So I have decided in a moment of insanity to start a multi-chap story. But, I couldn't help myself :) So this will be part a case-fic and part relationship, with them interweaving with each other. I will try to update at least once a week, but it may be more or less. Anyway that's enough from me, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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He woke up in temporary bliss, she was in his arms and his world was as it should be.

Nick was pleasantly surprised when he woke up with her, especially after the events of the night before. He was surprised that she had stayed. She was usually stubborn, so he had expected her to flee once he had stormed out of the room, not curl up beside him.

It made him smile. The previous night the two had been disagreeing on the direction of their current relationship. Jen had been insistent that nothing could progress while the current situation was present. She didn't enjoy sneaking around, being secretive or constantly being paranoid that someone would see them. He however, disagreed. Nick was adamant that they could still pursue a relationship even if they were working together. He too didn't enjoy the sneaking around, but he reasoned that as long as he was with her he was happy.

They loved each other, neither one of them could deny it. But, both of them had different opinions on how their future looked together, and that may just be the one thing to tear them apart.

He smiled as he felt her stir next to him; he instinctively moved to put his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. She was awake now and turned around to face him. Her eyes were still closed, but there was a faint smile on her face. Nick gently pushed away a piece of hair that was obstructing her eyes, pushing it behind her ear. He then leaned over to her a gave her a soft kiss on the lips, not wanting to push to much after their night before.

"Good morning," Jen slowly opened her eyes and her smile became wider seeing him.

"Good morning to you too," he said kissing her forehead, "I didn't think you were going to stay last night."

"I thought about going, but then I really didn't want to. Is it ok that I stayed?" she asked hesitantly. He smiled at the anxious look on her face and responded.

"It's completely ok that you stayed, I am very glad that you did."

"Good," she said closing her eyes again, as if attempting to go back to sleep.

"Hey, no more sleep, we have work," Nick said jostling her slightly.

"No, let's stay here, where it's warm and comfortable," she said whining. He laughed at her acting like a two-year old, he felt slightly honoured that he was able to see her in this state, one she hardly ever let the rest of the world in on.

"Nope, come on. The sooner we go, the sooner we can come back here and be warm and comfortable all night," he told her sitting up, which resulted in the covers being pulled off her. Nick heard her groan and went off in the direction of the kitchen to make breakfast. While in the kitchen he heard her moving around the bedroom, and going to have a shower. He smiled wishing that they could wake up and be like that every morning.


Matt Ryan was in full swing that morning. He had just been informed of a very important case about to be sent to homicide and he was urgently organising for the team's arrival. With his recent promotion, he knew he had become more uptight and 'bossy', which made it difficult sometimes to work through cases without any hurdles. But, he knew it was all about being impartial and showing the big bosses that he could preside over his friends without any issue.

What he didn't like about that fact was that he seemed to be losing his friends in the process, but he hoped on this case they make be able to mend some bridges and successfully tackle the biggest case he had been in charge of so far.

He had arrived at the office early, hoping that he could catch some of his colleagues before they started real work. Matt desperately wanted to smooth things over with his team, and hopefully be able to feel like part of the team again, instead of their 'boss'.

The first to arrive that morning was Allie, and then slowly followed by Duncan, Rhys, Nick and Jen. He was glad that they were all together and before announcing their new case decided to talk to them in a more personal manner.

"Guys, while you are all here I wanted to have a quick word with you," he started, he noticed the looks between the five of them, but chose to ignore them and continued. "I have come to realise over the last few weeks, things have been particularly tense between us, the five of you and me. I understand now that a lot of that may have to do with my new position. I don't intend in making things awkward here, and I have come to realise that a lack of communication is present between us. I know it may sound like an excuse, but this is taking a lot to get used to and partnered with trying to be impartial to you, I may be over-stepping boundaries regarding my behaviour towards you..." he stopped there to look at them and see how they were reacting, seeing he had their full attention he decided not to waste it, "I just want to apologise for some of my recent dealings with you all and I really hope we can try to communicate a little better, so we aren't walking around here avoiding each other."

He looked out at the five faces and saw some appreciative looks on their faces. The most important person had a smile on his face, Duncan hadn't been his biggest supporter lately, so he was glad his speech had made that impression.

"Ok, now that that's all settled, if you would all make your way to the conference room, we have a new case."


"This morning we received a call from the police station in Mildura. Usually the fact they are calling us is enough call for concern, but they seemed to have found something that could be evidence of a serial killer who is at large. Officer Temple informed us that they had been sent information that they have since researched and have found evidence from other areas in the state which suggests a link between many missing person cases over the State," Wolfe explained once the whole team was in the room.

"Missing person's cases, why are we being told about," Duncan interrupted.

"Well, it seems to Officer Temple that the evidence they were sent could point to homicide," Wolfe continued and picked up a photograph, "This is what was sent to the Mildura police station and it has just come to our attention that very similar ones have been sent to other stations over the state." The team looked at the photograph bug-eyed. The photo showed a severed toe, with an 'old-school' toe tag on it.

"There have been many of these sent, why didn't anyone inform someone of this earlier?" Jen asked curious as to why it had taken this long for all this to surface.

"It appears that no one, before the guys in Mildura received this, thought it was anything overly important. I have no idea why they thought that, but according to the information we are receiving, this has been happening for the last seven months," Matt said taking over.

"How many have been sent?" Nick asked from the corner of the room.

"So far we are being sent ten, but for all we know there could be more. At this point all that we have to point towards a serial killer, is that the handwriting on the tags are the same across the board and the fact that the names that are written on them belong to a missing person who disappear from the areas the toes have been sent to," Matt paused while the team processed and continued, "because we have no other evidence, we are unsure whether or not these people are alive. But given the erratic movement of the areas targeted, it is very unlikely that people are still alive. So that is why we are in charge of this case, it is highly probable that we are dealing with multiple homicides."

The team sat in silence, taking in all they had just heard. This was definitely a unique case and all of them knew it was one that may last for a while.

"So everybody, as you can tell this case is going to be difficult and very time-consuming given the amount of ground we have to cover. I want you all to be well-focused and put one hundred and ten per cent," Wolfe stated, "I want you all to go and have a five minute break, clear your heads and then be back here so we can organise who will do what and hopefully solve this case as soon as possible."

The five were out of their seats quickly all in need of a chance to get in the right head space.

Nick was aware of how important this case was, but he couldn't help but think how it may affect the already strained relationship between him and Jen. He knew that there would be a whole lot of stress on everyone, and he just hoped they could all get through it in one piece and as sane as possible.