Title: The Learning Curve, Part 1/3
A/N: This is a sequel to kyliselle's fic Wingman over at lj. Many thanks for letting me use it as the background for this fic. I would also like to thank juliench1 for betaing – her insights are the reason Jim Kirk does not act like a preteen girl. ^^

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Kirk woke up slowly, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he cuddled closer to his pillow. His really soft, comfortable pillow. Huh... he thought such a shithole motel would have scratchy, uncomfortable pillows. Maybe Bones brought some down from the Enterprise without telling him or something?

"Jim," a voice prodded him. "It would be advisable to consume nutrients at this time. You have expended much energy."

"Five more minutes, Bones..." he whined, pulling the covers over his head. Why did his best friend always want him to wake up so early? Bones was a sadist, he was.

There was no verbal response - just the sound of a tray touching down on a table, and then insistent hands pulling the covers down. Kirk tried to fight, but he was sleepy, and the hands were too strong. It wasn't fair. When did Bones get so strong?

"Jim, I have brought you breakfast. As I am sure you are aware, your metabolism slows during sleep, and thus it is important to your wellbeing to eat a meal in the morning. Furthermore, as your first officer, it is my duty to ensure that the captain maintains a healthy, well-balanced diet," the voice informed him. That wasn't Bones. That was -

"Spock?" he asked confused - and then he remembered the previous night. "Spock!"

He sat up quickly, and the covers fell to his waist.

"Yes, Jim?" his first officer asked, gently placing a tray on the bed. Spock's eyes were dark, staring down at his bare chest. His bare chest, which was covered in bite marks and hickeys from the previous night. Bite marks and hickeys left by his very Vulcan, very male first officer.

"Does this mean I'm not straight, anymore?" Kirk questioned, staring up with huge blue eyes.

"It is of no matter," Spock reassured him. "As you are now mine, your sexual orientation is irrelevant."

Kirk blinked - and then blinked again as Spock reached down for a bowl of grapes. His first officer plucked one from the top, and then brought it to his mouth. He opened obediently, and then warm fingers pressed the grape to his tongue, caressing his bottom lip as it pulled away.

Okay, Kirk could deal with this. So apparently, he now belonged to Spock. Which seemed to involve seaside cabanas with awesome views and really comfortable pillows, and breakfast being hand-served to him in bed.

And amazing blowjobs.

That ended in mind-blowing orgasms.

"So, I'm yours," Kirk agreed, because did he mention the multiple, devastatingly earth-shattering orgasms? "Does that mean I can't have sex with anyone else?"

It was just idle curiosity, really – what with being the captain of the Enterprise, Kirk had been too busy to sleep with anyone for weeks. And he certainly refused to take advantage of any of his impressionable crew members – it would not be ethical, and it could cause complications for the running of the ship. Really, from an ethical standpoint Kirk would only ever even consider sleeping with Spock or Bones. And Bones was out, just by virtue of being firmly in the friend-zone.

But Spock took that idle curiosity seriously. He looked down at him with dark eyes - and then brought those warm fingers to Kirk's temple.

"F-fuck..." he whined, as pleasure suffused his entire body, making his cock rise quickly to attention. It was like Spock had a direct connection to the pleasure centers of his brain, and was going to use that connection to drive him crazy with desire.

"You will have no use for others, Jim. I will please you sufficiently," Spock promised.

"M-more than sufficiently," Kirk panted, as Spock's hand dropped from his face. He already missed that connection. "But if I can't have sex with anyone else, you can't either!"

"Agreed," his first officer replied, an almost smug look covering his features. "Now eat your breakfast."

He refrained from pouting, and simply opened his mouth for more grapes. Kirk supposed he could get used to this... And he ignored the little voice in the back of his head that said he shouldn't get used to it – that it couldn't possibly last and he didn't deserve someone as sweet and caring as Spock. Because Kirk was always the type to live in the moment, and at the moment his life was perfect. So he was just going to enjoy whatever time he had with his Vulcan.

And Spock made spending time with him very enjoyable.

Especially when a few grapes later, Kirk was cuddled in Spock's lap as the Vulcan proceeded to feed him the rest of his breakfast. And he couldn't help but notice the erection digging into the small of his back - or the way it jumped every time he sucked just the slightest bit on the tips of Spock's fingers.

He smirked wickedly, and hoped Spock didn't see it.

"Mmm..." he moaned, as Spock placed another grape in his mouth. And then he continued to make as many obscene noises as possible as his Vulcan continued feeding him. "This is so good, Spock - you have to try some."

So he held the next grape in his mouth, and turned his head to press his lips to Spock - using his tongue to share the small piece of fruit.

"Jim," Spock growled lowly.

He gave his best smirk back, reaching back against to pepper soft kisses along Spock's jaw as he wiggled his hips.

"I'm hungry for something else, now..." Kirk murmured.

And that was the end of breakfast - but it was hard to care about the tray and food scattered all over the floor as his warm Vulcan pressed him down upon the bed, stealing his every breath.

"Hey Bones!" Kirk greeted his friend when they met up for a late lunch. For most people, it would appear that there was a respectable distance between him and his Vulcan. But to someone who knew them – like Bones - Spock was practically plastered along his back. And with the way Spock was brushing warm fingers along the bare skin of Kirk's s ide where his civilian shirt rode up – well, it was probably pretty obvious that something was going on between them.

And then there was the unnecessary chivalry. Kirk was definitely not a girl – and his first officer should have known this, what with all the times he'd had Kirk's penis in his mouth last night and this morning. But Spock still held his chair out for him, making sure he was settled and pushed in before taking a seat himself. It was… kind of nice, to be the partner getting taken care of, rather than the one taking care. For once.

"I... think I missed something, last night," Bones said slowly, as if weighing every word. But at least he hadn't opened with a 'damn it, Jim'. Those always meant he was in trouble – and usually that there was a hypospray somewhere nearby.

Kirk shivered at the thought, looking at Bones suspiciously and trying to see if he was hiding one of those evil devices. Just because he couldn't see one right away, didn't mean they weren't there. It was likely the doctor was hiding them behind his back or something.

"Indeed, doctor. Jim has agreed to be mine," Spock answered for them - and maybe the Vulcan had a headache or something, because his eyes were kind of dark and Kirk would almost say that he was glaring, as if Spock would ever do something so un-Vulcan as glare.

Bones let out a low whistle.

"You're going to have your hands full with this one, you know?" he told Spock - and Kirk was sort of offended. He wasn't any trouble!

"As Vulcans have three times the strength of humans, I believe my hands will be sufficient to the task of keeping others away from what is mine," Spock replied, his voice all low and growly.

Kirk shivered again – this time in arousal instead of fear. Spock was so sexy when he talked about his superior strength, and how he would use it to claim him. It was odd, but Kirk liked being claimed. He liked the idea of belonging to Spock, belonging with Spock.

But he wanted to make sure that Spock realized it was a two-way street – the Vulcan belonged to him, too. And Kirk might not have superior Vulcan strength, but he was still determined to make his point.

However, before he could comment, a waiter walked up to their table. The Risian was pretty attractive – not that he was a good judge of male beauty, but Kirk could tell he must be pretty hot by the way Bones was looking the guy up and down. Unfortunately, the man must have recognized him from all the holo-feeds, because he seemed to be ignoring Bones and Spock in favor of staring at Kirk. All of the attention got pretty old after a while – sometimes he just wished people would stop staring at him, and just leave him in peace…

"Can I get you anything, sir? Anything?" the Risian asked, looking straight at Kirk - and his voice was a bit throaty, like maybe he had a cold or something. But Bones didn't comment the way he usually did when he thought someone was sick, so it probably wasn't a big deal or anything.

"Just orange juice, thanks," he ordered. "What do you want, Spock?"

He thought Spock said something in Risian about tearing someone's eyes out, but it could have easily been the name of some weird drink. Kirk wasn't too good at Risian. And he guessed that maybe the waiter felt bad that they didn't have what Spock wanted, because he scurried off without even taking Bones's order.

"I'm sorry they didn't have your drink, Spock," he told his... well, his boyfriend. Though it was so weird to think of him like that.

"His... his drink?" Bones spluttered. "He didn't order a damn drink!"

Kirk tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"Oh. So did you order a sandwich or something?" he asked curiously. He really needed to work on his languages. Maybe Uhura would help out, if he asked nicely - he did make her laugh an awful lot last night, after all.

And it was nice to hear her laugh, because she was usually so serious and professional all the time. It was good to see her enjoying something enough that she laughed hard enough to cry. He just didn't really like that she was laughing at his expense.

Especially when it wasn't his fault. How was he supposed to know Spock was gay? Though really, it all turned out for the best, in the end. Kirk had been such a good wingman last night that not only had he gotten Spock laid, but he got Spock his exact specifications. That it got him into a relationship with his Vulcan first officer was a bit surprising - but well, Kirk was always good at taking things as they came.

Bones opened his mouth to say something else - but then he got really pale and didn't say anything.

"Are you okay, Bones?" he asked. "Do you feel sick or something?"

Bones muttered something about scary Vulcan death glares. But when Kirk turned to look at Spock, the Vulcan was just sort of gazing at him with soft eyes. That didn't look like a scary Vulcan death glare to him. Maybe Bones was seeing things. His best friend obviously needed to get laid - maybe then he would stop muttering and start making more sense.

And since Kirk was such a good wingman, he would help!

A different waiter came to take their food orders, and this one was quiet and looked everywhere but at Kirk when he talked. It was a bit unusual, but he was too occupied with the way Spock was caressing his fingers to think much of it.

But as lunch passed, and Bones continued randomly paling and muttering to himself, Kirk decided that his doctor friend really needed to get laid. Obviously he must have blown it with the girl last night, because Bones was usually much calmer than this after a night of sex. Or maybe they did have sex, but it just wasn't good enough for Bones because it was a vagina and not a cock? He knew how much Bones loved cock, after all.

So that settled that - Kirk, Spock, and Bones would go to a gay club tonight, and Kirk would find Bones a hot guy to bed. Bones could have their room, of course - Kirk was a good enough friend to clear out and stay with Spock for the night.

That it meant he would get orgasms as well was no matter, of course.

"Bones!" he interrupted his friend's babbling - something about the psychology of some alien species' jealousy, or something along those lines. He wasn't really paying attention. "Since I was such a good wingman for Spock last night, I think that I should get you laid tonight! You will pick up the hottest dude ever. Actually, there was this cute Ardanan last night - you probably would have liked him."

Spock went very still beside him - Kirk supposed he just liked doing that randomly, especially when Kirk was walking just behind him. Kirk was really lucky his nose wasn't bruised from last night, because Spock's back was like titanium, really. All hard. And warm. And smooth. And… well,h he supposed that Spock could keep his strange quirks. He was sexy enough to pull them off.

Bones gulped, and then took a really big bite of his sandwich.

"You wish to return to a dancing establishment tonight, Jim?" Spock asked.

"Well, yeah - we have to get Bones laid, after all! I think I might wear eyeliner tonight, too. And maybe leather pants. We should go shopping!" he replied. "Now that I'm not-straight I'm supposed to like shopping, right?"

Spock sighed, like he was the most put-upon being in the galaxy.

"As you wish, Jim," he replied. And then he took the check when it came, and paid before either Kirk or Bones could offer. Kirk thought that maybe having a big Vulcan sweetheart for a boyfriend was going to rock.

Bones decided not to go leather pants shopping with them - Kirk didn't know why, because Bones was not-straight and so he should like shopping too. Besides, they were going to a gay club for him tonight, so his doctor friend should at least put some effort into his appearance.

"His appearance will not matter, Jim," Spock told him. "None will be looking at the doctor."

Kirk frowned. Of course they would be looking at Bones. He was an awesome wingman, and he would make sure his friend got noticed. Spock wrapped an arm around his waist when he told him so.

"You are determined to wear pants made of treated cow hide tonight?" Spock asked him seriously, and Kirk nodded in response. "Then no one will be looking at the doctor."

Kirk sometimes didn't follow Spock's logic. What did him wearing leather pants have to do with guys looking at Bones?

"I bet you a blowjob that I will be such an awesome wingman that Bones will pull someone in the first hour," Kirk challenged.

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"You will perform fellatio if this does not occur?" he questioned.

He refrained from pouting at the hint of disbelief that crept into his first officer's voice. See the thing was: Kirk was straight up until last night. And then Spock changed all that, what with cock blocking him at the bar and paying him back with his awesome blowjob skills. More than awesome, really –Spock gave indescribably pleasurable blowjobs, complete with a lack of gag reflex and touch telepathy that let the Vulcan determine exactly what got him off. It almost wasn't fair. Because Kirk was normally great at receiving oral sex, but Spock made his knees literally buckle in pleasure: numerous times, until he could barely even summon the strength to push Spock's head away.

And then the self-sacrificing Vulcan didn't even ask for anything in return – Kirk had to insist that he was going to give him a hand job. It was… different, not having anything expected of him. Spock just wanted him as he was – the Vulcan had said that he just wanted to give Kirk pleasure, and that would be enough for him.

Then Spock, the guy with a personal space bubble larger than Kirk's ego, actually deigned to cuddle with him afterward.

So honestly, how could he do anything but decide to be not-straight and monogamous for his Vulcan?.

And while Kirk had never given a blowjob before – well, so what? How hard could it be, really? He was pretty good at jerking Spock off, after all, and he had never done that to another guy before either.

"Yes," Kirk decided. "And if I do get Bones a guy in the first hour, you have to give me a blowjob."

"I do not believe those fair terms, as I would accede to perform fellatio on your person at this moment, if not for your human modesty," Spock informed him archly.

He swallowed. Hard. Because they were in the middle of the street. And lots of people would see them. And sometimes Spock said really kinky, really hot things. And he didn't quite know how to react.

"Um..." Kirk mumbled, just to bide time. "What do you want the terms to be, then?"

"If you lose our bet, you will perform fellatio upon my person. If I am to lose the bet, I will perform analingus upon your person," his first officer said blandly, as if commenting on the weather.

"Is... um... okay?" he agreed, unsure how he felt about that. Spock's tongue... there. Because sure, Kirk had a few adventurous female partners who put a finger (and on one memorable occasion, two) up there, but a tongue?

"Perhaps we should purchase an enema in preparation for your triumph, Jim," Spock suggested.

Kirk wondered if all Vulcans were so kinky, or if was just his Vulcan.

The shop Spock took him to was half clothes, half sex toys. Kirk looked around nonchalantly, unfazed at the variety of toys and the racks and racks of leather clothes. It really was nothing he hadn't seen before – because he was James Tiberius Kirk, and anything but vanilla. He had played around with vibrators and handcuffs and nipple clamps before – sure, he was the one using them on his female partner, and not the other way around, but it still wasn't a big deal or anything.

Well, except for maybe the pillory in the middle of the store. He could just imagine Spock's firm hand on the back of his neck, pressing him down and locking him in - leaving him vulnerable for anyone who might walk by. Except of course Spock wouldn't let anybody touch him. They could only look. And then his Vulcan would rip his clothes off and take him…

Kirk was snapped out of his fantasies when a tall Risian approached them from behind the front counter. He wondered if maybe Spock was a bit of an exhibitionist, because he slid his hand down to palm Kirk's ass over his jeans as soon as the guy walked over. His Vulcan was obviously doing his very best to make it difficult for Kirk to concentrate – what with the fondling and all those promises of public fellatio still ringing in his ears.

"Are you looking for something in particular, sweetie?" the guy asked, looking Kirk from head to toe and licking his lips. Kirk figured the guy was just trying to guess his measurements.

"We're going to a gay club tonight," he told the Risian, doing his best to ignore Spock's hand groping his ass. "I want leather pants. And eye liner."

"A collar as well," Spock said - and his first officer seemed pretty serious about it.

"You're going to wear a collar, Spock?" he asked, and yeah - that would be pretty hot. Especially if Spock was wearing leather pants. And not wearing a shirt.

"No, Jim - you will be wearing a collar," Spock informed him, squeezing his ass in emphasis. Kirk was going to have to start wearing looser pants if Spock was going to grope him in public all the time, because his hard on was sort of noticeable in his tight jeans.

The Risian looked between them curiously, and Kirk just shrugged in a 'what-can-I-say?' kind of way.

"The leather is over here," the Risian told him, leading them over to a couple racks. "Would you like assistance in trying the pants on? They are sometimes difficult..."

The guy backed up three steps, his hands raised in the air as if Kirk had pulled a phaser on him. Kirk wasn't even carrying a phaser.

"Okay, okay - I get it. Hands off," the Risian said, turning to flee behind the counter.

Kirk wondered what that was about. But it didn't really matter, because Spock was still caressing his backside, and it was pretty distracting. And he would never find what if was looking for if Spock didn't stop turning him on so much, so he twisted away and put a clothes rack between him and his Vulcan. There – he should be able to focus now.

"What do you think about these, Spock?" Kirk asked, holding up the first pair of black leather pants he found in his size. They had this weird zipper that went completely from the front to the back.

"Do you know what those pants are for, Jim?" Spock replied, looking at him with dark eyes.

"Um... clubbing?" he said, looking down at them. "Why? What's wrong with them?"

"There is nothing wrong with them," his Vulcan told him. "It would be advisable to ascertain their fit."

"Yeah, there's a dressing room right over there," he agreed. "Can you find the eyeliner while I try these on?"

Spock replied in the affirmative, so Kirk slipped into the dressing room. He dropped his pants, and on second thought his briefs as well - the leather would probably be too tight to wear anything underneath. And it was a bit of a struggle to pull the leather pants up, and the zipper was really weird - the front zipped easily enough, but it was kind of difficult to get the back up. They fit okay - a little too tight around his ass, but if he got the next size up there would be too much room around his waist.

They did make his backside look awesome though, and Kirk really wanted to see if he could make Spock react. He would count it as a win if Spock's eyes narrowed and got all dark and aroused.

"What do you think?" he asked seductively, stepping out of the dressing room.

Kirk frowned when he saw Spock over by the counter, talking to the Risian. Was Spock flirting with the Risian? But no, the guy was really pale, and seemed to be breathing shallowly. It sort of looked like he was having a panic attack. Maybe some weirdo came in, and Spock just scared them off or something?

Satisfied with that explanation, and tired of Spock's attention to another guy, Kirk called his boyfriend's name. Spock turned immediately, and he looked sort of like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He better not have been flirting...

"What do you think, Spock?" Kirk asked, crossing his arms angrily at the thought of his new boyfriend chatting up another guy.

"They are far too tight around the posterior, Jim," Spock replied, practically slinking up to him.

He huffed, not letting Spock put his arm around his waist. If Spock wanted to touch him so badly, he shouldn't have been chatting up the Risian.

"Well, maybe if you were over here helping instead of flirting with that guy..." he trailed off - and no, he was not jealous. He didn't get jealous.

"I was not flirting," Spock denied. And he knew Vulcans didn't lie, so Kirk guessed that was that. Except...

"Then why did you look so guilty?" he asked suspiciously.

"Because I was attempting to ascertain the location of nipple clamps, and did not wish to alarm you," his Vulcan replied serenely.


Kirk thought that Spock maybe kind of broke his brain for a moment there.

"Um... I don't know if you noticed last night. Or this morning. But my nipples are really sort of sensitive. I... clamps are definitely not necessary, okay? How about... how about you get that collar instead? And a dildo? Or a vibrator? Whatever you want, okay - just no nipple clamps," he bargained, jutting his lower lip out the tiniest little bit. It could not even be called a pout, really.

Spock acquiesced, turning to the Risian to amend their list of items. The guy looked at them with wide eyes – which really, he worked in a sex shop, and their desired toys really weren't all that kinky. Well, his desired toys weren't all that kinky, anyway – Spock wanted to use nipple clamps on him.

Kirk just silently blessed the power of his not-pout, because it saved his sensitive nipples from that torture. Good thing he came out when he did – because what if Spock had already bought a pair before he could stop him? Then he would feel bad not using them, or making him return them.

"Okay, so back to the pants," he said, twisting his torso back to try to see his ass. They really were very tight. And they really did make his ass look amazing – like the universe's gift to not-straight men. Or well, just Spock. The Risian couldn't even appreciate them, because he had sprinted to another aisle to start gathering everything together. It's not like they were in any rush – he could have stayed to give his opinion.

"They will be acceptable, Jim. I will simply carry my phaser," Spock replied. And that was Spock, always prepared for any threat.

"So I guess I will get them. And maybe that slinky blue shirt, too? Did you find the eyeliner?" he asked.

Spock showed him the small stick. It was black - Kirk hoped he didn't look too evil. Maybe the collar would help with that? Well, he could try it on at least, just to see.

The store actually had a pretty good selection of collars. They even had this black leather one with a silver IDIC symbol on the front. Why would they put a Vulcan symbol on a collar?

But it didn't really matter, because Spock pushed him up against the wall and kissed the breath out of him when he tried it on - so that was definitely the one he was getting. Kirk was glad he could read Spock so well, sometimes. His Vulcan was so easy to please, and he really was very good to him.

After the collar, they browsed the aisles to pick up a few sex toys – getting everything on their list and then some. Nothing too adventurous - just some small dildos and vibrators. And this weirdly shaped, dildo-type thing. The box said 'aeneros', and Spock said he would enjoy it, so Kirk just nodded and went along with it. He was willing to be adventurous for his boyfriend – he trusted Spock not to steer him wrong.

Oh, and they also bought a pair of handcuffs. Not that Spock needed them, to hold him down. So maybe they were for Spock, so Kirk could hold him down.

That would be kind of hot.

It was early evening by the time they finished at the shop - it probably wouldn't have taken so long, except Spock kept pushing him against the shelves and kissing him breathless. Not that Kirk was complaining.

The poor Risian got quite the show, though. It was a bit embarrassing, but Spock didn't seem to mind, so Kirk determined that he wouldn't, either. After all, he was the one with the shameless reputation - he couldn't have his Vulcan show him up.

"Uhura! Chapel!" Kirk called out, when he saw the two women on the main street. "How was your day?"

"Pretty good, Captain," Chapel replied, a smirk playing along her lips. What was so funny? Why was Kirk always on the outside of jokes?

"How did the wingmanning go for you last night?" Uhura asked, looking like she was trying to hold in giggles.

"Awesome! Spock said I'm a superlative wingman, right Spock?" Kirk asked, turning to his Vulcan expectantly.

"Indeed," the other replied. "Jim gave me exactly what I wished for."

"He wanted to top a blue-eyed human until he was incoherent," he informed the women. "It was awful specific, really. And then this Andorian and Caitian also wanted to top a blue-eyed human. I called dibs for Spock. We never did find one, though - but luckily I'm a blue-eyed human, so it all turned out all right in the end."

Uhura and Chapel nodded along seriously to his story – he was glad they thought it interesting.

"So what are you going to do tonight, Spock?" Uhura asked. "Anymore clubs with Orion girls dancing in bikinis?"

"Negative. Jim and I will be attempting to procure a male sexual partner for Doctor McCoy," Spock replied, deadpan.

"Yeah. I was such a good wingman last night, so I thought it would be cool to continue my streak with Bones," Kirk agreed.

"But what if he wants a blue-eyed human, Captain?" Chapel asked in all seriousness, with wide eyes.

"Is there a blue-eyed human fad going around or something?" he asked absentmindedly, distracted by the old antique book store he just spotted over Chapel's shoulder. He wondered if they carried any 19th century English literature – he was always looking to expand his collection.

"Or something," Uhura laughed. "We better go before Spock starts nerve-pinching people in his justified paranoia that they all want what he has."

"What do you have?" Kirk asked his boyfriend as Spock led him away from the women – and towards the bookstore.

Kirk was curious to see if they had any Dickens, because this was definitely the best of times. His first officer was his, and he couldn't help but smile as he reached for Spock's hand – and Spock reached back.