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"So, you know this means we're about to be family?" Emmett wiggled his eyebrows at me. "And the way you guys, and me and Rose are, we're going to be grandparents in no time."

"Emmett," I growled, socking his arm.

"Leave him alone," Rose said, smacking him in the back of the head. "How would you feel if that was Claire he was talking about?"

He glared at her, causing her to lift an eyebrow in response.

"Sorry," he sighed, putting his hand out for me to shake.

"I'm only accepting your apology because we're family," I smirked, pulling him into a hug.

"Damn right we're family, our babies are getting married," he shouted happily.

I laughed at his jovial expression, before looking down at my wife, when she wrapped her arms around me.

"She's waiting for you," she smiled, tears in her eyes. "She looks beautiful."

"You look beautiful," I said, looking her up and down, her mahogany hair pulled into an updo and the lilac dress that hugged her curves deliciously. We may have gotten older, but my wife was still sexy as hell.

"Thank you," she smiled, running her fingers up my lapels. "So do you."

"I can't wait to take this off of you later," I breathed in her ear.

"Nothing ever changes," she giggled. "I put on a nice dress and you want to rip it off."

"Of course," I winked, bending my head to kiss her.

"Go, she's waiting for you, and she's really nervous," she whispered against my lips. I kissed her once more, before making my way to the back of the hall, knocking on the door that led to my daughter's dressing room.

"Sweetheart," I called out, as I tapped my fingers against the wood.

"Daddy," she cried opening the door and falling into my arms.

"What's wrong Mickey?" I asked, cradling her head against my chest.

"What if I'm doing the wrong thing? What if we get married and then we end up hating each other? What if.."

"What if he turns out to be a woman and he's secretly in love with your brother?" I chuckled, making her laugh and smack my chest.

"I'm being serious," she sniffled.

"I know sweetie, but you can't be thinking of the what ifs. If I didn't think that boy loved you more than anything, you'd be handcuffed to a cab and be far away from here," I smiled, cleaning her face.

"But you've always hated Kellan," she said confused.

"I've never hated him," I chuckled. "I'm just a dad, it's my job to be hard on my daughter's boyfriend."

"What if it's too soon?" she bit her lip, a trait she picked up from Bella.

"McKenna," I smiled. "I married your mom after 5 months, you guys have known each other your entire lives."

"I know," she nodded. "But I want a marriage like yours and moms, you guys are always so happy and Kellan and I do nothing but argue over the silliest things."

"You think your mom and I don't argue?" I laughed. "Babygirl, every couple argues, we just did a good job of hiding it from you kids. It all comes down to the fact that I love your mother, with everything that I am, even if she's yelling at me. Do you love him?"

"I do," she nodded with a smile.

"Hey, save that for the ceremony," I chuckled, tapping under her chin.

"Thank you dad," she whispered, burrowing into my arms. "I love you."

"I love you too sweetie," I replied, tightening my arms around her.

It was hard, knowing that I had to let her go. The day I walked into her room and found her and Kellan, 'practicing', at the age of 12, I knew Emmett had been right.

The three of them had been inseparable since they were little, and as they grew up, many fights happened between the twins, each of them wanting Kellan for their own.

When McKenna and Kellan started dating, Masen took it pretty hard. He avoided them for a while, deciding to spend most of his time with his other friends, but eventually he realized he didn't want to lose them, and the three of them were still as close as can be.

He was going to school to be a doctor, following in mine and my father's footsteps, and living the life of a single guy, which Bella despised, when she saw a different girl hanging off of his arm every few weeks. She couldn't blame him though, saying it was my fault for making such a good-looking kid.

What she didn't know was that nothing ever happened with these girls, he was just looking for the right one, someone he could spend his life with, someone he could be himself with, and someone like what Bella was to me. The boy really was my exact replica.

"Are you ready?" I asked, pulling out of the hug and turning her towards the mirror.

"Just one second," she said, calling out for Kayla, Alice and Jasper's daughter, so she could fix her makeup.

The girl took after Alice, a tiny little thing with jet-black hair and ice blue eyes like Jasper. She was only 16, but she already knew everything there was about makeup and fashion.

"Hey uncle E," she smiled, jumping up to kiss my cheek, before moving towards McKenna and fixing her makeup.

"Hey Kayla, how are you?"

"I'm great," she chirped, before smiling at me shyly. "Is umm, Matt here?"

"Yes," I chuckled, knowing she had a huge crush on our youngest son Matthew. He was only a few months younger than her, but they were in the same grade and hung out occasionally at school. But since she was into art, and Matt was a jock, they didn't really run in the same circles. The funny thing was that Matt liked her too; he was just too shy to admit it.

He may have been a jock, but that was only because he fell in love with baseball, since Charlie would take the kids to game after game when they were younger.

He looked exactly like me, bronze head of hair, except he kept it short, to avoid having a mop on his head, as he referred to mine. His bright green eyes were splattered with flecks of brown, and his face, well his face was all Bella. Pale smooth skin, and pink pouty lips, he was definitely popular with the ladies at school.

"Oh that's cool," Kayla said, tucking her hair behind her ear when she finished McKenna's makeup.

"You should ask him to dance tonight," McKenna said, smirking at me in the mirror. She knew all about their crushes too, having to listen to both of them constantly talk about each other.

"Oh no, I.. Oh it's time," she changed the subject looking at the clock on the wall. "I have to go find my seat, congrats Mickey, you look gorgeous, I'll see you out there."

"They're just like Kellan and I, they just need to admit it already and get together," she laughed.

"I know," I smiled. "You look gorgeous sweetie, almost prettier than your mom on our wedding day, just don't tell her I told you that."

"Thanks," she blushed, tucking a loose curl behind her ear. "I'm so happy she let me use her dress."

"Of course she did, she knew how much you loved it," I smiled, watching her adjust the dress Bella wore on our wedding day more than 20 years ago.

"Ok," she said, taking a deep breath. "Let's do this."

I held my arm out to her, holding in the tears when she gripped me tight and we got ready to walk down the aisle.

The moment it was time to let go, I did so with a smile, hugging her tight to me before hugging Kellan as well.

The boy was like a son to me, I may have given him a hard time sometimes, but it was all in good fun, there was no one I would trust more to take care of her and love her.

I patted Masen's shoulder before taking my seat next to Bella, holding her close as she cried tears of happiness and gripped Rose's hand.

To them it was the best thing ever, who better than to marry your kid than your best friends kid.

The wedding and reception went by quick, as we relived our younger days and danced the night away.

Bella was bothered every once in a while, with people wanting a quick autograph or picture, since she had become somewhat famous when her book became a bestseller.

She still wrote, and she would never stop, she found her love and she was keeping it.

It was hard for her for a while, getting used to the attention, especially when said attention came from a certain Renee.

When she found out Bella was becoming somewhat famous, she tried to hone in on the fame, the woman never changed, and it was ridiculous to think she could just barge into our lives like that.
To say she was surprised that we were happily married with kids, was and understatement. Every word she told Bella was thrown back in her face, she left that day with a weak apology, and we hadn't heard from her since.

"Do you remember when she was that small?" Bella asked in my ear as we danced, bringing me out of my thought.

"What?" I asked, looking over to where she pointed, and saw Bree and her husband Riley, dancing with their 7 year old daughter.

"McKenna, do you remember when she was Aubrey's age, and she wanted to be a writer like me, and she would make up random stories?" she laughed.

"Yea," I chuckled, remembering a story in particular, of her and Masen being vampires, but they didn't eat people because it was mean. Sadly, she didn't continue writing, opting instead to go to school to become an architect.

"Are you sad?" she asked, leaning her chin on my chest.

"No," I shook my head. "She's happy, so I'm happy."

"I love you," she smiled up at me.

"I love you too," I replied, bending my head to kiss her.

"Seriously dad? Even at Mickey's wedding?" Masen said, grasping my shoulder.

"I can't resist your mother," I wiggled my eyebrows, causing him to scrunch his face up in mock disgust. I knew he really didn't care, they were used to it, and knowing how affectionate Bella and I were while they were growing up.

They sometimes asked why other couples didn't love each other as much as we did in front of our family, much to our dismay and embarrassment. To this day we're still labeled the PDA King and Queen, even if it was rare we actually went at it in public.

"Can I cut in?" he asked, giving Bella and I a crooked smile.

"Sure," Bella chirped happily, opening her arms for him.

I kissed her forehead quickly, before passing her to Masen, and went to look for McKenna.

As I was walking towards her, I noticed Matt and Kayla off to the side, holding hands, and had to hold in a smirk at the sight. Bella and Alice would be ecstatic.

I took turns dancing with the various women in my family, laughing at Bella when she stuck her tongue out at me, while she danced with both of our sons.

After dancing with McKenna one more time, I faced Bella and opened my arms to her. She kissed Matt's cheek before practically prancing my way.

"Hi," I chuckled, when she threw her arms around me.

"Hi," she whispered, standing on her toes to kiss me.

"Have you been drinking?" I asked, tasting the sweetness of the champagne on her lips.

"A little bit," she bit her lip. "Our mothers insisted, they wanted to relive their youth."

I laughed loudly at her answer, knowing Esme and Irena were major lushes when they went out, no matter how old they got, they still liked to have a good time, and Charlie and Carlisle didn't stop them, choosing to just sit back and watch.

"Did you enjoy yourself today?" I asked, swaying us back and forth to the last song of the night.

"Yea, I'm so happy for her," she sighed, looking over at McKenna and Kellan, dancing in the own little bubble with their heads together.

"Me too," I smiled, bending down to kiss her softly. The kiss escalated quickly, the alcohol running through Bella's body making her bold as she rubbed her body against mine.

"Dad," Matt cleared his throat. "They're getting ready to leave."

We broke our kiss reluctantly, laughing at the blush on Matt's face, and following him towards the rest of our family.

"Were they making out again?" McKenna teased when we joined them.

"You think it's bad now, you should have seen them at your age," Charlie laughed. "You don't know how many times I caught them."

"Alright," Bella chuckled with a blush. "Tonight is not about us and our inability to keep our hands off each other, it's about these two and how after this weekend they probably won't be able to keep their hands off each other."

"Bella," I groaned, while everyone else just laughed.

"It's true," she laughed at me before whispering in my ear. "Don't you remember our honeymoon?"

"Yes," I whispered back huskily. "And no way do I want her doing everything we did."

"How about, while they're on their honeymoon, we have a little on of our own?" she purred in my ear.

"Have a great time sweetie," I told McKenna, making everyone laugh.

"Thanks mom, I really don't want to know what you said, but thanks," she laughed, kissing each of our cheeks before getting in the car with her new husband.

"Well," Emmett said suddenly, throwing his arm over my shoulder. "Next step is becoming grandparents."

"Shut up," I growled, pushing his arm off of me and trying to hide a smile. I knew he just did it to mess with me, so why not give him the reaction he wanted.

"Let's go home," Bella said, tugging on my arm, away from Emmett.

"Later family," I waved, tugging my wife towards the car, laughing at everyone's gagging noises.

When we made it to the car, she pushed me against it, bringing my mouth down to hers and kissing me fiercely.

I moaned against her lips, dragging my hands down her back to land on her, still perky ass.

"You always look so sexy in a suit, I can't wait to get home and scream your name," she sighed against my lips.

"What about Matt?" I moaned, knowing that we still had one more kid at home to worry about.

"He's spending the night at Masen's."

The words were barely out of her mouth before I pushed her in the car, wanting to get home as soon as possible.

"Edward," she laughed when I threw her over my shoulder and walked us towards the house and up that stairs, not putting her down until I reached our bedroom.

I stripped her down to nothing, tossing her on the bed before I removed my suit and stared at her.

"God, you're still as beautiful as the day you ran into me," I smiled down at her lying across my bed. I loved this woman more and more every day we spent our lives together.

"I think you're sexier," she giggled, pulling me down to the bed to lie on top of her.

"Oh do you?" I asked huskily against her neck, where I laved her soft skin with kisses.

"Yes," she breathed, running her fingers through my hair and holding me to her as I kissed towards the swell of her breast, stopping at the familiar locket she still wore around her neck. On one side, was still the picture of Bella and I, and the other, a picture of Masen, McKenna and Matt. Our triple Mmm's, as Emmett called them, when they were younger.

"I'm really glad I lost this that day, and you had to return it," Bella said, running her finger along the chain.

"Me too," I whispered, pressing a kiss to the pendant, before attaching my lips to hers.

I ran my hand up her thigh, smiling against her lips when she let out a loud moan as I cupped her sex. She was definitely taking advantage of the empty house, since we couldn't really be loud with a sixteen year old still in the house.

"I love you so much," I whispered against her throat as I started to work my way down her body, stopping to leave a kiss on the faded scar from Matt's c-section. Our boy had been a big baby.

"I love you too," she sighed, giving into the feel of my lips all over.

Our sex life never got old; I swear it just got better with age. Any time my body was near hers, sparks ignited throughout it, knowing it's other half was near.

"Edward," she moaned, when my mouth reached her hipbone, knowing what was coming next.

I ran my tongue from her entrance to clit, stopping to leave a kiss at the very top. This never got old either, if I could taste her everyday I would.

"Fuck," she panted, throwing her head back as I sucked her clit into my mouth. We'd stopped swearing as much once the kids were old enough to understand and repeat, but in the bedroom, nothing was off limits.

"Mmm," I moaned into her, loving how she still fisted my hair in her hand and pulled me tighter against her. "You taste so good."

"Ughh.. oh god," she cried out as I added my fingers to the mix, entering two of them in her pussy, and curling them immediately to find her perfect spot. "Edward!"

"Yea love?" I smirked against her skin, kissing my way up until my lips found hers, my fingers still in her tight heat.

"Oh god," she moaned against my lips, bucking her hips to get more friction from my unmoving fingers. "Please.. I need you inside of me."

"As you wish love," I smiled against her lips, taking my fingers out and replacing them with my cock, entering her slowly as I licked my fingers clean.

"Oh fuck.. yes.." she hissed, throwing her head back in pleasure and moaning when my mouth engulfed her nipple.

"I love you," I groaned against her skin, speeding up my thrusts and meeting her hips as she lifted them.

"So much," she whimpered, tightening her legs around me and reaching between us to rub her clit.

"Mmm, just like that baby, damn that's so sexy," I said, staring at her fingers drawing circles around her bundle of nerves, occasionally rubbing against my cock as I slipped in and out of her. "Look at us, we still look fucking perfect, the way your pussy just swallows my cock, I was made to be inside you baby."

"Harder," she begged, arching her back to get me closer, biting her lip to quiet her moans.

"No," I practically growled, pulling her lip out of her mouth and sucking it into mine. "Let me hear you love."

"Oh fuck, I forgot," she panted.

"Do it," I said, replacing her finger with mine and rubbing her clit hard.

"Yes, Edward, yes!" she moaned loudly with a giggle.

"Yes just like that," I chuckled, earning an extra loud groan from her, her giggles turning into loud moans. I knew she was exaggerating, but it was still sexy as hell to hear her call out my name.

"Edward.. fuck baby, please... harder, I need you deep inside me," she groaned, her nails digging into my back as I increased my pace.

"Like this love? Do you like that?" I asked, angling my hips so I hit the perfect spot.

"Oh god, oh god, yes just like that.. ughhh," she cried out.

"Yes baby, tighten around me, come around my cock Bella, let go," I groaned in her ear.

"Edward!" she shouted, her body starting to tremble underneath me. "Come with me."

"Bella!" I cried out, burying my head in her neck as I spilled inside of her.

"I love you," she panted.

"I love you too," I replied, lifting my head and kissing her mouth. "We're doing that all night."

"Perfect," she sighed, stretching her back and running her fingers through my hair.

I hugged her body to mine, enjoying the feeling of rightness I still felt to this day, whenever we touched.

I loved this woman, with every fiber of my being.

"I really am glad I ran into you that day, I never thought I'd be happy about my clumsiness," she whispered with a laugh.

"So am I, Belldozer," I chuckled, making her smack me for calling her the nickname Emmett still liked to use occasionally.

"I'll show you Belldozer," she growled jokingly, flipping us over so she was on top.

"I love you," I chuckled, holding her body tight to mine and kissing her sweetly.

"I know," she sighed, running her fingers through my hair. "I love you too."

I knew she did, and she always would.

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