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EDITED 1-9-13


The sky was threatening rain, its clouds low hanging and dark. The trees surrounding the cemetery were dancing on the wind and creating a gentle music familiar to the ears that listened.

"Hello, Mother. I know it's been a while," a slender hand reached down to the grass next to a headstone. The fingertips dug in, placing some small item in the ground.

"The sakura viewing was beautiful this year. I wish you could have seen it with Hiei and I." The hand didn't leave, rather lying on the cool earth before slowly lifting. A green shoot followed, breaking free of the ground and unfurling small leaves. It continued growing as the young man spoke, "Yusuke and Keiko had their firstborn recently. A little girl they named Aiko. You'd like her, I think."

The shoot was a foot tall now, sprouting small thorns and taking on a bushy appearance. "Kuwabara and Yukina haven't married yet, but Yukina's one-hundredth birthday is coming up soon, so soon they'll be parents, too."

The plant truly was a bush now and had sprouted deep red buds that bloomed into large roses. "I haven't much to say about myself. I've been in Makai mostly, traveling with Hiei or alone. It feels good to be there again. It's so familiar."

He had sat down by the grave now, one knee pulled up to his chest, arms looped around it. Red hair draped over a buttoned shirt. His head was tipped back, green eyes looking to the looming sky. He continued to watch, quiet now as the sky opened up and it began to rain. It fell on the red hair, beading and soaking it. It flattened the formal shirt to the lean body and rolled down pale skin. It fell on eyelashes and the green eyes closed, letting droplets land on eyelids. The rain soaked the ground and the newly grown rose, the tall trees and the gravestone.

It rained for a long time and Kurama sat through it all, until the rain was gone and him with it.