Author's Notes: Well, since I have had some requests for a sequel for The Reunited Souls, so here is chapter one of From Friendship to Love. Again this is the sequel for The Reunited Souls, so if you have not read that, then you should not read this story until you have.

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Chapter 1:

Getting Reacquainted

It had been a month since Ayame realized exactly who Fuji was and things were already as they were when they were younger. They were always together with the exception of tennis practice and tournaments. Although they were not together at tournaments, but they did watch each other when they were able to. Since there was neither practice nor a tournament going on the two were enjoying some time in a café having a nice conversation.

"Hey, Fuji, aren't you happy that things are back to the way they used to be from when we were younger?"

"Sa, yes, it is nice to have things back to the way they were." Fuji said as he stared at Ayame as if there were something on her face.

After noticing that Ayame asked "Hey, you are staring at me is there something on my face?"

"Well, no, not on your face, but I thought I saw something move on your shoulder…" After he said that Ayame began to freak out, thus causing a lot of people to look over in her direction. While she was freaking out, Fuji was enjoying every moment of it. When he had finally had enough of torturing his friend, he decided it was time to tell her the truth.

"Ayame, calm down. I was kidding, there is nothing on your shoulder and there never was. But I have to say, it was really funny how you acted just now." After he said that, he got a very cold stare from Ayame, who was not red in the face from both embarrassment and anger.

"Fuji, you are such a jerk. Why would you do that?"

"Because it is fun to mess with others."

"Well, I don't think that was very funny, in fact, I think it was kind of rude." Ayame said in a furious tone as she got up from her seat and was going for the door when something stopped her. When she turned around to see what it was that stopped her and saw that it was Fuji that stopped her. He had grabbed onto her arm in an attempt to stop her from leaving.

"Ayame, I was just trying to have fun, I didn't expect you to take it so seriously. So can you please come sit back down?" Fuji said trying to get her to go back to her seat. But his efforts were futile because Ayame just pulled her arm away from him and left the café in a huff. But it was not known to them that they were being watched, well at least they made it seem like they didn't know, but in truth, Fuji knew that at least one of his teammates were follow them and spying on them, but he was sure that Ayame didn't notice. So after Ayame left the café and went in the direction of her house, Fuji decided to make it obvious that he knew they were there.

"Alright guys, you can come out now, I know you are there."

"Nya, how did you know we were there?"

"Sa, I just knew."

"Oh well." Kikumaru said as he, Momoshiro, and Echizen all took a seat at the table that Fuji had occupied.

"Fuji sempai, you really shouldn't have treated her like that. She really looked upset when she left." Momoshiro stated

"Oh, she will get over it. Although, she was never like that in the past."

"Wait, you two knew each other before? I thought she just moved here last month."

"Yes, we were childhood friends, but her family moved to America five years ago and moved back last month."

"Nya, I thought something was up with how you two responded to each other. You two are way too close to have only know each other a month. Isn't that right Ochibi?" Kikumaru asked the youngest member in their group, but got no response out of the freshman who sat at the table looking bored.

"Now that you mention it, you two are really close, are you two dating?" Momoshiro asked.

"No, we are just friends. Now if you excuse me, I've got to go. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Fuji said as he got up and left the café and went in the direction of his house.


Ayame was now most of the way home and she was still very infuriated with how Fuji had treated her that she didn't even notice that there was somebody following her. So she kept on walking in the direction that she lived it. She didn't notice that the person was following her until it was too late because the next thing she knew it she had been grabbed by the person who was following her.

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