This is my loving tribute to Repo! The Genetic Opera. All of the lyrics in the story have been written by me for this purpose. I don't own Repo! I'm not profiting by this in any way but I do love Anthony Stewart Head and the creative genius of this musical/opera.

Comments welcome, wanted, loved. Please be gentle. :-P

I'm going to try and keep to the original storytelling as much as I possibly can but there are bound to be differences with the different mediums. This is an original story, though.

Wow this is long winded of me. All I mean to say was read, enjoy, review. Please.

He stepped into the street standing six feet tall with long hair and pale skin. His dark lips grinned. Watching the people passing by, one man ran by him, screaming. Another figure stalked by after him, slow as a cat taking its time to wear out the mouse. Looking the way they disappeared he sang softly.

Curtain opens

See the streets red with blood

See the figure in the shadows

No escape, don't try to run

He has found his latest target

And pray it isn't you

When the Repo men come calling

Your worst nightmares all come true

Another scream sounded in the distance, cut off midway to leave the alley in silence. The full moon shined over them, the crimson stain of death seeping onto the asphalt to reflect metallic in the glow. The Repo man let the corpse slide down the wall to the ground. The windpipe was caved in from a powerful punch. Carefully he used his scalpel to dig onto the flesh, cutting through the skin and abdomen muscles. He reached inside pulling out organs as he found them, searching for the one GeneCo owned. There, he found it! Freeing the liver from the cavity his victim finally died.

The figure rose, putting the organ in a bag and immediately putting the bag in a refrigeration unit he carried. The black leather of his overcoat squeaked as he rose and stalked back the way he came. The tallest building on Sanitarium Island flashed with neon lights and he followed them, back toward GeneCo.

Gamble with your life

If you want that newer image

Sign your name in blood

And let your x-ray take the stage

Who cares for Repo Men

When happiness is yours today

Pay your debts and keep perfection

Until the newest fashion comes your way

A trash truck came rumbling down the street. Two men in white coats took the body and dumped it in the back with the other as the Graverobber looked their way. His gaze swept up to the skyline, floating billboards announcing the newest GeneCo remedies. In disgust he turns away singing as the shadows move to black him out of view.

Rotti Largo selling beauty

While his children sell their sins

The city crumbles into nothing

Vanity the force that wins

It's dark, it's wrong

When you need the glow to breathe again

The knife descends and then it's curtains

The Repo Man always wins.