My first attempt at a true drabble fic. Didn't work out as I'd hoped. You can check, the story itself has 134 words.

Mxyzptlk is my favorite character from the animated series. And the fact that he's played by Gilbert Godfried doesn't hurt his character either.

Summary: Mxy went to make his usual round with Superman. Gspie counted, "Five, four, three..." but Mxy was back before she even finished. Either time works differently in the fifth dimension, or Supes is just that good.

Disclaimer: I don't own Superman or related characters.

What Happened?-Superman: Mxyzpixilated

Nuts, Nuts, NUTS!

Gsptlsnz heard the giant robot walk past her. "Bye, Gspie, don't wait up," Mxyzptlk said from the cockpit as he laughed and ported out of the fifth dimension.

He reappeared on third-dimensional Earth, conveniently enough, right next to of Superman.

"Hey, Super!" he yelled. Superman turned to face the mechanical monstrosity. The back-mounted cannon moved in his direction and fired a stream of a green slime-like substance.

Superman dodged and the slime hit the wall behind him. Mxyzptlk kept spraying and Superman kept dodging until he stopped. Mxyzptlk looked at the wall. He just barely saw the dreaded word: KLTPZYXM. But before he could do anything, he disappeared from sight.

"Nuts, Nuts, NUTS!" Mxyzptlk yelled as he reappeared in front of Gsptlsnz. He pointed a metallic finger at her and said, "Not one word."

Of course, that's just my theory. Because no one will truly know "What Happened?"