~That's What We Are Destined For ~

Chapter 4: Just Like a Daffodil

A sound of light and gentle breathing can be heard around the familiar peach-colored room. The occupant of that room didn't seem to notice that it was morning already. Footsteps can be heard outside the room as it gets closer. A soft knock on the room's large wooden door broke the silence around the room. The occupant stirred a little but continued to sleep as if it doesn't heard anything. A few knocks soon followed but the sleeping occupant paid no heed. The knocks stopped but soon replaced by a loud yell that echoed inside the room.

"Princess, please wake up already!" a voice of a woman yelled just outside of the room. Momo stirred and groaned as she pulled the covers over her head before continuing her interrupted sleep.

"Princess, come on!" the woman yelled again when she didn't hear any respond from the princess inside the room. A sigh of defeat can be heard and then a soft click of the door's lock soon followed. The large wooden door opened, revealing a slim and youthful woman in 20s. She has long black hair normally kept pinned back, with flat bangs that hang to the right side of her face. She had been the princess' personal maid for a long time now and were very good friends with each other. The King and Queen entrusted to her the well being of their one and only daughter especially whenever they're not around. She adjusted her eye glasses before approaching the bed. She took a deep breath and pulled the covers off the bed, startling the sleeping princess.

"Nanao-san! Mou!" Momo pouted as she tried to pull the covers back from Nanao's grasp.

"Hey, come on, sleepyhead princess, you need to get ready now for breakfast with your father and mother." Nanao said.

"Mou.. But I still want to sleep a little bit more.." Momo said she rubbed her eyes and let out a yawn. Nanao just sighed.

"For God's sake, please act more like a princess. You're already a beautiful, 18 year-old princess. You'll be taking your parents' position with your chosen husband as a new King and Queen in the near future. Please remember that." Nanao said.

"I know."

"Then take a bath and get dressed already, your Highness." Nanao said as she walked towards the large wardrobe and opened it. Momo let out one last yawn and got out from her large bed. She then walked towards her bathroom and took a bath.

After a few minutes, Momo stepped out of the bathroom wearing her peach-colored robe. She looked around only to find Nanao wasn't there anymore. She glanced towards her bed and saw her particular dress there. She smiled to herself, knowing that Nanao was the one who prepared it. She walked towards the bed and picked her dress, and started to get dressed.

"My daughter was taking too long…" said by the brown-haired woman that was on her 40s. Her long brown hair was braided down and she was wearing an elegant-looking purple dress with short puffed sleeves. She was the current Queen of Rukongai Kingdom, Hinamori Ayame. They were on their large dining room with a long and large table in front of them. She took her cup of coffee and sip.

"Knowing the princess, your Highness, she must be taking too long fixing herself especially her hair. She wants it neat-looking."Nanao said. The Queen looked at her with those soft and innocent-looking brown eyes, and smiled at her.
"You really do know her, Nanao…" The Queen said as she let out a soft giggle. "She really act as a responsible lady now, unlike before, when she was still an 8 years old little girl. She used to play with Shuuhei, Izuru and Renji before. She always ran around the palace a lot with those boys chasing her."

"They're playing Hide-and-Seek?" Nanao asked. The Queen laughed and nodded.

"Yes. She always hides under the tables, beneath the curtains and even inside the horses' barn at the yard. We always found her with her hair in a mess and with some dirt on her dress. But now, she really had grown into a fine beautiful princess." The queen said.

"It's because you're the one who teach her a lot of things and made her a fine woman like you, your Highness." Nanao said.

"Hmm, thank you, Nanao." Queen Ayame said. At the same time, Momo came and entered the dining room. She was wearing a turquoise-colored dress with a white chemise. The turquoise-colored dress was adorned with several beads and a cut at the center on the front of the dress. The white chemise has its sleeves puffed at the top right of her shoulders. She had her long raven hair neatly pulled up into her usual bun.

"Good morning, Mom." Momo greeted as she approached her mother and kissed her on her right cheek. "Good morning, Dad." Momo did the same to her father.

"Good morning too, my dear." Queen Ayame greeted back with a smile as Momo sat on the chair across her mother.

"So, as Nanao had said, you took a little too long to wake up." King Ryusuke said. He was on his 40s, just like his wife. He was a raven-haired man, with a beard on his jaw. Momo blushed in embarrassment and looked down.

"Umm…I-It's just…" Momo stuttered. King Ryusuke laughed.
"Don't worry my daughter. I'm not mad or anything. After all, I'm the one who asked Nanao to do whatever methods she would like to use just to wake you up." The king stated and laughed. "Anyway, since you're here, let's have our breakfast. Nanao, please tell the maids to bring the foods here."
"Right away, your Highness. Please excuse me." Nanao said as she bowed and went to the kitchen.

Right after they finished their breakfast, Momo went up to her room and grabbed her painting tools. She set up her painting tools in of her window. That was her favorite spot. She can always look over the scenery through her room's window. The serene view outside gave her a peace of mind at least. Once she finished setting up her tools, she sat down and carefully placed an apron before she started painting.

Meanwhile, at the Seretei Kingdom's palace, Toushiro was busy doing the paper works at his office. Rangiku was busy reading a certain romance novel book while munching bread. She stopped reading and glanced at her captain.

"Hey, captain… Aren't you getting tired of doing all the paper works? It's so boring, you know…" Rangiku said as she gave him a bored look. Toushiro stopped writing and gave her a glare.

"You're one to talk. You're not even helping me to finish this." Toushiro snapped at her. Rangiku just pouted.

"You're so mean, captain. I don't like doing it because it was so boring." Rangiku replied.

"You have the nerve to say that to your captain and the prince of this kingdom, huh?" Toushiro said while giving her a deathly glare. "Hmmp.. The grumpy and cocky prince of this kingdom if may I add…" Rangiku thought.

"Sheesh, captain… You're so grumpy." Rangiku pouted again.

"Just shut up." Toushiro huffed. He put down his pen on the table and raised his hands to rub his temples. Seriously, he had this headache so early in the morning and secretary isn't helping at all. She just worsened it. He cursed under his breath. "Seriously, I need a break." Toushiro thought. He pushed his chair backwards and stood up. Rangiku looked at him curiously.

"Oh no.. Did I annoy him that much? I'm so dead." Rangiku thought as she watch him walked towards her. "Uh oh…" She began to panic while thinking of ways to escape from him. But when he walked past from her, he blinked a few times and sighed in relief. "I'm safe…" Toushiro reached the door knob. Rangiku watched him stopped and turned to her.


"Yes, captain?"

"Do all the paper works I had left while I'm take a break for awhile. I'm expecting you to finish it all before I come back or else you will really get your punishment. Do you understand?" Toushiro said as he gave her a glare again. Rangiku gulped and nodded as her response. After receiving her response, he opened the door and exited the door. Once she heard the soft click of the office's door, Rangiku let out a sigh of relief.

"Sheesh, Captain was so grumpy." Rangiku muttered as she plopped down on the couch she was sitting on.

A soft knocked of the door broke the silence on the room. Momo didn't even take glance towards the door. She just muttered a soft "come in". The door opened, revealing Nanao carrying a tray of foods.

"Princess, have some snacks." Nanao said as she closes the door. She went towards the small table beside the bed and carefully placed the tray there. She glanced at the busy princess and decided to approach her.

"Hmm… A daffodil, eh?" Nanao muttered as she peeked on the painting. "I wonder why you decided to paint a daffodil." Nanao asked.

"I just remembered when I read a certain book. I read about it and saw a certain painting of one of the famous artists attached to it. It was really beautiful though it was quite mysterious. Did you know that daffodil signifies "Mystery" and "Egoism" ?" Momo said as she adds final touches to her painting.

"You're really intelligent, Princess." Nanao complimented. Momo giggled.

"Not really but thanks. The books from the library help me a lot. I can able to learn a lot of things especially about the world outside of this Palace." Momo said with a hint of sadness at her voice. Nanao just looked at her sympathetically and placed a hand at her right shoulder to comfort her. "It must be really hard for you, Princess… But it's for your own safety after all…" Nanao thought.

"Someday Princess… Someday… " Nanao muttered quietly. Silence engulfed them for awhile before Momo spoke.

"Hey, Nanao-san…" Momo called for her. Nanao looked at her questioningly as Momo turned to look at her and give her a smile. "I have an idea. Can you help me?"

"Yay! I'm here again!" Momo squealed happily as she twirled around the bed of flowers. She was now wearing a white chemise underneath the black lace-up bodice and a pink-colored skirt that reaches to her ankles. Her hair was tied up into high ponytail. She stopped and then looked at the beautiful sparkling waters of the lake before her. It was past 10 o'clock at that time and she can feel the extreme heat of the sun above her. The sun rays were reflected on water's surface of the lake making it to sparkle more. She took a glance around and spotted a spot beneath a huge tree that was not that far away from where she was standing now. She ran happily towards the tree and then looked back from the lake.

"It was sure relaxing here. Thanks to Nanao-san. She helped me to leave the palace even just for awhile." Momo said as she sat on the grassy ground. She closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air.

"It feels so good to be free…" She said and then plopped down on the ground afterwards. "It would not hurt if I take a nap for awhile…" She thought as she closes her eyes. It's not too long when she heard someone spoke.

"What are you doing here?" Momo snapped her eyes open in shock upon hearing a cold voice spoke. She quickly sat up and turned around to know who the owner of that voice was. She saw the person she just met yesterday. With his unusual white hair and turquoise eyes, no doubt that it was him.

"Hey." Momo shivered at the coldness of his voice. "I'm asking you… ..Here?" He asked her again as he gave her a glare. She composed herself before she spoke.

"I'm resting, can't you see?" Momo pouted. Toushiro just snorted.

"I can see that. I'm not stupid. I mean, why are you always coming here? I thought I made it clear yesterday that this place is my territory." Toushiro said as he gave her one of his famous cold glare.

"You're so mean. Everyone has their own free will to do anything they want to." Momo said.

"I don't care. I don't need you to tell that to me. So leave already, peasant girl." Toushiro replied back at her.

"W-Wha— peasant girl?" Momo stared at him disbelievingly. "How rude! If he really only knew about my status… But then, I should kept my identity hidden since there were some people who wants to hurt me and my family, as my parents said." Toushiro just raised an eyebrow at her reaction.

"What? Just looking at your clothes, you're a peasant. Or else, you're just an impostor, peasant girl." Toushiro said as he sent her an inquiring look.

"Who are you calling impostor?" Momo yelled at him. "The nerve of this guy! Seriously!" Momo thought.

"I'm referring to you, stupid peasant girl." Toushiro said as he glared at her again.

"Don't call me stupid! And stop calling me peasant girl. I have a name, you cold jerk!" Momo snapped back as she stood up from sitting on the ground.

"Hmm, you're quite a feisty one, aren't you?" Toushiro said. Momo blinked and recalled what she just said. She gasped and put her hands on her mouth. "Why did I say that such word? If Nanao-san would ever hear me, she'll scold me." Momo thought. She sighed and looked at the white-haired guy in front of her. Their gazes locked for a moment. Momo was melted as she gazed upon his turquoise-colored eyes. Those eyes were filled by different emotions. Sadness, coldness, anguish and revenge are what she identified. She was too caught gazing at his eyes that she didn't hear him calling her for several times now until he flicked her forehead, making her snapped back from reality.

"Oww! What was that for?" Momo asked as she rubbed her forehead.

"You were too busy looking at me that you didn't hear me calling you." Toushiro said. Momo flushed in embarrassment. "Wh-Wha-What….? Ugh, arrogant jerk! He didn't need to make it sound like I'm ogling at him. Mou!" Momo thought.

"Mou… You don't need to make it sound like I was ogling at you.." Momo pouted.

"Well, aren't you?" Toushiro said as he smirked at her. Momo flushed even more.

"I-I'm not!"

"As you said, peasant girl." Toushiro shrugged.

"I said don't call me peasant girl! My name is Momo! Call me by my name properly!" Momo said. She clearly annoyed now.

"Momo? You're name is too girly." Toushiro commented as he looked at her with his expressionless face. "And don't yell at me. You don't know who I am." Toushiro added as he gave her a glare again.

"Well, it does suit me because I'm a girl. And I wouldn't yell at you in the first place if you don't keep on teasing and annoying me." Momo replied back.

"You were the one annoying me. You kept on coming here in my property, disturbing my peace and then yelling at me." Toushiro shot back at her. "You're such a nuisance." Momo can't take it anymore. She had enough.

"Hmmp, fine! I'll leave now." Momo said as she gathered her things and turned around and walked away slowly.

"Don't come back again, bedwetter Momo." Toushiro said. Momo stopped abruptly and jerked her head towards him.

"W-What did you say?" Momo snapped at him with a flushed face. Toushiro raised an eyebrow.

"You're flush. Don't tell me I was right?" Toushiro asked. Momo flushed even more.

"N-Nooo! You're very wrong!" Momo yelled.

"Ohh, someone was being defensive." Toushiro teased.

"Wahhh, you're such an idiot! You're just like Hisagi-san, teasing me to no ends!" Momo wailed.

"You're so childish, bedwetter Momo." Toushiro glared at her once again. "Okay, I had enough. I really had enough." Momo thought as she dropped her things on the ground and turned around, facing in his direction.

"What now? You want to fight?" Toushiro asked. Momo suddeny sprinted towards him and pounced at him making them fall on the ground.

"Ouch! What the hell are you doing, stupid bedwetter peasant girl?" Toushiro growled.

"You're too much! Idiot! Arrogant jerk! Rude boy! Idiot, idiot, idiot!" Momo wailed as she childishly bonked and punched him. And that was when their childish quarrel begun. They fight like a cat and dog. They keep on rolling on the grassy ground and bonking each other childishly. Momo squeaked when Toushiro suddenly rolled her over, pinning her on the ground.

"Hey…" Toushiro said dangerously at her. "Your hits hurt, you know, stupid peasant girl." Momo got scared and kicked him on his side. Making him fell down on the ground. "OWWW!" Momo quickly got up and sprinted away from him.

"Hey! Come back here! I'm not done with you yet!" Toushiro yelled angrily. Momo picked her things and ran away. She stopped abruptly and looked back at him.

"Neh, what's your name?" Momo asked all of sudden. Toushiro just glared at her.

"Why would I tell you?"

"Just answer me! I just want to know you name. Is that too much to ask?" Momo pouted.

"My name is Toushiro. Now I told you my name, leave already." Toushiro said as he stood up and swept away the dirt from his pants and coat.

"What a nice name."Momo smiled. "See you again, Shiro-chan!" Momo added as she grinned at him.

"What did you just call me?" Toushiro asked.

"Are you deaf? I said "See you again, .CHAN!" " Momo giggled and then stuck her tongue out at him.

"Why you little—" Toushiro was about to run towards her but she already sprinted away. Toushiro sighed and ruffled his hair.

"Tch, very weird girl." Toushiro muttered under his breath. "See you again, huh?" Toushiro thought. He didn't know but he felt rather kind of relieve upon hearing it. "Tch, what the hell am I thinking? I better go back now. Thanks to that weird girl, I had spent all of my rest time quarreling with her." Toushiro grumbled under his breath and walked away.

Meanwhile, Momo was busy thinking the events just awhile ago as she made her way back to the palace. "It's been awhile since I last engaged into quarrel with someone since Hisagi-san was promoted as a lieutenant. I can still remember his constant teasing and our childish quarrel. We quarreled like cat and dog." Momo giggled as she reminisced. "Despite that, we're very close to each other, like siblings. Same with Abarai-kun and Kira-kun…" Momo smiled upon remembering them. "Toushiro, huh..?...Shiro-chan…" She laughed as she remembered the look in his face when she called him that. His expression was shocked and annoyed at the same time. Momo stopped from walking and laughed even harder. Once she stopped laughing, she begun to ponder about him. "His turquoise eyes… Such a beautiful color… Though it was darkened by different emotions inside him… I can see it through his eyes… The pain… sadness… emptiness…coldness..anger…and mystery.. Hmm, now that I thought about it, he was very mysterious… Like the flower of daffodil…He's just like a daffodil… Yes, just like a daffodil…"

To be continued…

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