

"Do you ever actually stop and wait for anyone?" Wilson questioned, raising one eyebrow. House considered it briefly before shrugging.

"Nope. Especially not when I'm already late for very pressing matters in my office."

"Like what?"

"Sleep, mainly." Glancing over at his friend, he gave a melodramatic sigh. "And judging by the look on your face, you're not going to let me do that, are you?"

"Not a chance." Wilson pushed a paper into the man's free hand, quickly stepping into his path. "There's a new case, and…It's not exactly normal." House scoffed, blatantly ignoring the document as he leaned nonchalantly on his cane.

"Not normal? In this place? What has the world come to?"

"Thank you, sergeant sarcasm. Now will you just take a look at the stats?" Light blue eyes rolled before running swiftly over the list. House looked up again, eyebrows raised.

"If you're expecting me to get all teared up, I'll be disappointed," he stated, handing the paper back again. "This is a hospital, Wilson, we see deaths everyday. Just because the kid was sixteen…" He was cut off as the other man suddenly grabbed his arm, pulling him down the hallway after him.

"Is," he muttered. "He is sixteen. At least, that's what we think, he was still under when I left." Managing to reclaim his arm the other man shook it out quickly before following with a sigh.

"I suppose you're going to make me actually do work while I'm at work. If you plan on making any sense sometime today, be sure to let me know."

The room was curtained off and dimly lit, though quiet murmurs could be heard through the glass. Wilson pushed open the door, glancing inside quickly before nodding at his companion to enter. The rest of the team had already gathered; Foreman was beside the bed checking on one of the machines. Chase and Cameron stood to one side apparently in some deep discussion, though it cut short when the others entered.

"This is the kid," Wilson muttered, the door closing behind him with a soft snap. House frowned slightly, striding over to the bed and peering down at his newest charge. He had seen teenagers in weird outfits, but this one seemed beyond the normal definition of weird; it appeared to be a hazmat suit, though without the hood. White gloves and boots adorned the mostly black suit and a white D sat on the boy's chest, almost like some superhero logo. His hair was…white. Not just bleached, like he had seen before, but pure, snow white. Glancing back at the group, the doctor gestured for someone to speak. It was Foreman that stepped forward first, pushing the heart monitor back into its corner.

"He was a bit defensive when they brought him in," the man said. "Delusional, I think. He kept screaming about some lab and his parents…we had to sedate him before bringing him up."

"Wait a minute," House turned to Wilson with an uncommon look of slight confusion. "This is the kid with those stats? Were those taken after he was put under?"

"On the way, actually," Wilson told him. "Some guy called for an air-vac and we were closest. I thought it was a malfunction in the 'copter's equipment, but now that he's on some of our's…" He gestured at the machines and stepped quickly aside as House strode forward to examine them.

"You're sure these are working correctly?"

"That's the third set. It can't be coincidence that the same ones work each time…"

"His blood pressure is way up," Cameron put in. "170 over 105...far too high for a kid his age."

"That could be the whole white coat syndrome," Wilson told her. "He would've been fairly panicked when he came in, and the whole hospital atmosphere couldn't have helped."

"But it would have gone back down after you sedated him…" House frowned, eyes roving from one readout to the next. "No heart beat, no breathing rate, incredibly high blood pressure…but how can that be possible without a pulse?" He turned to Cameron, waving at the patient vaguely. "You checked his temperature, right?" The woman blinked once before grabbing a clipboard off of the table.

"Yeah, we had him hooked up, but I thought the thing was malfunctioning so Foreman just used a standard one…" She bit her lip briefly. "Seventy eight, steady." The silence was rather oppressive, only broken by the soft whining of the machines. House suddenly swore, hanging his cane on the side of the bed and leaning over to stare at the boy's face. He was pale, but not extremely so.

"What was he actually brought in for?"

"I'm not really sure," Wilson said with a slight shrug. "The guy who called him in said he found him out in the middle of a small forest in fairly bad shape. I'm not sure what he was seeing, but the kid seems almost fine now…except for the whole 'should be dead' aspect of it. I'm guessing that's why the response team brought him over. There's no obvious wounds…" Pulling a small flashlight from his pocket, House lifted one eyelid carefully and flicked on the beam, his frown deepening as the pupil immediately contracted.

"Eyes are responsive…he hasn't died on us, then. So how could a sixteen year old kid be alive with no pulse and a temperature way beyond hypothermic?" He glanced back at his team who exchanged baffled looks. "Did you get in contact with his parents?"

"We couldn't get his name, House, much less his parents," Foreman informed him, arms crossing. "From the way he was yelling though, I don't think it'll be an easy topic to broach."

"The sedative should wear off in a few hours," Chase said with a slight shrug. "He'll be groggy when he does come to, so maybe we can get some answers then. Though someone should watch him, make sure nothing…well, nothing else happens." Heads turned quickly as House's hand shot up. He shot them each an innocent look before pulling a chair to the side of the bed.

"What? I can't volunteer for anything now? What do you people take me for, some uncaring monster?" A few eyebrows raised and he simply snorted, waving at the door. "Go check on Bradson, see if the medication has kicked in yet. Only call me if someone gets worse than this kid." Wilson glanced from the patient to his 'attendant' rather warily.

"They'd…be dead, House."

"Exactly. Now leave."

It was only thirty minutes before the kid began to stir, something which disappointed House immensely. He had been planning on taking full advantage of 'watching' a sedated teenager and catch up on sorely missed sleep. As the boy groaned, however, the man was on his feet in an instant, leaning over the bed with both hands on the railing.

"Sam…?" Well, no revelations in that muttered word. The doctor rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, Rumplestiltskin, actually. Your damsel must be in the next tower over." The man was slightly tense as green eyes flickered open, still unfocused and darting around the room. Extremely bright green, really…he was half expecting the teen to leap out of bed and begin pounding on the wall. The entire thing was very anticlimactic, however. His patient put one gloved hand to his head, groaning softly as he attempted to sit up.

"When I get my hands on that Fruit-Loop, I swear…"

"Ah ah, no revenge until you sign out," House told him. "We can't go to the trouble of filling out all that paperwork. Now, first thing first; what's your name, kid?" Giving up all efforts to prop himself up, the boy fell back onto the pillow with a pained grunt, eyes shutting briefly and one hand unconsciously going to clutch his chest.

"Danny, I…" His eyes flew open again, already clear and now wide with what seemed to be suspicion. "Who the heck are you?"

"I'm the guy that controls your pain medication, so I expect we'll get along famously." He glanced at the glass door as a nurse passed. His team would be interested to know the sedative had worn off so quickly…but they were sure to have other more pressing matters at the moment. "Second question; what anime convention were you headed to?" Danny looked baffled for a moment, still eyeing the doctor warily.

"Anime convention…? Why do you…" He trailed off, glancing down at his chest. There was a sharp intake of breath, something that seemed strange for a person who wasn't actually breathing, and the patient lifted his hands to examine them quickly. "Ah, crud…"

"Right, so I'll file that under 'unintentional'," House stated, idly tapping one finger on his cane. "What are your parent's names? Wilson failed to mention why you were brought here in the first place, but we've got this other situation now, and we need to contact them."

"S-situation?" Danny stammered, pushing himself back as if attempting to get as far away from his interrogator as possible. "What situation? Where the heck am I?" He winced yet again, just enough to register with the doctor's keen mind and House frowned slightly.

"Answering questions with questions is supposed to be my job, kid," the man accused. "Stop freaking out before your blood pressure gets even higher." He paused, glancing once at the door again before shrugging slightly. "You're in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in our very own diagnostic ward. New Jersey," he felt compelled to add as the statement received a blank look.

"New Jersey? I'm in New Jersey? I'm in a hospital in New Jersey?" So maybe this was the whole 'freaking out' thing his team had mentioned…The boy was clutching at the sheet underneath him, his head now pressed against the back of the bed as he continued to retreat from who-knows-what. "Oh no, no no no, this is so not good…"

"Look, kid, I really suggest you calm down before I have to sedate you. Again." Green eyes grew wide, though he stopped moving immediately.

"Sedate me? You had me sedated?" House shrugged, sitting in his chair once again and examining the clipboard that lay to one side.

"I didn't personally. I think that was probably Cameron, she's all about the 'sympathy' stuff. Didn't want you falling out the window or something, though it probably would've saved me a lot of trouble-"

"How long was I out?" The patient's question wasn't exactly one that had been expected and House paused before looking up with a raised eyebrow.

"How long were you out? Why would you care about that?"

"I dunno…" Danny's hand went to the back of his neck and his eyes pointedly anywhere but the doctor in front of him. "I, um…I can't say I've ever been sedated before, I was just curious." The hesitation was a little too prominent to be nothing. Storing that piece of information on his mental white board, the man glanced down at the paper he held.

"You were registered at two thirty eight, which means someone would have already been checking you over at two thirty...As it's four now, I'd guess about an hour and a half." He looked up again, leaning back in the chair with the distinctive air of nonchalance. "You do realize, of course, that this particular sedative is supposed to knock someone out for over six hours. That leads to my first and probably least interesting question; how did your body get rid of the drug so quickly? We're able to counteract it to wake people up faster, but I seriously doubt anyone would have attempted it with the resident lunatic here." He could practically see the gears turning in the kid's head, though whether it was from pondering this question himself or thinking up some excuse, he couldn't tell.

"It was made for…humans, right?" Danny finally asked quietly, wincing as if he realized too late that it was a stupid move. "I mean not for like…a dog, or a horse…" He added something under his breath that House could only hear sounding like 'stupid coast'.

"Ah, right, I had forgotten that you got an elephant tranquilizer instead," the man said dryly. "Logic comes in handy sometimes, kid. Now would you stop changing the subject?" Lack of sleep was never an overly pretty sight on House, and when that combined with something he seriously could not understand, all traces of anything that could be called sympathy vanished fully. Not that there had been much to begin with, though…"I need some answers, Danny, if that is actually your name. The quicker we find out what's up with you, the quicker you can leave and I can get back to my office to sleep."

"Hang on," the boy interjected, holding up one hand. He glanced at the white glove and seemed to wince again before continuing. "Why can't I go home now? There's nothing wrong with me!"

"Number one," House held up one finger, leaning forward in his chair. "Legal issues, kid. Trust me, I'd be glad to kick out every whiney teenager that comes in here once we fix them, but apparently the government frowns on that." He scowled at the thought briefly. "Number two; you obviously don't know a thing about hospitals or it would've been rather obvious by now…" The man pointed vaguely at the various monitors packed into one corner and Danny turned to them with a slight frown.

"What do ya mean, they're just…" The sentence trailed off and green eyes grew, if possible, even wider. "Oh…oh crud." That was it? Certainly not the reaction expected, House observed with a growing frown. What kid found out his heart wasn't beating and just seemed frustrated? Jotting another note on his mental white board, the doctor rested one elbow on the bed-side table and peered at his charge carefully. He didn't seem scared anymore, which was an abrupt change. Now he was almost…angry?

"And," House put in, one hand raising to get the boy's attention. "There's obviously something you're not sharing with me. What happened to your chest?" Green eyes grew suddenly wide and he stiffened considerably, staring at the doctor with what seemed to be a slight trace of fear.

"N-nothing," the patient stammered, letting his hand fall to his side again. "Nothing, I'm just…I'm sore, we had um…practice the other day and…" He trailed off as House began writing on the clipboard still held in hand, obviously not paying any attention to the hurried excuse.

Everybody lies, the man reminded himself with a frown. Well, if they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him because he refused to share crucial information, that was no fault of the hospital. When he looked up again Danny was muttering under his breath, seeming to have forgotten he had an audience.

"That stupid Fruit-Loop," the boy growled softly, eyes falling back to his bed. "I told him, didn't I? I told him this would happen. There's a reason we don't come here, didn't I tell him?" Green eyes narrowing further, he gripped his sheets, a grim determination beginning to form on his face. "Well if I go down, he goes down with me…"

"Fruit-Loop doesn't seem to be a legal name," House interrupted smoothly, nearly smirking as Danny jumped. "I need full names here, Daniel. What's your full name?" There was a slight pause as the boy seemed to consider the question, then he sighed.

"I just…I don't usually say my full name," he admitted, pointedly avoiding eye contact. "It's not exactly your typical surname, you know…"

"Well I can only laugh uproariously at it if you tell me."

"Exactly!" His gaze rising, still a little too green for House's liking (were they contacts?), Danny glared at the man for a moment before shrugging. "Phantom. Danny Phantom." There was a slight pause in which the two held a short staring contest before House scrawled the name onto the clipboard in his hand. The very slight tensing of the boy's face told him what he had originally thought, but there was no reason not to play along for now. Everybody lies…

"Right. You," He jabbed a finger at the patient. "are going to stay here. I'm going to give this to the front office so they can call your parents and then we'll discuss this 'situation' in more detail. So just…stay." He stood, grabbing his cane and limping determinedly to the door. "Stay there." Danny seemed to mutter something in response, though House was now too far to catch the words. Eyes rolling, the doctor pushed open the door with his shoulder and stepped into the hallway. He paused in front of the curtained window to scan the paper in his hands again quickly. Danny Phantom…the name sounded familiar, though he couldn't quite place it. Some character from a movie, maybe? It certainly wasn't the kid's name, unless all of his years mastering body language had turned out completely wrong. Snorting, he had just started back down the hall when a sharp piercing scream froze the man in his tracks. He spun around just as it died off, striding as fast as his leg would let him back to the room he had just vacated. As a nurse hurried after him he paused, one hand on the door to face her.

"Get my team," he ordered, all air of nonchalance gone. "Tell them our dead kid's woken up." Ignoring the baffled look on the woman's face House pushed his way in, flicking on the main lights. His eyes went immediately to the bed, but finding it empty the man swore quietly and scanned the rest of the room. "What part of stay don't you get, kid?" Danny had somehow crossed all the way to the window before collapsing and now lay in a clenched ball underneath the sill. One of the small tables was on its side with the lamp lying a few feet away. Abandoning his cane by the door, House crossed the room quickly and knelt at the boy's side. Danny seemed conscious, but not entirely coherent as he stared blankly at the wall.

"Not working…" the teen muttered, gloved fingers digging into his arms. "Why isn't it working…?"

"Hey, focus, kid. Breathe…" He realized a moment later that lack of breathing was one of the main reasons he was in here and quickly changed tactics. "Look here, stay with me…" The sound of the door opening made the man glance around. Cameron stood in the doorway, obviously frozen for a moment before hurrying in, the others following close behind her. "Someone get him onto the bed, get the monitors hooked up again." Foreman strode forward and picked the boy up far more gently than would seem possible, laying him back on top of the sheets and starting to plug the various machines back in.

"What was he trying to do, jump out the window?" Chase muttered, pulling the table upright again. House shrugged, leaning on the chair that had remained next to the bed.

"I wouldn't put it past him…we might need to set a guard in here in case the kid tries it again. He really doesn't want to be here and it seems he's a bit more desperate to get out than I thought."

"Wait, how would you know?" Cameron demanded as she attempted to pry the boy's hands off of his arms. "He hasn't said anything yet!"

"He woke up about ten minutes ago." The man waved one hand as if this piece of information was far from relevant. "I was trying to get his name so we could call his parents. You're always nagging me that it's standard procedure."

"But if someone has a sedative wear off almost four hours before it's supposed to…!"

"Would you two stop debating about protocol and help out here?" Foreman interrupted, turning to glare at them for a moment. Cameron opened her mouth to retort, then thought better of it, returning her concentration to keeping the boy from tearing through his suit.

"Pulse and breathing rate are the same," Chase reported, his accent becoming a bit more pronounced as it often did during fast-paced situations. "Nothing's registering…his blood-pressure has spiked to 190 over 115, temperature…dropped?" The man paused, peering at the readout closely. "Down to sixty six." A short silence fell as the team turned to stare at Chase briefly before returning to their work.

"House, there is no reason this kid shouldn't be dead," Foreman stated bluntly as he pushed the heart monitor back into its corner.

"So you did learn something in medical school, very good," House muttered. "Cameron, you got that other arm restrained yet?"

"Just barely…"

"Good enough. Right people, back up, give him some…well, I won't say breathing room, but you get the idea." Exchanging rather wary looks the team retreated to the foot of the bed as their boss moved forward to look the boy in the eyes. They were still extremely wide, flicking from side to side as if he were trying to find some escape. Any struggling had stopped as soon as his arms were strapped down and he now looked rather like a trapped mouse. If he had been breathing, House imagined that it would've been near hyperventilating. "Can you hear me, kid?" Neon green eyes snapped forward to meet light blue ones in an instant and Danny seemed to push himself back into his pillow.

"Why did you tie me down?" he asked quietly. The doctor glanced back at the others quickly with a raised eyebrow, curious to see if he had been the only one to catch the sudden switch back to sanity. Judging by their expressions, it wasn't just him.

"We found you on the floor, Daniel, next to the window-"

"Yeah, I know, but why did you tie me down?" There seemed to be a slight tremor in his voice now and House blinked before straightening with a sigh.

"Ms. Sympathetic, that's your cue," he announced, retreating to the far side of the room. Cameron shot him a glare before stepping forward.

"You were having some kind of fit, we think…your name is Daniel?"

"Danny," he muttered, still watching House warily, his hands clenched into fists.

"Right, Danny…I had to restrain you while the others got everything hooked up again. Usually when people have seizures or something similar they can end up hurting anyone who gets too close…or themselves, for that matter." She frowned, glancing back at House. "If he's got no pulse how do we tell when he's calmed down enough?" The man sighed, letting his head fall back against the wall.

"Hey kid, are you gonna end up punching anyone?"

"Not if you let me go."

"He's fine Cameron, let him go." The woman hesitated slightly before undoing the restraints on each side. Danny immediately rubbed both wrists, pulling his gloves straight again. His hands were trembling slightly and the boy stared at them for a moment as if willing them to still. "Chase, get some Tegretol." At the questioning looks House rolled his eyes. "They're the little oval ones, just go!"

"Epilepsy treatment?" Cameron asked as the younger man strode out. "You think that was epilepsy?"

"It seemed like an atonic seizure," the doctor told her, glancing quickly at Danny as he stared at them with rather wide eyes. "Explains why he fell. It might have effected some of the nerves momentarily which could have been interpreted as pain…"

"Probably a stupid question," Danny cut in, glancing quickly at the window. "But can I go now? I really have to get out of here…"

"Kid, you just had some kind of…seizure and you're trying to leave?" Foreman questioned, his arms crossing. "Even without all of the other stuff, you'd still be stuck here until we treat it." The patient winced, still gripping at his wrist as he glanced over each of the adults quickly.

"I'm fine," he told them. "Look, I'm not…twitching or anything, right? It wasn't even as bad as some of the others-" Green eyes widened slightly as he cut off. Swallowing once, he attempted to plow on. "I'm fine, honestly, you don't have to-"

"Some of the others?" Wilson grasped the railing of the bed, speaking for the first time since they had entered. "You're saying these have happened before?" The boy bit his lip, propping himself up on his elbows as he attempted to find some answer.

"Well…not exactly like that, but…I've been shocked before, my parents…I know some inventors, so it wasn't that big of a deal."

"Just like getting bitten by a shark isn't that big of a deal, right?" At the baffled look, House sighed. "You were screaming, kid. Loud. Usually when people scream it's either because someone jumped out at them yelling 'surprise' with a cake in hand or they're in some serious pain. Now considering I'm not finding any cake in here, I'm guessing it was the latter." Danny winced slightly, looking away as the man scrutinized him carefully.

"Well…yeah, it hurt some, but…" He was definitely reaching now, grasping for any explanation that wouldn't raise more suspicions. "Look, can I just…rest for a while? It hasn't exactly been the best day and sleeping with a sedative doesn't really feel like much sleep at all…" The patient trailed off as Chase returned, a small bottle in one hand and a pitcher of water in the other. Setting the water down he shook two pills into one hand, offering them silently to the boy. Though Danny took them, he hesitated for a few seconds before swallowing the oval-shaped medicine, ignoring the water to one side. "See, I've got medicine and everything, I'll be fine." The team exchanged glances before turning to House who sighed.

"Last time we left you alone you tried to jump out the window," he reminded the boy.

"Yeah, I was, um…still a bit groggy? I mean come on, you sedated me, you didn't expect me to try and get out of this place?" His eyes narrowed slightly as if in challenge. "I'll stay here, I just need some peace for a bit. Hook up those little…alerty things, I don't care, just leave me alone." The silence stretched for another moment before House stood with a sigh, waving the others toward the door.

"Fine. You can have time to plan out your next set of excuses if you like. I'll be back in two hours, tops, and we are figuring you out." Danny managed to suppress a wince as the group trooped out, the latch clicking softly behind them.

"You're really going to leave him alone in there?" Wilson muttered, glancing back at the blocked windows. "What if he tries something again? If the medication doesn't do anything…" House shrugged, gesturing at him vaguely as the man trailed off.

"Thank you for volunteering Wilson, you'll take the first watch." Jabbing his cane at a bench to the right of the door he added "Just sit there. If you hear anything that sounds like some suicide or desperate attempts at escape go in and stop them. As for the rest of you," House spun around, starting off down the hall. "White board time. Foreman will replace Wilson in half an hour so I can listen to him nag me about how unethical I am when it comes to annoying teenagers." Wilson sighed, staring after the small group for a moment before settling himself onto the bench. It was going to be a long half hour…

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