~That's What We Are Destined For ~

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SUMMARY: A cold-hearted Prince meets a beautiful warm-hearted girl. Their first encounters didn't go well but later on, she soon became his friend. What will happen when he discovered that she was the Princess of their neighboring Kingdom that he despises the most? As the story progresses, he finds himself falling in love to the Princess. How can he struggle between his feeling s for the Princess and his hatred? A tragic accident happened and changed the Princess' life. How will these changes affect everyone's life? How will their love story survived?

PROLOGUE: The Beginning of the Conflict

The Seretei Kingdom was once a peaceful kingdom with a warm hearted citizens. They were ruled by the Hitsugaya Family. Hitsugaya family always provides the people what they need the people of Seretei loves them. It's always snowed here and barely summer or rained... Meanwhile, their neighboring Kingdom, Rukongai Kingdom was also a peaceful kingdom. They were ruled by Hinamori Family. The Hinamori family was peace-loving. They despise fighting instead tries to resolve problems in a peaceful manner. They were also love by Rukongai citizens. Unlike Seretei Kingdom, it always summer and barely snowed or rained. The Hitsugaya family and Hinamori family have a strong bond because they've been friends for a long time now. But that bond was severed by an unexpected tragedy…

The king, Hitsugaya Ryuu, his wife, Hitsugaya Yuki , were aboard in an elegant barouche. They're going home now after they had gone from their travel from the other country. They were escorted by few knights that were riding on their horses.

"I wonder what our son was doing." Queen Yuki suddenly said as she looked up to her husband. Queen Yuki was a beautiful woman in 30s. She has a long brown hair that reaches her waist and bluish eyes. Meanwhile, King Ryuu was a tall and handsome man in has a spiky white hair and bluish-green eyes. He has a King Ryuu looked down to her wife and smiled.

"I bet he was doing well. Because he inherited his personality from you who is very gentle and kind." He replied as he kisses her wife's forehead.

"Thank you…" She replied and smiled. "And his good looks came from you." They both laughed. The guards noticed something rustling over the bushes. They commanded the driver of the barouche to stop from running. The King and the Queen was startled when the barouche stopped.

"What happened?" King Ryuu asked the driver of the barouche.

"I'm sorry your highness. I think there's something in our path." The driver replied. Then suddenly, someone come out on the bushes. He was wearing a black coat and pants and gloves. His face was covered by a black cloth. He has a sword on his waist.

"Who are you?" asked by one of the knights that guarded the King and the Queen. The man didn't said anything.

"You! Kill him!" the knight unsheathed his sword when he suddenly heard a scream. He looked at his back only to find the other knights lying on the ground. Dead. Then another one came on the view who was wearing the same attire like the other man.

"Go ahead to the palace as I fight this two! Save the King and the Queen! NOW!" The knight yelled at the frightened driver.

"Oh, I'm sorry. But you're not going anywhere." The man who came killed the other knights stabbed the driver.

"Aaaahhh!" The knight got down on his horse and charged at him.

"Ya know, yer too slow." The other man said as he stabbed him on the stomach. The knight fell down on the ground with his blood pouring down on unto the ground. The man who first appeared approached the barouche.

"Nice to meeting you again, King Ryuu, Queen Yuki…" The man said as he bowed.

"W-what do you want to us?" King Ryuu asked him angrily as he hugged his wife tightly.

"What we want to you? That's very simple. Your life." The man said coldly as he unsheathes his sword.

"When was Mother and Father gonna come? They should be here by now…" asked by the impatient young Prince, Hitsugaya Toushiro. He was an 8 years old boy with a spiky white hair and bluish-green eyes just like his father. The butler in 40s looked at him and smiled.

"Don't be impatient, Prince Toushiro… They're on their way now. They will be here soon enough." The butler replied. Toushiro sat down on the sofa and puffed his cheeks and then pouted.


"BAD NEWS!" A knight suddenly burst inside the room, panting and with a horrified look.

"What is it?" The butler asked as he and Toushiro looked at him confusingly.

"T-The… The… King and the Queen…"

"What happened to King Ryuu and Queen Yuki?" the butler asked. He was praying that nothing bad happened to them.

"They had b-been… killed." The butler as well as Toushiro were astounded upon hearing this. The young prince suddenly slumped down to the floor with his eyes widened.

"Prince!" they both rushed to the young prince.

"Prince, are you okay?" the butler asked. Toushiro suddenly raised his hands and grabbed the knight's collar.

"You… You're kidding, right? My mother and Father aren't dead!" He yelled angrily. Then he stood up and run outside the room.

"Prince Toushiro!"

Toushiro ran on the hallways to go to the Main hall. Once he reached the stairs down to the Main hall, he stopped. His eyes widened. He slowly got down to the long and wide stairs. Once he got dow, he slowly walked towards the two lying bodies covered by white cloth with a red stain. He got down on his knees and his shaking hands reached unto the cloth and pulled it to reveal the bodies. Once he pulled it away, he saw his father's pale face and then his mother's. He began to breathe heavily. "It can be…" He then burst out crying in front of his parents dead bodies. The butler approached the crying prince. He followed the prince when he ran outside. Then suddenly a knight approached him.

"And also we found this." He handed over a certain white insignia to the butler. The butler looked at the insignia. His eyes widened.

"This is…"

"Yes. It was the Hinamori Family's symbol." The knight said. There was a red phoenix symbol on the band. The Hinamori family's high ranked knights only wear that insignia. The young prince looked up to the insignia that was being held by the butler.

"We found it on the same spot where the King and the Queen was lying lifeless." The knight continued.

"That's impossible! The Hinamori Family has been a true friend of Hitsugaya family since the very beginning!" the butler protested.

"But, it was there. What was that insignia doing there? Even if we don't want to believe it but that evidence was only pointing to the Hinamori Family!" the knight argued. Then the young prince suddenly stood up and went upstairs to his room. He locked himself there and slumped down to his large bed. He stared blankly on the ceiling.

This is the day of the King's and Queen's funeral. All of the Seretei's citizens were mourning to their deaths. The young prince just remained silent during the funeral. After the funeral, Toushiro remained standing in his parent's grave. The butler forced him to go to the palace to rest but the young prince refused and said that leave him alone. The butler finally gave in and leave him be. He reached his hand on his pocket and took something out. It was the insignia that they found with his parents body. He took it secretly from the investigators. "Mother, Father… I promised I'll avenge you. I'll make sure that the Hinamori family will pay for betraying and killing you… I swear that on you, I'll kill them just like what they did to you…!" He gripped the insignia tightly and put it again inside his pockets. Then he turned around and walked away. This is the beginning of the conflict between the two kingdoms…

To be continued…

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*A barouche was a fashionable type of horse-drawn carriage in the 19th century. Developed from the calash of the 18th century, it was a four-wheeled, shallow vehicle with two double seats inside, arranged vis-a-vis, so that the sitters on the front seat faced those on the back seat. It had a soft collapsible half-hood folding like a bellows over the back seat and a high outside box seat in front for the driver. The entire carriage was suspended on C springs. It was drawn by a pair of high-quality horses and was used principally for leisure driving in the summer. A light barouche was a barouchet orbarouchette. A barouche-sociable was described as a cross between a barouche and a victoria.

This is my 3rd fanfic. I decided to write it because I don't want to forget it. Hope you like it. This prologue was italicized because it was a flashback.

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