Title: Tainting the Roses Red

Summary: Ichigo knew he could be thick headed. He almost always learned things the hard way, but about this, he couldn't be making mistakes. His hollow was playing a dangerous game, one that somehow involved Inoue.

Warning: This story contains profanity, heavy violence, and sexual situations in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Authorial Notice:

This is my very first fanfic. As it is, the beginning is a bit rough, so please excuse my inexperience :)

Chapter One

Orihime sighed, leaning against the cold cement barrier that ran along the river and divided the park. A lightning bug landed beside her and she smiled as it winked and flashed its light before taking off again.

For late spring, it was unseasonably chilly and she was amazed that they were out at all. Still, considering that the temperature kept falling, it was surprising that she was. Orihime wrinkled her nose. How could she have just gone home after a story like that? Of course, she would come.

The first star on the night of the new moon… Even the words sounded magical. Although, just because Tatsuki had told her about it, didn't mean she would be any more understanding if she found out Orihime had come alone.

She shivered, glancing over her shoulder and drawing her coat closer before remembered she hadn't worn one. Sighing, Orihime returned her gaze to the horizon. It would be any minute now. She could already see the empty space in the sky where the moon should have been.

Then she saw it. Bouncing on her feet, she clasped her hands and closed her eyes, thinking her wish as hard as she could. With a smile, she cracked an eye and just for good measure, whispered her wish into the night, letting the breeze catch it and carry her secret where it would.


Watching the girl from the shadows, the creature stirred, licking its lips.

She looked absolutely delicious with her face turned up to the sky and the wind blowing her strange flame colored hair around her. And the innocence, even from here it was obvious, glaring like a candle in a dark room. Nothing flavored a meal like naivety.

It waited, gaze unwavering and claws twitching. She was perfect.


Orihime smiled, rubbing her arms and looking over the water. She needed to get back to her homework, but the night was so peaceful, she wanted to make the moment last. And it was wonderfully quiet, like the world had stopped moving.


Orihime took a step back and turned, looking around as chills sprang up her spine that had nothing to do with the cold.

It was really quiet. Unnaturally so.

Awareness flashed through her, tripping nerve endings and raising gooseflesh on her arms. Something was wrong. On the edge of her consciousness, she could feel it lurking. Reaching out with her senses, Orihime spun around.

Where is it? Where—


A few yards away, under a small hedge, a pair of eyes set watching her. She drew in a startled breath, readying herself for an attack that never came. Orihime frowned, focusing on the small amount of energy coming from the bushes. It was definitely not human, but it didn't really feel like the twisted riatsu of a hollow, either.


As soon as the word left her mouth, the eyes winked out and were gone. Orihime took a step back, bumping into the half wall behind her. She stared at the hedges for a few seconds, not sure what to make of it, before her thoughts were interrupted by a new wave of heavy, dark energy.

This time there was no doubt. A fierce, trumpeting roar sounded from what must have been several blocks away. She glanced back once more before deciding on the larger threat as another blast of evil spiritual pressure lit up her senses.

She turned and broke into a dead run.

Orihime didn't even need to try finding the hollow as she sped out through the park. It was making a terrible racket. Instead, she searched for Rukia. She had patrol tonight, didn't she?

The small shinigami wasn't anywhere close by and worry made Orihime increase her pace. Hoping her friend was alright, she ran into the night, forgetting all about suspicious auras and watchful crimson eyes.



Alright, so what do you think? Like it, hate it? Let me know if I should continue this. Also, constructive criticism is always appreciated. Just make sure you're gentle with me…it's my first time…err, fic.