Title: The Learning Curve, Part 3/3
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It did not take long to get back to the cabana, even at a slow pace - and their pace was anything but sedate. In fact, it was the most hurried stride Kirk had ever seen Spock use outside of an emergency.

That was kind of hot, knowing that he could reduce his Vulcan to nearly jogging through the streets. Spock was normally so composed, refusing to let anything rattle him – but Kirk enjoyed shattering that cool calm façade, revealing the deep passion hidden within.

It was even hotter when the Vulcan jumped him as soon as the door closed behind them, pushing him against the wall and once again lifting him up until their mouths were even. It was only an inch or so - Spock really was not much taller than him - but god, Spock's strength. Just the fact that the Vulcan used it on him, when he was usually so careful to keep it restrained.

The way he had just dropped that guy without even trying...

"Let me down," Kirk panted against the other's lips.

Dark eyes stared into his own, pupils dilated with lust.

Lust for him.

"I find I do not wish to," Spock stated firmly, leaning forward to continue their passionate kissing. Kirk turned his head - but his Vulcan only took that as an invitation to lick and suck at his neck.

"Spock...I want to suck you," he whined, placing his hands on those strong shoulders and trying to push his Vulcan vampire back. His neck was going to be such a mess tomorrow morning...

Fortunately Spock let himself be pushed, taking a step back and allowing just enough room between their bodies that Kirk could have slipped to his knees. Spock looked at him expectantly – impatiently, as if he wished for Kirk to suck him off right then and there. The blond just frowned, though, looking at the hard floor.

"I want to do this on the bed," he decided, slipping around Spock and sauntering towards said piece of furniture. He wiggled his ass in a way that he normally would never do as he walked - and it made him feel sort of silly, but he guessed Spock liked it from the way his eyes darkened even further. If his boyfriend was any less Vulcan, he probably would have licked his lips.

When Kirk reached the bed, a naughty idea popped into his head. So he toed off his boots, and kneeled on the edge, facing Spock. And then he gave the Vulcan his most seductive smile - pulling his shirt off and making sure to ruffle his hair as he did so.

Spock stood completely still, staring at him as if he were a piece of... well, not meat. Maybe chocolate.

"You have no need to seduce me," his Vulcan murmured, devouring him with his eyes. "I am already willing to do as you wish."

*********Scene Cut*********

Kirk ignored the mess, pulling his Vulcan down to lie beside him and then crawling on top of him. They cuddled for a few minutes - or more like, Spock laid there and allowed Kirk to sprawl over him. But eventually, he could no longer ignore his... uncomfortable situation. And it made him a little pissy, because he liked cuddling with Spock - and he didn't like anything that interrupted his Vulcan snuggle time.

"So can I take these pants off now?" Kirk asked sarcastically, because he could feel his cum drying, gluing his skin to the leather - and it was just going to get worse the longer he waited. At this point, these things were coming off no matter what Spock said.

"You do not wish to engage in intercourse again?" Spock questioned - and when he looked down, sure enough his lover's cock was hard again.

Or perhaps hard still. Insatiable Vulcan.

"Put your bone away," he replied with a little grin, shaking his head a bit in disbelief. "I'm getting out of these things and taking a shower. A nice, warm water shower. That you are going pay the hotel for, because you are the one that made me cum in my pants and get all sticky."

"Yes, I am," Spock admitted.

Though he didn't sound penitent. No - more like smug. Kirk just gingerly wiggled off the bed, ignoring the burn in his muscles and the slight pain that shot up his spine. God, Spock was big – he's still not sure how his Vulcan fit so completely inside him.

"Do you require assistance, Jim?" his Vulcan asked. And yes, he was definitely smug.

Kirk wasn't sure he liked Spock smug - and luckily for him, someone revealed a bit more than he meant to in the sex meld. Who knew Vulcans could be so primal and possessive?

He knew now – and Kirk enjoyed thinking of all the amazing things he was going to do with such knowledge. After all, it was only logical to take advantage of such information. Spock should be pleased at his… commitment to understanding his boyfriend's culture.

"Well, my ass kind of hurts," he stated - and that was the truth, though he wouldn't normally admit it. But... "I guess I should probably go see Bones after my shower. He will probably be done with the Andorian by then, and as my doctor he's going to want to examine me."

He laughed as Spock growled, just as he knew he would – and then his Vulcan pulled him into the bathroom and helped him wriggle out of the uncomfortable pants, nearly ripping the leather in his haste.

Thirty minutes later - after a hot shower and an even hotter 'sorry for making you cum in your new leather pants' blowjob - he was once again cuddled up on his Vulcan's chest. After making Spock promise more snuggles and orgasms in exchange for not going to be 'examined' by Bones, of course.

Kirk could get used to this whole not-straight thing.

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