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Chapter 15: Big Brother

Playing in his new room, Jack raced the cars around on the track with great speed, and watched as they turned the loop. He giggled happily, and watched as one got to the top, slowed down and fell off of the track. Both of his eyes looked up as he saw his bedroom door opening to reveal Emily in the door way. She was giving him a big smile, yet she looked absolutely exhausted since it was only nine in the morning.

"Morning." She said and Jack gave her a big smile.

"Morning!" He chirped back.

"You ready for your bath?" She asked and Jack nodded, standing up and following her down the hallway to the bathroom.

Jack stood in his bedroom with his top and jeans on, smiling happily at Emily.

"When's the barbeque?" He asked, and Emily could hear the excitement in his voice.

"Dad's getting back at about twp to set everything up and then everyone is getting here at about three." She informed him.

"Yay!" A cry came down the hallway and was heard in Jack's room. "Lillie's up." He said in a sing song voice.

"I can hear." Emily gave him a smile before leaving the bedroom and going down the hall. As she reached Lillie's room the cries became louder, and opening the door, she could have sworn her child was a fog horn. "Hey. Hey. Sshh, sweetie. Mummy's here." She walked to the crib where the small child was still bellowing her lungs out, and her arms went around her and she carefully picked her up, rocking her from side to side. Her hand wiped her daughters cheeks to take away the tears and then she kissed her on the head. "Shall we get you bathed and dressed?" She asked, and fished under the changing table to get the plastic bath tub out. Once she had finally fished out the yellow box, she took it into the bathroom and put it on the floor before going back to the bedroom to find the baby's shampoo and stuff. Carrying all that back the put the bath in the sink and filled it with slightly warm water before trying her best to get it back on the floor without spilling anything, and failing, quite miserably, she sat on the floor and began to undress Lillie.

Jack appeared in the slightly ajar doorway, and saw as Emily started to undress Lillie.

"I…I…" She looked up and smiled slightly seeing him standing there with one of Lillie's pre-made bottles in his hand, cold, obviously.

"Awh, thanks, Jack." She gave him a big smile and invited him into the bathroom. "I've just got to bath her and then we can give her a bottle…" She saw him nod and begin to walk away with a solemn look on his face. "Jack." Stopping him from walking any further, his eyes lit up as he looked back at her, "Do you want to come and help me bath her?" She asked, and she could have sworn she had never seen him so eager in his life.

"Yes please!" He bounced into the room.

"Okay, while I get her changed, will you check the water?" Looking up to see Emily's face, he looked slightly confused.

"Er…" She smiled; he was far too adorable!

"What you need to do is put your hand in and see if the water is too hot or too cold. Alright?" He nodded and pulled his sleeve up, letting his hand drop into the tub with a splash.

"It's a bit cold isn't it?" He looked confused.

"Remember, Lillie's only a little baby, she can't have the bath too hot, so as long as it's slightly warm it's fine." He nodded, and plunged his hand back into the tub, his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth with concentration.

"It's fine then!" He flashed her a big smile.

"Okay then." Emily's attention fell back to Lillie who was wriggling in her lap. "See that, your big brother is great at looking after you!" She cooed and saw Lillie looking at her as if she were crazy. The infant's arms stretched up to try and touch Emily and she strained slightly. "Yeah, let's get you bathed." Carefully she picked her nappy's Velcro straps and checked for a moment to see if she had gone the toilet, happy that she had not, she let the nappy drop off before dipping her slightly into the bath. It was a second or two that nothing was said or heard, but after a moment, Lillie's cries filled the room.

"I don't think she likes it!" Jack looked slightly put off and backed away slightly.

"It's okay, she's just not used to the water, she will be fine with it soon enough." Emily took a handful of water and tried her best to wet her head so she could wash her hair faster.

"I've got an idea!" Was all Jack said before she saw him dash away and come back a second later with a yellow bath duck in his hand. He bobbed it in the water, before showing it to Lillie who had now stopped crying, instead, both of her hands tried to grab for the duck, and when Jack finally gave it to her, she tried to hungrily eat it.

Drying Lillie off, Emily now sat on the floor of the bedroom throwing different lotions and talc's over her. Jack laughed slightly watching Emily carefully.

"Is there anything I can do?" He asked, with hopeful eyes. Thinking for a moment, Emily paused.

"You can get me her nappy, and pick her an outfit out if you want to…" He suggested. Jack's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he raced and got a nappy, passing it to Emily he told her he would be right back and when he finally returned, a package was in his hand.

"Daddy said that I should give you this at the picnic, but can Lillie wear it… please." His bottom lip went into a pout and Emily smiled, taking the parcel off of him and opening it. Inside lay a red and white polka-dotted dressed. A white ribbon around the waist and Emily had to smile.

"Jack, it's beautiful…" She gave him a hug.

"I saved up all my pocket money to get her it." He gave her a big smile.

"Come here." Emily's arms wrapped around him in a hug and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." She let him go and began to dress Lillie at last.

"What do you want to eat?" She asked, Lillie balanced in one arm, the other working to warm Lillie's bottle and to sort Jack out.

"Nothing." His head shook. "I'm fine." He gave her a big smile.

"Alright then, so, what are you going to do until the barbeque later?" She asked, and checked the still cold bottle.

"I don't know…" She watched as he bit his lip slightly, hiding something…

"What?" She asked, now giving him her full attention.

"Can I…" He paused. "Can I hold Lillie?" He asked, and as Emily's head nodded he raced over to the couch. Emily adjusted the cushions around him, before helping him to hold his arms properly, then, she gently put Lillie in his arms. "Hello…" He cooed at her, and gently he rocked her. "I'm your big brother. I'm going to keep you safe. I promise." He gave her a big toothy grin and continued, "And nothing's ever going to happen to you, because I'm going to be there and I'm going to look after you." Emily could not help but smile and leaving Jack's side she went back into the open plan kitchen, and picked up her bottle before going back to her side. It was only a minute or so later but Lillie started crying her lungs out again and Jack looked slightly startled. "What did I do wrong?" He asked, scared that he had broken her.

"Nothing, don't worry, she's just cranky because she's hungry." Emily carefully picked her back out of his arms and rested her back in her own before checking the bottle one last time and feeding it to her. She waited a minute or two, thinking Jack was going to dart back to his room, but he stayed watching her carefully. A minute or so after Lillie started to drink her bottle, her eyes began to drop and the drinking stopped. Emily twisted the bottle in her mouth and she began drinking again. The doorbell rang, and Emily watched Jack race off of the couch.

"Don't open the door unless you know them." She told him and then heard the sound of Jack shouting through the door.

"Who is it?" He waited.

"It's Morgan." Jack looked to Emily who nodded and let him open the door, and true to his word, Morgan walked through the door, followed by the rest of the team.

"I thought you weren't getting here until three?" She asked quietly as both Garcia and JJ ran over to look at Lillie. "And where's Hotch?" She asked.

"Yeah, he got caught up in work so we came to set up… by 'we' I mean, us guys came to set up, those two," He nodded to JJ and Garcia, "Came to look at Lillie." Emily smiled and told them the stuff was in the garage. She watched them all leave, Jack right behind them and JJ and Garcia took turns to hold Lillie once she had had enough of her bottle.