TheDarkestShinobi: I am very new to the Big Bang Theory. I have only seen a bunch of clips on youtube so I apologize for any characters that are out of character. However I had to write this after watching a couple of them back to back seeing Sheldon's interactions with Penny, the first one between Beverly and Penny, and one at the comic book store where Sheldon erupts after Raj and Howard fight and the comic book store one where Leonard gets him a robot to make him happy after they fought.

Feedback is sort of important because I want to know how my characters are portrayed.

This will probably be SheldonxPenny

Story start:

Sheldon had practically run out of the room and Penny turned towards Leonard her anger replaced by confusion.

"What happened?"

"It's..." He ran his hand through his hair. "He had problems with his parents. They fought a lot."

"Like..." she paused and looked down. "we do…" She turned towards the door a frown appearing on her face remembering how he acted that time with the blender and in the comic book store. "Go talk to him." She finally said. Buying a robot and comic book wasn't going to fix it this time.

Leonard opened the door and stepped into Sheldon's bedroom to see him curled up on his bed.


"You promised you'd stop fighting." He said quickly.

"I'm sorry." He said staying at the door knowing if he came any closer Sheldon would bring up some obscure yet existing agreement he made some time ago about space and not being allowed in his bedroom at all.

"It doesn't matter whether or not you're sorry. You still fight." He then seemed to turn away even further. "This conversation is over, it's bedtime. Go away."

"You gonna be okay? You know my mother is coming tomorrow."

"I am informed. Goodnight."

Leonard woke up later than usual to hear a conversation. He shook his head as he rose.


"Ah, Leonard. I see punctuality is not a developing strong point." She turned back to Sheldon. "And given the fact that I have not seen your friend Penny lurking about I would assume that you had a fight yesterday."

Leonards' nonverbal response was enough for her but she was surprised when Sheldon did not respond in his usual manner and instead simply looked at his French toast before taking another bite. Hmm… She thought to herself His quietness in the matter proves my assumption to be correct. However it also gives me reason to believe that he had a problem with this. I wonder what the relationship between his parents were.

She was interrupted from her analysis by three knocks in succession. She turned towards the door. The apartment was small enough that one knock was needed.



Penny was dating her son. Why would she call for Sheldon?





And why was he suddenly smiling?

He waited by the door and she instantly recognized that it was more of a routine then a knock for attention. After the third set he opened the door and she smiled softly at him. She was concerned. That would mean that there was a fight yesterday that affected Sheldon more than it did them. His parents had problems then.

She looked up unaware of the fact that she had looked down in thought and seen Sheldon moving aside and letting Penny in. Penny walked to Leonard kissing him on the cheek and then grabbed some French toast for herself. Due to Sheldon's lack of comment she could assume this to be a routine.

Sheldon's smile faded as she kissed him. Not in anger or jealousy but in caution.

It took her less than an hour to figure out the entire situation.

To Sheldon, Penny was the mom and Leonard was the dad. Sheldon is still internally seeking that love in his family. Not from his family, it was obvious he did not desire their love for him, he desired them to love each other. The way Sheldon acts towards Leonard has nothing to do with him but the fact that he felt he was a better man than his father.

Sheldon subconsciously wanted Penny.

Penny represented his mother to him. It was a simple Oedipus complex made worse by the fact that his father and mother had never gotten along and he could never make his mother happy in the same way the father could have if he had been any sort of man. Once again he was the odd one out in this situation. He could make Penny happy, but Leonard could make Penny happy. Not just sexually either, being a significant other had many other emotional attachments other than pleasure. Leonard could give her so much more than Sheldon could and he thought he didn't care. He did though. This was significantly different however. He could have Penny in that way. He could keep her happy in a way she was sure her son couldn't. He lacked in everything else. Why would this be any different?

Penny wanted Leonard because he was like her own father. That much she had deduced climbing the stairwell with her, which she also had to do this morning since the elevator was still not working. She would have written a complaint ages ago but she supposed they all lacked her drive.

Sheldon had excused himself moments later and Penny watched him leave before turning to Leonard moving away from him swiftly and placing her hand on her hip, her eyes narrowed and her lips spread. Such hostility. Leonard's eyes had seemed to shift and his lips set themselves. She couldn't help but smirk. They are fighting in secret from the son. They all feel this familial connection.

She moved to the edge of the couch and strained herself to try and hear them since they had seemed to forget about her she assumed they would not notice. They hissed some words at each other, so low she could not hear them and she wondered why they would be that low. She crossed her legs before fixing her glasses. It ended with Penny turning and raising her hand dismissively and Leonard shaking his head.

"I can still hear you even when I am not in the general vicinity."

They all turned to Sheldon and Penny bit her lip.

"Sheldon honey I'm sorry. You don't have to worry anymore."

"I would assume by 'we're over' you are referring to the relationship between you and Leonard. If that is the case then there will be no more fighting correct?" no one answered him and he walked over to the couch looking down at Beverly.

"You're in my seat."

0,0,0,0 was currently being occupied by Leonard's mother. He had respect for the woman and if anyone were to ever be close to being his equal it would be her. However that did not erase the fact that she was currently in his seat and no one was allow-

"There's another seat right there." Beverly stated as she lifted her hand to indicate all the other seats. Sheldon visibly twitched and his tone lowered in pitch.

"That's my seat." His eyes narrowed and he seemed ready to almost fight for it.

"Mom, just move." Leonard said moving around the counter to where they were.

"Yeah, Mrs. Hofstadter just…"

"All the others are just as good."

He didn't handle change well. He wouldn't handle a relationship well.

This is the reason that Leonard dislikes her so much.

Penny and Leonard seemed to be drowned out in the silence coming from the other two as they looked at each other. Beverly looked up tauntingly and Sheldon looked down at her with such contempt and intensity that it was surprising that she looked so calm.

Sheldon's finger twitched and both Penny and Leonard watched in worry. Smirking suddenly Beverly tilted her head.

"Very well then."

She got up and moved to another seat.

"Leonard, come and tell me more about the experiments you are copying now."

She watched her son's face fall and briefly wondered what the interaction between Sheldon and Penny would be. Aside from Elektra and Oedipus, the fictional characters who had actually gotten to sleep with their parents, she had no idea how it actually affected individuals. Could they overcome their issues by being with the other?

As Leonard started rambling she looked over and watched Penny take a seat next to Sheldon with a smile on her face.

She'd soon find out.

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