"I've got him," Rose gasped, "He's weak, oh god Doctor."

"It's alright," He assured her reaching across to tweak a dial, "Just hold on, the TARDIS is extrapolating his position and reaching out through the void, we're pulling him in."

"What do you mean pullin' im' in?" Rose grit her teeth stumbling slightly as her link to the two Doctor's splintered before her eyes.

"We have to get him out of the void," The Doctor clenched another cable in his teeth as he gave the console a wallop with the mallet. "TARDIS has locked on."

"He's dyin'- ." Rose cried as she felt Eleven reach out to her. "Doctor!"

"Get ready!" He shouted as the ship rumbled and groaned.

"For what?" She shrieked.

"To catch!" He shouted pulling three levers in quick secession,

"On my mark," He cried over the screaming of the ship.

"Three-" Rose counted with him.


"Dropping shields, Now!" He smashed the console once more.

"One." Rose braced herself.

A crack opened up above her head and the Doctor stepped back to her side just in time to help cushion the fall of the bandy legged man that dropped from the ceiling, his head cradled against the soft flesh of Rose's chest as they crumpled to the floor.

After a few moments and a flashing of lights a painful groan caught their attention as the Doctor opened his eyes, the TARDIS dimming the lighting to just the soft glow of the rotor itself. He looked up at the woman above him.

"Hello." She smiled despite their crumpled and uncomfortable spot on the grating.

"Rose?" He muttered closing his eyes again. "I must be dead."

"No you're not," The Doctor in pinstripes scoffed extricating himself from the other man's legs.

"Have I always been that melodramatic?"

"Yup," Rose grinned at him as the Doctor in her lap groaned again.

"Come on you." The pinstriped Doctor dragged his counter-part off Rose and helped him stumble to the jump seat, running the sonic over him briefly.

"Get off me," Eleven swatted at his hands, "Let me die in peace."

Ten rolled his eyes at himself. "Rose I need liquid pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, in the infirmary, TARDIS has already drawn it up, go quickly."

"Stop talking about her like she's here." Eleven tried to lift himself away from the man who held him to the chair and tried unsuccessfully to remove his jacket.

"Get off," He moaned again.

"Here," Rose appeared at his other side helping pull his arm out and shirt sleeve up, the syringe clasped in her teeth.

"Nice and deep," Ten instructed as Rose uncapped the needle, "Easy does it."

"Owww." Eleven shrieked as she emptied the contents into his arm.

"You're such a girl." She rolled her eyes, slipping the recapped needle into a hole in the console.

"I beg your pardon but are hallucinations meant to be this mouthy and insulting," Eleven muttered sagging against the chair and Ten's side.

"Depends what you've been dreamin' bout me Doctor." Rose waggled her eyebrows, her tongue caught between her teeth.

"Ah now that's more like it." Eleven smirked.

"That's right mate," Ten quipped dryly, "Dig yourself a deeper hole."

"This dream has way too many clothes on." Eleven muttered trying to reach out to her.

"Oh there we go." Ten smirked.

"How long until he responds?" Rose asked as she sat down beside them, Eleven shooting her a saucy side-long glance.

"Oh, I'd say right about-" Eleven took a sharp intake of breath as he launched from the chair and across the room, gripping at the console to steady himself. He turned to himself and Rose, anger flashing in his now dark eyes.


"Who are you?" He demanded, "What have you done to my TARDIS, oh, oh, no, no, no, she's gone, this is wrong, so very, very wrong." He clutched at his head and Ten nudged Rose off the jump seat towards him.

"Doctor?" She approached him cautiously, placing a hand on his arm. "What happened?"

"Leave me along," He shrugged her hand off. "Let me die in peace."

"Doctor?" She frowned.

"You know I went willingly into the crack so I could avoid reliving all of this," Eleven muttered angrily, "Why can't you let me be?"

"You think we're not real?" She asked softly.

"Of course you're not real," He spat, "You're an image, a hallucination, synapses and neurons making a last ditch attempt at a restart, firing off my memory cells and senses, my entire life flashing before my eyes, like I said, can't stand reruns."

"Ok then," She breathed, "Then humour yourself and tell me what happened?"

"Oh, total event collapse." He dropped his hands limply to his sides, still refusing to acknowledge her reality.

"What?" Ten frowned, his feet crossed upon the console as he observed them. "That's impossible, we would have felt something like that, it would have rippled through the tangents, destroyed them all-"

"No, no, no," Eleven tutted, "Your reality would've barely even flinched, not with you here to stabilise it."

"How did this happen Doctor?" Rose breathed.

"A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies, nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it-"

"The Pandorica's a fairytale." Ten scoffed.

"It was a prison," Eleven corrected, a little annoyed that even his hallucinated previous self was still as ass. "Built to contain the most feared thing in all the universe. Deadlocks, time-stops, matter-lines the whole shebang."

Rose took a step closer and ghosted her hand up his chest, skimming the skin of his neck to place her hand on his cheek, watching as his eyes turned from green to dark brown.

"Who?" Ten dropped his feet to the floor as Eleven lifted his gaze to his brother.

"Us." He breathed.

"No," Ten moved closer shaking his head in disbelief.

"They put you in prison?" Rose whispered, "How could they? Who were they?"

"Oh but you should have seen it," Eleven chuckled darkly, "An all mighty alliance of our greatest enemies, fighting together for the greater good of universe."

"Who?" Ten pressed.

"Oh the usual," He gestured wildly, "Dalek, Cybermen, Sontarans, Terileptil. Slitheen. Chelonian. Nestene. Drahvin. Sycorax. Haemo-goth. Zygon. Atraxi. Draconian." He replied casually, "Pretty much the who's who of scum in the universe."

"How did you stop it?" Ten breathed.

"Flew the Pandorica into her heart as she exploded," He ran his fingers across the console, "A restoration field holding the atoms of the universe as it once was-"

"Exploding at every moment in history," Ten finished nodding in understanding.

"Then time began to rewind itself, rewriting itself," Eleven sniffed, "Except I had to be on the other side, which coincidentally brings us to now."

"Lucky there's us then," Rose smiled up at him, "You know you're rubbish without me."

He finally turned to her then, cupping her face as she held his. "Seems fitting that I should see you one last time," He breathed pulling her forehead against his, "I always hoped you'd have a brilliant life with him, no matter how much it hurt and my gods Rose did if ever, even after all this time. But at least my mind had the decency to give me this last attempt at absolution one last chance to be with you. Tell me Rose, please, please, please tell me you have a brilliant life and I loved you like you deserved."

"Always." She whispered wiping the tears from his cheeks. "And I'm sorry, so, so sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for." He stopped her, pulling back to see his face. "Never apologise to me, you never had to and you never will."

"I know," She agreed, his hands slipping from her face as she took a step away from him,

"But this is gonna hurt."

"I don't follow-


He reeled back at the intensity of the blow to his cheek that he barely stayed upright, his flailing hand now gripped to the console the only thing keeping him from the floor.

"Now snap out of it," She demanded as Eleven glanced between her determined face and his previous forms all consuming smirk in confusion.

"I'm afraid she's right ol' boy," Ten sniffed, "You're not dead, or dying, an idiot maybe-"

'Oi," Rose defended, "Leave 'im alone."

"Rose Tyler," Eleven chuckled, "Defending me from myself."

"Don't you start," She turned back, "He's right, you really ain't half thick for someone with a great big brain."

"Work it out Doctor," She flicked his hair gently as she fluttered against his mind, he frowned at the feeling, "Ohh, wha's that then?"

"What are you doing?" He looked at her curiously, "If this isn't a dream, what are you?"

"Guess." She challenged.

"I hate games."

"Liar," She smirked back, "Can't get enough of em' you can't, or bets, you know you still owe me Ten Quid from Scotland?"

"Rose?" He whispered, the pieces of his current reality finally falling into place.

"Oh now he gets it." Ten drawled as he leant against the console behind her.

"And you," Eleven's eyes flickered up to pinstriped man behind him.

"Hello," He waved before stuffing his hands in his pockets.


"We pulled you from the void." Ten saw realisation dawn on him and chuckled as he swept Rose up in his arms and spun her around, laughing and crying at the same time.

"Haha, Rose you brilliant old thing you." He beamed.

"Oi less of the old thanks," She laughed as he finally placed her back on the floor.

"And you!" He exclaimed pulling clutching Ten in manly half embrace.

"And look at all this," He spun around grinning at the ceiling, "It worked, she's brand new."

"Oh yes." Ten beamed back, Rose leaning against his side grinning at him so much her face was beginning to hurt.

She watched him as he cooed and stroked the new ship, much to her delight, sauntering around the console just like he always had. He was a little taller now she noted, still skinny as ever, his face younger, hair less pointy and everywhere but still great. The bow tie was cool, she thought and the tweed jacket made him look like a mad professor, especially with his slightly too short trousers and boots. He was different, but somehow still managed to come off as brilliantly sexy.

"I'm glad you still approve then." His head turned to hers as he stood at the console, the ghost of a smile on his lips.

"Oops," She bit her bottom lip, "Forgot you were in ma head."

"I didn't," Ten smirked, he was glad she approved of this him because as far as he knew, with his regenerations now restored, he would eventually wear this man's face too.

"You know every time you say something like that it just proves what I said at Dominic's wedding," She raised an eyebrow in challenge.

"Speaking of weddings," Eleven mused mirroring his brother's position against the console, "I dare say I've missed Pond's by now."

"Pond?" Ten queried.

"As in Amy Pond," He clarified, "Companion, wanders off a lot, another ginger with a bad temper."

"We just can't seem to quite manage it." Ten mused running a hand through his hair.

"I know." Eleven whined petulantly.

"Funny that," Rose mused, "That's her name too."

"Whose?" Eleven asked playing with a switch on the console.

"The TARDIS," Rose supplied, "Her names Pond too, 'cause she was grown in a pond, and she kinda liked it, so it stuck." The ship hummed happily and Eleven grinned.

"I still call mine 'Sexy'," He whispered to the TARDIS.

"I think she likes that one too." Ten agreed, he always did like spoiling her like that, calling her lovely names and stroking parts to make her feel better and loved.

"I saw the Master again you know, and the Time Lords, Rassilon in fact." Eleven added conversationally, "When I was still you."

"I know," He nodded, "I was there."

"What?" Eleven scoffed, sobering at the look Ten shot him, "No? How?"

"We were dying," Rose breathed from his side. "The TARDIS pulled him through when you regenerated, so he's both you and the other him. The tenth version of you entirely."

"Hold on you said we?" Eleven breathed ghosting a hand down her arm as if he were afraid to touch her. "We were dying, but you're not-"

"Self fulfilling paradox," Rose raised an eyebrow with a smile. "All good now though."

"And no," Ten added, "We can't tell you. Spoilers"

"Oh that blasted woman and her spoilers," Eleven muttered, "She'll be the death of me, quite literally I'm sure of it."

"Her hearts in the right place," Rose laughed, "And don't ask how I know that-"

"I know, I know," He scoffed mimicking River's voice, "Spoilers."

"You know it's creepy when you do that." Rose scrunched up her nose.

"Ah but then you make that face and it's all worthwhile," He teased and felt the fluttering of her mind against his.

"Hold on," He stared at her, "What's this," He flicked at the edges of her consciousness, "Is that a bond?" He shot an amused questioning look at his brother.

"Is it?" Ten feigned ignorance.

"Doctor," Rose shot him a pleading look and flared inside his mind.

You know he won't work it out on his own.

Oh come on Rose, this is fun.

He's lonely, we're all he's got.

"Oh alright then," He rolled his eyes, "But leave out the specifics, and right now percussive telepathy probably isn't the best thing for him so be gentle."

"Percussive-" Eleven's question was cut short as a set of cool soft lips caressed his own and a warm pulsing pinky-gold fog danced around his mind waiting for permission. He cautiously opened his in response and suddenly she flooded through him, his knees buckling. He was thankful for the arm that wrapped around his middle, holding him in place against the console.

"I said be gentle," The amused voice of his brother filtered through his mind.

"Sorry." Rose giggled.

"Rose?" Eleven raised an eyebrow but kept his eyes closed

"Yes Doctor." She replied waiting for the obvious.

"You're in my head." He stated, a frown creasing his brow.

"Oh yes." She replied with a grin.

He stilled as she filled him in on the last few weeks of their lives, gasping when she got to the last few hours and his mind shot out in search of his brother, humming just outside of his consciousness beside Rose so close to that corner of his mind that had been dark and quiet for much too long. He buckled again as their twin heart beats thumped along with his, not in perfect unison though which made him frown.

"Your bio-rhythms are out of synch." He mumbled when Rose ceased her assault on his mouth.

"Are you offering to rectify that Doctor?" Rose smirked, her tone husky from her previous engagement. He suddenly became hyperaware of the man beside him and his eyes snapped open taking in her flushed appearance as she stood almost wedged between the two of them.

"I think your mate," His eyes flicked to the other Doctor, "Might have something to say about that."

"He's you dopey." She raised an eyebrow salaciously.

Ten just giggled, amused by the whole situation. Her chemistry still hadn't settled after the quasi-regeneration, hence the mismatched signatures and exceptionally high dose of pheromones she was giving off. He briefly wonder how his other self could stand it, he personally was about five minutes away from jumping her where she stood. Then again, his brother could just as easily reset them, he glanced at Rose as she stood before Eleven attempting to eyeball him into submission noticing only now that she had in fact grown a quarter of an inch in height, the peroxide blond of her hair stripped to her original darkened shade and nearly four inches longer, trailing a delicious line over her black coat and down her back. His musing however, was interrupted by a flashing on the console and a ringing phone. He reached across the console for the handset.

"Good ship TARDIS," He chirped into the receiver, "This is the Doctor."

He held the phone from his ear as the voice of Jackie Tyler assaulted his senses.

"It's for you." He cringed and Rose smirked as she took the phone from him.

"So," Eleven breathed sidling up beside Ten as Rose flopped down onto the jump seat arguing with her mother, "Been keeping busy I see."

"You know how it is," He grinned up from behind the monitor, "We just came from the Shadow Proclamation, interesting lot in this universe, not like the rubbish back home."

"Good," He nodded, "That's good."

"She's right you know." Ten acknowledged returning to work on the console. "She's just as much yours as she is mine."

"Yes, well," He muttered, "We never were all that good at sharing."

"No," He chuckled in agreement, "But we belong to-"

"Speaking of which-" He interrupted the awkward moment, "How do you propose getting me back to where I belong?"

Ten ceased his movements and turned to lean against the console with his hands in his pockets regarding his next face curiously.

"You're not alone anymore," He narrowed his eyes, 'You do realise what the three of us mean?"

"Of course I do," Eleven snapped, "But you have her, why would you be bothered with me eh? A whole universe here to travel-"

"Don't pretend you didn't send us away to protect us," Ten stopped him, "Because you know as well as I do, that we're the only family we have left, you've had a glimpse of our future-"

"Your future, not mine." He reminded him harshly.

"We're still the same man." Ten seethed, "She's your wi-"

"Don't-" He closed his eyes, "Please, just don-"

"You want her as much as I do," Ten snipped, "Even without a full bond her pheromones are driving you to distraction and then some-"

"I'd forgotten what a-" Eleven stuttered.

"I know," Ten agreed, "It's been far too long since we've even seen another of our kind let alone a woman, especially not one that's ours-"

"Oh god will you stop that-"

"That's nothing," Ten edged him on through the denial, "She feels even better and that was before-"

"Stop it," He breathed heavily, "Besides her choice would be you every time."

"Oh you stupid old man," Ten glared hearing Rose in the final stages of her phone call, "Whether you like it or not, she loves you, us, no matter what regeneration, and her and I will always be here for you, and you better remember it, cause I remember what it felt like to leave us on the beach, to walk away like that, I was there, on both sides and it hurt, but we understood. We are family and we are not alone anymore."

Eleven sighed heavily and nodded his head, stifling a gasp as Rose reached across him to return the phone to the console.

"Now," Ten turned back to the monitor, "The TARDIS has a stable link through the void to her sister and when she's ready for you to come home they'll let us know." He waved the sonic around by means of explanation.

"In the meantime we have a wedding to prepare for," He looked to Rose, "Commander Tyler has recalled us?"

"Nah, she just wanted to make sure we didn't swan off and miss it," Rose grinned nudging Eleven, "Mum is sooo lookin' forward to seein' you though."

"She's not going to slap me again is she?" Eleven swallowed rubbing his reddened cheek as Ten bounced round the console setting co-ordinates for the Tyler Mansion.

"Nah," She laughed, "Besides this one may soon be ahead of ya, we sorta haven't told her about you know-"

"The bonding?" He frowned.

"Ahh," He breathed resting against the console in front of her, "But she knows you're not human anymore."

"Turned out after everything we've been through she'd sort of worked it out," Rose replied, "I mean not quite to this extent, but I think she's always known that one day I wouldn't be, she even said as much once upon a time."

"Anyway," Ten grinned pulling on a set of goggles and tossing a hose over his shoulder, "I'm off to power room 15, tweak a few things here and there, see if we can't use the secondary stabilisers as an arc to balance a wormhole through the tangent and back home. See if we can't pop over for tea with Mr Mickey."

"And Martha," Eleven added, "Remember?"

"Oh yes!" Ten laughed. "Martha Smith! Brilliant name, more Smith's that's what I say."

"Mickey and Martha?" Rose smiled. "Really?"


"Makes me wanna go see em' even more now," She grinned, "He deserved the best."

"That he did," Ten agreed shuffling over to Rose.

"Right," Eleven patted his pocket awkwardly and pulled out his sonic, "I'll come give you a hand."

"Oh no you're not," Ten stopped him, "You reek of void stuff, you're exhausted and you haven't eaten in," He sniffed his brother, "Six days, seventeen hours and ten minutes. Rose take him to the kitchen then the wardrobe, oh and show him to the shower with the good jets up on corridor fifty-two, haven't tried it out yet but it looks like a blast."

"Oh you're funny," Rose snorted.

"Yup," He popped grinning manically, pressing a lingering kiss to her mouth.

I'm all yours. He needs you but he'll resist.

I'll take good care of you, I love you ya know.

I know.

"Go on off you go." She smirked patting his bottom affectionately when he wasn't paying attention. He flashed a wink at her as he strode away down the corridor.

"Alons-y." He shouted back along the corridor followed by a whistled version of 'I touch myself' which made her roll her eyes.


He he, off you go Rose, play nice.

"Come on then," Rose smiled slipping off the seat and pulling Eleven after her, "The TARDIS has got a nice big bowl of fish fingers n custard waitin' for you."

"How did she-"

"She's your ship," She grinned up at him as they strolled down the corridor and stepped into the kitchen, "Remember that no matter what face you wear, we know you." She tapped her temple.

"You never needed that to know me Rose Tyler." He murmured watching as she poured them both a mug of tea and sat down across from him.

"No," She agreed, "But it helps me understand now, how you process things, the reasonin' behind everythin' you do, it hasn't been all that long but I'm learnin'."

"I have to admit," He dunked his fish finger thoughtfully, "This particular future, I-I never saw it coming, I mean it was a possibility but realistically-"

"Something's been playin' with us since the first time we ever met." She raised an eyebrow as she pinched a treat from his plate and twirled it around in the custard before popping it in her mouth.

"You think?" He smiled glancing up at her through his hair.

"Yup," She smirked licking custard from her fingers, "The stuff of legends you an' me."

He laughed and continued eating, only now fully comprehending just how drained he was from almost dying in the Pandorica to his stint in the void.

"Do you remember being in my dream?" She asked quietly. "With the others-"

"Yes." He admitted from behind his mug, draining the liquid and setting it back on the table.

"Good." She nodded, a brilliant smile spreading across her face, "You done?"

"Are you that anxious to get me out of these clothes Tyler?" He smirked then coughed awkwardly as he realised he was beginning to respond to her again. Her corresponding laughter feeling like music to his ears, something he hadn't heard in a lifetime.

He let her pull him from the table and down the hall, past the bins, up the stairs past the pool and down corridor fifty-two to a large door with steam curling out through the gaps. He wasn't sure if the butterflies dancing about his middle were from anticipation or dread as she coaxed him into the barely visible room with a small gesture of her finger.

The warm glow of the TARDIS lighting and the steam gave the room an almost dream like quality with Rose in its centre moving towards him as if in slow motion, her dark golden hair cascading over her shoulders as she slipped off her coat. She was like some otherworldly goddess tempting him with her siren's call through his mind and a scrap of fabric he scarcely believed passed as a dress.

He shuddered as stepped up to him, her deft fingers running up his chest and over his shoulders, pushing his jacket from his body to the damp tiled floor, his bowtie following closely behind. He slipped his boots from his feet and looked up to see Rose giggling at his bare toes.

"Something funny Missy?" He raised an eyebrow as she even so slowly slid his suspenders off his shoulders and ran her fingers up his arms and back across his chest popping buttons as she slid her hands lower and lower. He bit down on his tongue to mute a small groan of anticipation.

"No socks," She smirked, tongue caught in her teeth, "Jus wonderin' what else this you goes without."

"I'm sure you'll find out," He whispered as his long fingers ghosted her sides stilling against her back as her nails scraped down the cool smooth flesh of his chest she'd now exposed.

She heard his sharp intake of breath and felt his hearts thundering under her hands. She could smell him now, his pheromones beginning to mix with the steam in the air, heightened by her newfound alien senses he was intoxicating and beautiful and dear god if she thought she wanted him before when she was human, this, this paled in comparison as her own pheromones drenched the atmosphere to mingle with his.

"Rose." He whimpered, his shirt falling to the floor as she pulled him into the hot spray of the shower by the top of his trousers. He coughed and spluttered briefly as the jets extended up the walls to accommodate his height, momentarily blinding him. It was a distraction Rose used to her advantage, turning them so his back pressed up against the cool tiles, leaning against his front as her hands curled up around his neck and into his hair to pull him down to meet her lips.

An almost growl rumbled through his chest as she devoured his mouth, the feeling of her tongue against sliding against his and the gentle caress at the corners of his consciousness slowly becoming his undoing as bit by bit his barriers began to shift. His long fingers slid up her arm and around to grasp the nape of her neck, holding her to him as his other hand shifted to the back of her dress, slowly dragging down the zipper until the scrap of cloth slid down her body to pool at her feet. One completely naked Rose Tyler standing before him now in all her glory.

"You," He murmured splaying his fingers across the exposed flesh of her back, "Are a very, very naughty girl."

"Hmmm, aren't I just." She grinned wickedly up at him.

He turned her suddenly and pulled her back against his chest, his arms sliding around her body and up between the delicious swell of her breasts to her throat as his other arm wound its way down over her hip to rest against her belly, his mouth finding the delicate skin of her neck and biting down. He felt her body relax in silent submission and he growled as she pressed her bottom against yet another set of 'unused parts' still enclosed in the confines of his trousers.

"Say it." He bit down on her earlobe before following a rivulet of water down her neck.

"Doctor," She whimpered as he pinched her nipple between his fingers as he cupped her breast.

"No," He hissed, fingers stopping on her pelvis painfully short of where she wanted him.

He trembled as his name tumbled beautifully from her lips and she moaned as his mind spread open to her, pulling her in to sooth and calm the storm while urging on the fire in his belly. Her hands slid around behind her to the fastening of his trousers and a second later he kicked them away to join her dress on the floor. Her body practically screamed at him when presented with a lack of barriers between them and her legs almost buckled as he sought out the soft flesh between her legs.

"Do you know how many times I've dreamt of this?" He nuzzled her ear, "Three different bodies Rose, all for you, wanting you."

"You smell amazing and you feel," She whimpered again as he stroked her, "Oh, you feel indescribable, I never thought this big old head of mine would ever feel another-"

"I hope that's not all you can feel Doctor," She craned her neck back to steal the breath from his lips as she ground back into his hips. He released her long enough to turn before he crushed her against him, the feel of her softness on his already sensitive flesh driving him to pull her up off the floor until he felt her long smooth legs wrap around his hips.

She had a fleeting thought regarding their propensity to shag against walls but it was gone as she felt him sliding down the tiles, thankful that the TARDIS opted for soft organics as they landed on the floor with her straddling him. She felt his internal battle between the need to take her and his own exhaustion.

She took away his ability to think as she took him in hand, perfectly proportional just like his other self, and leant forward to bite into his shoulder as she slid down around him. Their shared connection thrumming and the sound of their sighs of relief becoming music to her ears.

"Oh dear...guh," He grasped at her hips and he felt her acknowledgement as his body reacted to hers, his forehead rest against her sternum, grinning against her skin as his biological markers flooded her system and she released a deep guttural moan as he burnt through her veins, gathering and intensifying the traces of his other self, the two becoming one once more. He felt his brother, ten floors below them, flare in his mind as Rose sucked in a harsh breath, all three of their biorhythms synching together as one, her heartbeats faltering only slightly as he felt their pulsing familiarity through her back as he cradled her against him.

And then she moved and it was like nothing he ever remembered experiencing before, each time she lowered herself driving him deeper into her blazing tempest of a body.

"Ohhh... destant rialth befirgone danathal tu mela" she gasped, grinding down on him.

"Rose Tyler," He groaned, "Where on Earth did you hear such filthy language."

"Not on Earth that's for sure," She breathed clutching at his hair pulling hard. "You cuss at the TARDIS a lot you know."

When he returned the gesture it was as if he'd released some unknown barrier and she screamed through him like a hurricane, blazing across his mind, setting fire to his blood and skin, every part of him tingling with pleasure and her, oh so much of her was still a big part of him.

She increased her efforts, expressing vocally, in his language, just how brilliant he was as she rode him with blissful abandon, their wet skin sliding together setting them both on fire with each caress. He was so close to losing it all, being pushed every second forward by her body's reaction to him and him to her, echoing off each other until he knew he was done for.

In one final surge of minds they broke through each other, the Doctor biting down on a hard nipple as she tipped them over the edge, her head thrown back in a loud wordless moan as her whole body convulsed and she contracted around him, milking him dry and draining him of his remaining energy. She held him close to her hearts as his exhaustion took over.

He was vaguely aware of a strong set of familiar arms hoisting him from the floor and the soft warm feeling of a robe wrapping around his body. The next thing he felt was the soft surface of a mattress below him and the soothing caress of starlight above him and the song of the universe as he surrendered finally to the pull of sleep, a small smile gracing his thin lips.

Sweet dreams Theta.

To be Continued...

Of course there's more, but you'll have to be good little whovians and wait patiently for the next installment coming soon. xoxo