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Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

Groaning at the sound coming from my left I opened my eyes to locate the alarm so I could turn it off without knocking it over.

8:23 A.M. Shit. How long had it been ringing? I was going to be late to my first class. Of course I would sleep through the alarm on the first day of school.

Jumping out of bed I ran over to the closet to grab something decent enough that I could put on in 5 minutes. I grabbed my ripped up light jeans, a dark blue tank, a cardigan and a pair of sandals. My typical outfit. Thank god L.A was always warm and casual enough for just a tank and jeans.

After brushing my teeth and running a comb through my hair I put on a dab of mascara and some lip-gloss. I'm glad my hair was still done from going out the night before; it would've sucked having to fix my rats' nest of hair in such short amount of time.

Checking the time. 8:37. Crap I had 23 minutes to get ready and get to class, luckily I only lived 7 minutes from campus, Yeah I'm late that often that I actually counted several times the exact amount of time it takes me to get to school.

I was in my last year and I wanted to get it over with. Not that college hadn't been fun, I just wanted it done so I could move on and find a job. Although being an English major I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Running out of my room towards the kitchen to grab a granola bar to take to school I see my roommate/ best friend sitting at the bar having breakfast.

"Hey Bella you finally got up? That thing was going off for like 20 minutes."

"Damn it Rose, why didn't you wake me!"

"Umm because the last time I tried to wake you up I ended up on my ass!" she said incredulously. "You really think I'm going to risk you smacking me again? No thank you."

"Oh my god, stop being so dramatic it was one time, and I had been having a nightmare so don't even start, ugh, I'm going to be late cause you couldn't bother getting off your ass to wake me up!"

"That's what alarms are for! Its not my fault you sleep through them," she said while smiling smugly at me.

"Haha fine, sorry I'm just freaking out about today, its the first day of school and then I start that job at the bar tonight and I had a dream last night that I spilled everything and knocked over glasses, you know I'm not the most coordinate person in the world. Plus I'm probably going to forget where my classes are and UGHH," I rushed out in one breath before throwing myself on the couch.

"Babe calm down, you're going to give yourself a conniption."

I laughed at her before asking if she even knew what that meant.

"I think I've been around you enough to understand the big words you occasionally throw around, Ms English major," she huffed.

Laughing I replied, "sorry, I guess I'm just all over the place I didn't mean to offend you."

"You didn't I was just messin," she said as she sat down next to me, "now what's on your mind chica?"

"I had that dream again last night."

"Ooh which reminds me, here," she said as she handed me something, "you dropped it in the bathroom last night and I didn't want it to fall down the drain, I fixed the clasp so hopefully it wont break again, you'd go crazy without this thing, especially since you've been dreaming about it."

"Thanks," I replied as I looked at the locket she handed me. She was right I would freak out if I lost it. It was a gold oval locket on a chain with a small dove and some beads on it. I've had this thing for as long as I could remember, but that wasn't the most important thing about it, there was something worth more to me.

The picture inside. It was so faded you couldn't really see the details anymore, but I knew what it was. It was two kids, about 5 or 6 years old, a boy in dress pants and a tucked in shirt holding hands with a girl in a black polka dot dress walking through a path. The little girl was me, or so I've been told. The little boy? I couldn't tell you. But even though I didn't know who it was I just couldn't part with it. It would break my heart if I ever lost this thing.

"Is it the same thing?" Rose asked, interrupting my thoughts.


"The dream? Is it the same?"

"Oh. That, yeah. I still can't see his face, its so frustrating."

I'd been having the same dream for the last two weeks it was the path in the picture, covered in leaves and surrounded by trees but in place of the two kids it was present me, at 21 years old, holding hands with a tall man. Except every time I would try to get a look at the man all I saw was a strong jaw and nothing else. His entire face was in shadow.

We walked and talked and laughed and we seemed really happy. But no matter how many times I'd had the dream I could never see his face and I would wake up feeling empty. It was frustrating and annoying; yet every night I couldn't help but hope I had the dream again just to get a glimpse and maybe, just maybe, I'd finally be able to see his face.

"Do you think, it means something?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know, like maybe its time to get rid of the picture. You've had it for years and you still don't know who the little boy is. How do you know it's even you? It could easily be one of those pictures that come already in the frame Bells."

"I just know Ro. Plus why would my mom lie and tell me that was me when it wasn't? Plus I still have that dress I was wearing in the picture, it's at Charlie's with all my other baby clothes."

We'd had this conversation many times. She thought I was dreaming up this guy because of my obsession of finding out who it was. But I'd given up on finding him long ago. Well, up until the dreams started.

"When hasn't Renee lied to you? She hasn't been the best mom Bella you know that."

"She wouldn't lie about this."

"Well then why hasn't she just told you who the little boy is? If she took the picture shouldn't she know?"

"Gah Rose we've been over this, she didn't take the picture, I had gone to a party with Irina, my nanny at the time, and she took it. My mom just thought it was cute so she put it in the locket. Then she fired Irina for some reason so I never got to figure it out," I huffed at her. "Sorry, I know I'm being haughty but I just can't shake the dream. There was something new in it," I whispered.


"His eyes."

"What about them?"

"They were green."

"Really? Anything else?" She asked excitedly.

"No, look I got to go my class starts at 9:00 and I'm running late. So ill see you later. You're coming to the bar for my first night right?"

"Sure thing Hun you know I wouldn't miss it," She said while hugging me goodbye. "Plus ill bring Em and tell him to bring some friends so we can get the place packed, and maybe get you a little something something to relieve all that stress."

She winked and smacked my ass before screaming out 'bye' while running to her room to get ready.

I laughed as I was walking out the door. I loved that girl. She always found a way to make me laugh and somehow always found a way to bring sex into any situation. You wouldn't think we'd be such great friends.

She's tall 5'9 sexy as hell, blonde and had no filter whatsoever, whereas I'm a little on the short side, only at 5'4, with long brown hair and a tight body with a shy streak. I wasn't self-conscious but standing next to Rose there was a big contrast.

I also wasn't as loud spoken as Rose I wasn't a mouse either. We became friends when we got put together to dorm our freshman year, she walked into the room, bitch brow in place demanding the bed by the window where I was already situated. What she wasn't expecting was for me to scoff at her and stay right where I was. I was stubborn. She loved that I didn't give in to her, she was so used to everyone bending to her will. So the rest as they say was history. We became inseparable ever since and moved into our own apartment a year later.


As I was running down the stairs towards the lot I ran into a wall. No not literally, it was actually Emmett, Rose's long time lover, her words not mine. They'd been together since high school and I loved him like a brother.

"Hey Em," I said laughing.

"Hey Belldozer, It wouldn't be right to start the day without you running into me," he laughed back.

It was true; we always happened to bump into each other, I'm pretty sure he planned it just so he could pick on me.

"Sorry, cant talk, late for class, Ro said you'd be at the bar later so I'll see ya!" I yelled as I ran towards my ride.

"When are you not running late?" He chuckled "Alright Bells I'll see you tonight to wish you good luck on your new job and to check out your ass in those tiny shorts," He winked then went on his way.

Yea him and Rose were perfect together, I thought sarcastically.

I jumped on my scooter as I checked the time. 8:55. Shit.

When I got to campus I parked as quick as I could, benefit of not bringing a car, and ran towards my first class. Of course running and me always ends in disaster.

SMACK.. Again.

"Crap, I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going and I'm late to class and me running is not the greatest idea and I didn't even see you…" I rambled on until I heard the sexiest laugh ever. Seriously. I didn't know a laugh could be sexy but it just was.

"Its ok, no harm no foul," He said while smiling.

Unnf this man was gorgeous. Tall and lean, with the sexiest bed head I'd ever seen, red and brown and bronze and all over the place, beautiful crooked smile and a jaw I just wanted to lick but what stood out the most were his eyes. His green eyes. Eyes that seemed so familiar but not. I realized I was gawking so I cleared my throat and apologized again for running into him.

Again he blessed me with the sexy crooked smile and spoke, "Its ok I wasn't really paying attention either, but if not paying attention gets me a beautiful girl running into me I might just do it again sometime," He winked.

I blushed. Ugh seriously Bella?

Giggling I replied, "Ditto, It was nice meeting you but I really need to go I'm already late and it's the first day so.."

"Oh yea sorry for keeping you, I hope to see you again…?"

"Oh, Bella. My name's Bella," I stuck out my hand.

"Bella," he repeated smoothly. Puddle. Of. Goo. "I'm Edward," he replied as he grabbed my hand.

The feeling of my hand in his was amazing. No there weren't any crazy sparks or anything like that, it just felt… Right. So very right.

I reluctantly let go of his hand to grab my bag off the floor and continue on to my class.

"Bye Bella. Hope to see you soon."

"Bye Edward, it was great running into you." Mental face palm

"Anytime," He chuckled and shook his head before staring right into my eyes and then turning and walking away.

I watched him retreat as a weird knot formed in my stomach. Ugh probably from not eating. I turned away from staring at the beautiful retreating man and continued my trek to class. I was 10 minutes late. So worth it.


WHOOSH. The air was knocked out my lungs. Yes I had just been run in to. But that wasn't why, the reason? This girl, no this woman, this beautiful woman. I'd never seen anyone so gorgeous.

I wasn't even supposed to be on this side of campus, I just couldn't find my way. I stopped for a second to figure out my surroundings when something small yet strong rammed into me.

"Crap, I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I…" She started rambling but I could hardly concentrate when all I could do was stare at her.

She was, wow, words abandoned me. She was dressed casually with no excessive makeup or jewelry besides a locket. Tight little body, curves in all the right places, jeans that hugged her ass perfectly, long graceful neck and the most beautiful face, plump pink lips, cute button nose and these perfect big brown bambi eyes.

She was still rambling after I finished my perusal so I cut in to say it was ok, I had to chuckle at how adorable she was all flustered.

I could've sworn she was checking me out before she cleared her throat and apologized again.

No apology necessary you can run into me anytime you want. So I told her just that and added a wink to show it didn't bother me at all.

She blushed. God that made her even more gorgeous. She said she had to go so I made sure I at least got her name. Bella. Beautiful. It was perfect.

I introduced myself and when I reached out to grab her hand I didn't want to let go. It felt right having her hand in mine. Like it belonged there. Whoa don't be such a sap Edward you just me her. Doesn't feel like it.

I reluctantly let go of her hand and let her be on her way. Just as I turned around to ask her for her number she was gone. Running to her class. Damn, I made it my mission to find her again. I just had to.

Turning to go back to finding my way I saw something shiny on the ground, as I bent to pick it up I realized it was a locket, Bella's locket. Guess this gives me a reason to find her. I thought as I smiled to myself.

I gave up searching for my classrooms and decided to continue tomorrow. I was new to L.A I just moved here from Seattle. I had lived in Washington my whole life but moved out to California to finish medical school and follow in my father's footsteps.

My father is a world- renowned surgeon and was the chief of surgery at Harborview medical center in Seattle before he decided to go back to his hometown and live a quieter life with my mom and my little sister Bree and their old friends in Forks, Wa.

Not the most popular place to be but I love it none the less. I decided to move down to LA and finish school here when my cousin Jasper bought his own place and invited me to come live with him. Jasper and I had been inseparable as kids but as we grew older him and his mom moved to California while my family stayed in Washington. We stayed in touch though so when he asked I jumped at the chance.

I was 22 years old and had never been out of my home state. Sure California wasn't a big leap from home but it was still exciting. I was finally all settled in and had met a few of Jaspers friends and his girlfriend Alice, girl was a force to be reckoned with but I thought they were perfect together. She made him really happy so I couldn't complain.

When I walked into the house me and Jasper lived in I heard booming laughter and turned to see a hulk of a man sitting on our couch playing a video game with Jasper.

They turned as I strolled into the living room.

"Hey man, you're back, this is my good friend Emmett, Em this is my cousin Edward," Jasper introduced.

"Hey Emmett, nice to meet you," I greeted and shook his hand.

"What's up Eddie? It's nice to finally meet you, I've heard a lot from this guy over here," I cringed at the use of the nickname but didn't correct him, I was used to it, plus no one ever listened when I said I hated it.

"All good things I hope?" I replied jokingly

"Nah, I told him you were a douche," Jasper deadpanned.

We all laughed and ended up having a great time just hanging out. Between seeing my cousin again, meeting all new friends and running into the beautiful Bella, I was really liking L.A.

"Hey man you want to come to the bar with us tonight?" Emmett asked. "Our friend B just got a job working there and we're going to support her and take a bunch of people, you should come, most of the campus will be there."

"Sure, sounds good," I said as I rubbed Bella's locket in my palm. Maybe she'd be there tonight.

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